Wikipedia on page attributed equation (14) to Rankin (1865), who invented the Steam Engine cycle, some fifteen years before wide adoption of propellers in boats. However, there is no evidence that he had ever derived this particular formula. Rudimental propller was invented by Ressel in 1827, so late despite the work of Leonardo Da Vinchi and windmills whose almost have propellers. If this Rankin's invention is true one then the jet engine would achieve the greater efficiency from the start and not just recently in accordance to my equation (14), which precisely matches the time after the date of the publishing of this paper on my website freely available on the Internet after the initial purchaser did not pay for it.
Helicopters have also just recently significantly extended their operational radius by doubling number of blades in main rotor simultaneously halving its angular velocity in accordance with equation (14) and if this equation was well known almost for centuries how it could be that this was not applied till now?
I had been receiving plenty complaints that equation (14) confronts to the Euler’s one that is even now in common use altough it is obviously the false one. They were claiming later that equation (14) was invented by Twiddel & Weir. And then, voila, the final official author of this particular equation is Rankin! So, the problem was not in the equation itself – the problem was in its author!
True inventors have true explanations and fake ones have fuzzy and blurry explanations, but however the majority cannot always make clear distinction.
If anybody has any solid proof that Rankin has really published this formula ever before 2003, i.e. before the copyright year of the paper below, or even that this formula is published anywhere before 2003 in any book available in public libraries then please send me it on the and I will promptly remove this webpage as a duly copycatted fraud!

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