There is presented just a hypothetical therapy based on seemingly wrong medicaments and it should not be tried by anyone without consultation with their physician and permanent medical supervision and their own free will to do that, although I do not suggest that even as the last resort. The medical personal should take all the responsibilities for all consequences and thus I am not responsible either for any damage and health loss caused by this text or any other incidental or consequential damage occurred by the hypothesis exposed in this particular text! This text does not include recommendations for any therapy, i.e. antibiotic’s dose or interval of application and thus it should not be applied without prior determination of proper doses and the therapy. Any self-treatment can cause allergy which may have lethal consequence and therefore this should be avoided outside proper medical institutions.




         This text speculates with the significant possibility that AIDS is actually a bacterial disease based on the facts that there are already two quite similar bacterial diseases and at least immunization to one of them causes false positive tests to the AIDS.



         The verifiable isolation of AIDS virus has been missing for a very long time and all those pictures are rather artistic computer images than real microscope photos. Whole concept of AIDS virus together with the distribution of the white blood cell branches implies that the AIDS actually might be a bacterial disease indeed.
         There are at least two bacterial diseases that target immune system on quite similar way – the plague and the leprosy. The plague directly attacks lymph nodes while leprosy does it gradually on long term over the twenty years dimming the immune system of the host just like AIDS does similarly effecting neural system too. It also seems that leprosy is a sexual disease too. Owing to the widespread practice of mummification we also know that Ancient Egypt had a huge problem with AIDS in a very short period of time and at certain point of history almost 80% of population was affected threatening to wipe out entire population of the country. Before the AIDS epidemic they were annually performing mass orgies supported with some herbal extract of the Blue Lotus that acts just like the today’s Viagra and with the appearance of the AIDS they quickly converted to the more modest monotheistic religion which seems to be ancestor of the Christianity - intriguingly the cross was also the major symbol of this religion. It is interesting that they actually did find the cure for this disease practically identical to the contemporary AIDS and then they converted back to the initial polytheistic religion. One procedure that preceded the discovery of effective cure was circumcision, the surgical procedure that improves resistance to the initial AIDS infection by 1.8 to 8 times, probably by removing Langerhans cells in prepucium. We might further speculate that the practice of female circumcision by clitoris removal might have the same origin. By invention of an effective cure Ancient Egyptians quickly abandoned the practice of circumcision due to its by-effects to the sexuality of affected individuals, but it seems that Jews that had already left Egypt have been continuing to practice this procedure till now. All these facts are commonly known due to biblical records and properly mummified corps found everywhere in Egypt in vast quantities. It seems that Egypt had developed one very strange business: they used a desert as graveyard for the whole Europe and lot of Asia simultaneously developing tourism for the mourning relatives of the buried mummified persons. It is quite obvious by studding of mummies and amount of iodine and fluoride in bones showing that their races and diets were quite different than the one of the indigene population of Ancient Egypt. Langerhans cells might have crucial role in proper genetic matching in process of choosing best fitting procreation partner and therefore their routine surgical removal may cause further increase of genetic disorders in general population. These cells are not common to animals and therefore these ones may have crucial role in the development of intelligence to humans! Their unnecessary mass removal may have great impact to future intelligence of offspring especially in Christian Europe where other mechanisms for picking sexual partners does not exist except the choice solely based on the free will of direct partners mainly without any third party involved at all.
         The most notable fact is that cancer examination of PET scan of AIDS patients is virtually impossible because their all lymph nodes shine intensively and identically like nodes in the plague patients. The AIDS medicaments cocktail also does not cure other viruses and furthermore these patients should take acyclovir to cure their eventual herpes infections – which is pretty strange for the allegedly genuine virustatic drugs’ cocktail… Furthermore, all detected individuals resistant to AIDS germs are also resistant to plague’s bacteria Yersinia pestis too! And the patients that have recently recovered from plague are false positive to the AIDS on all sorts of tests including the DNA one and also resistant to AIDS too in the same period of time. So, the pertinent question is whether the immunization to bubonic plague also causes six-month immunization to AIDS identically as the immunization to smallpox can be achieved by immunization to relatively harmless cowpox!?
         It seems that these circumstantial evidences would be valid in any court, but prominent epidemiologists ignore all these facts – why!?
         We can expect that chemotherapy treatment of oncologic patients with AIDS would slow down the AIDS disease while the viruses cannot replicate themselves without the aid of human cells and while these cells cannot help in virus replication due to presence of chemotherapy medicaments that prevents cells multiplication, but it is not the case because chemotherapy makes the AIDS disease worse which is strong evidence that AIDS might not be the virus infection at all. It is pertinent place for the question whether the leprosy is actually a sexually transmitted disease just like the AIDS is and the consequential question is whether the medicaments for leprosy or plague can cure AIDS too, or whether vaccination to plague can also cause immunization to AIDS as aforementioned?! Is AIDS just a widespread sort of leprosy epidemic infection?!
         According the following documents, whose authenticity is questionable, AIDS is an artificial disease obtained by refinement of the specimens initially extracted from the Nubian mummies in early ’70th (Sudan now). The AIDS’ similar disease was initially discovered in this particular region at the beginning of 20th century by Kaposi as chronic and severe lung infection in some indigenes that coincidently had Kaposi sarcoma too, but it was identified as an unclassified bacterial chronic disease just like tuberculosis was at that times.
         The allies shared the scientists and scientific achievements of the Third Reich and especial among them are some knowledge about the bacteria and viruses selected to infect cattle, and moulds and funguses selected to attack crops. The bacteria institutes were transferred to USA while USSR took the moulds and funguses ones. According to this conspiracy plot all the genetically modified crops are allegedly able to resist all moulds and funguses that were created in those institutes due to paranoia of these ones relocated to Russian institutes while some advance Russian initially animal virustatic drugs like Umifenovir and silver based antibiotics were inspired by the paranoia of these USA bacterial research institutes. With the aid of absorbed Nazi scientists USA allegedly took the specimen from the Nubian mummies and extracted the germs of AIDS and then we can further speculate that some pharmaceutical company that was contractor on the project saw great opportunity and took advantage by spreading this new disease among truck drivers. It is fact that the first confirmed case of AIDS disease seems to be detected in the blood of some Cuba’s truck driver that previously waging the war in Namibia. It seems that there in Africa he was also practicing some bizarre esoteric ritual consisting of consuming powdered mummies’ skin that seems to be rich with both cocaine and tobacco, the ritual probably infecting him with the ancient AIDS germs. This saturation of mummies’ skin with tobacco and cocaine by mummification process may explain 18th and 19th centuries French obsession with Ancient Egypt culture as a pure drug addiction wrapped in culture, mysticism and even esotery just to make it more moral and less shallow. Otherwise the Ancient Egypt grammatical books and dictionaries would be available in vast quantities from numerous authors, but simply this is not the case despite the fact that the Egyptian pictograms pretty much phonetically corresponds to Latin abecedary letters making them quite easy for studding.
         Only viable explanation is the one that AIDS appeared independently on streets simultaneously with the USA defense research of this particular disease, otherwise USA government would know what this deadly disease that suddenly started to spread among prostitutes and gay population across the USA actually is, but they did not know its real nature for a very long time. Furthermore it seems that the true nature of this infective disease is still purposely unknown – even today!
         There are several huge awards waiting for the winner able to extract AIDS virus by the centrifugal concentration, but nobody has yet extracted the virus itself on the required manner – which is classical centrifugal separation from the blood’s plasma. Current genetic code of the AIDS virus was reconstructed from several partial residues of T lymphocytes instead from whole intact single AIDS virus and furthermore these residues are consisted of DNA instead of the anticipated RNA. The reasonable assumption is that both AIDS DNA tests and segregation of AIDS viruses’ are actually accumulation and decoding of DNA stored in AIDS bacterial plasmids and that what we know as the composite images of AIDS virus are actually only the images of AIDS bacteria’s plasmid and corresponding strange fact is that composite image of the AIDS virus strongly resembles to the images of known bacterial plasmids. It is pertinent place for the inquiry whether the bacterial plasmids themselves might be infective too either alone or in conjunction with some other pathogens i.e. fungi or even different bacteria. Is there a chance that bacterial plasmids could act as viruses according circumstances!?
         The first aforementioned document is:

         The second document is too diabolic to be taken seriously outside the context of Cold War:


         These particular documents, if they are both genuine ones, might be the pristine proof that the AIDS conspiracy does exist and that AIDS is actually just a wrongly designed Cold War weapon, the one without a proper antidote, or rather it is just an aftermath of an obsession with Egyptian ancient history and mummies’ necrophilia. It is also interesting that SARS occurred within a year after the Spanish flue virus had been extracted from the corps of victims of this dreadful epidemic making the strange coincidence and horrible analogy with the alleged AIDS conspiracy too…
         The second document has suspicious authenticity especially because it contains misspelled word virus – instead there is written “visus” and on the very end of the text is a strange parole "Get MAD – Get smart – Get going", supposedly Cold War motto among the population that supported it. M.A.D. is acronym of the Cold War major strategy: Mutual Assured Destruction. This strategy was the only guarantee for the peace preventing nuclear holocaust.  The strange fact is that these documents really do exist in the archives of the USA Senate Library but this does not instantly assure their authenticities.
         Cold War euphoria is imposed to the society and therefore it is not a deviation of spoiled indigene mentality as it is generally supposed today outside of USA and former USSR, especially it was not contagious mass hysteria initiated by powerful psychopaths. It seems that Cold War mentality is mainly imposed by the mathematical Game Theory that precisely defines rules and proper moves in global slow war campaigns and in this game ultimate goal is not to lose rather than to win.
         These documents reveal two facts that might be true: the AIDS might be an old eradicated disease, with endemic existence only in a certain African region, recently refined and the second one is that the cure might be created and that this could be a cheap even one-shot procedure based on proper antibiotics or circumstantial immunization on plague or leprosy. There is unconfirmed African clinical trial showing that even inexpensive antibiotic Doxycycline is putatively highly effective against HIV infection. This further implies that AIDS is an African disease endemically localized for millennia which started to spread after a local civil war with the Cuba’s troops involved whose decommissioned solders start to spread it across American continents and that simultaneous research of the pathogen was performing in the certain defense military institute anticipating that this infection might be significant sometimes in the future and that the eventual antidote then could be very important. There is high probability that the antidote for this aforementioned refined pathogen of AIDS had been already developed and it is great chance that eventual military cure for the refined pathogen is effective for all AIDS pathogens to the certain extend although the trial study revealed that the antidote had problem to pass lipids-soluble barrier in brain and eyes and therefore this antidote is going to be effective just as a prevention only.
         It is really a crime against humanity if the AIDS is indeed a bacterial disease or even if it is not a virus disease at all. This implies that significant efforts have been involved into protracting discoveries of an effective AIDS cure. The AIDS infection itself is very effective in creation of homophobia and both drug-men and prostitutes phobias, greatly boosting the pornographic industry – simply porno stars do all sort of those nasty things instead of us, which then indirectly strongly dims global economy limiting free circulation of labor and merchandises simultaneously instigating violent religious groups and movements all over the world. Suppression of these natural fears of infective diseases shrouded in the tolerance to minorities and political correctness deprives social immunity and awareness instincts of the nations affecting both nations and their individuals, which is especially noxious for the further development of western technical civilization indirectly ruining the concept of absolute moral. And this concept of unique absolute moral so common to Christians is essential for further progress of our technical society – one moral for all people, at least declaratively without exceptions is economically necessary for existence of our technical civilization.
         There are some unsolved controversies related to the possibility that the AIDS is bacterial disease obtained by cultivation and refinement of an ancient natural disease: (1) is it created deliberately by extraction and cultivation from the Nubian mummies and (2) is there any antidote or not. Could the lysine of the plague’s bacteria be used as the effective AIDS cure!? Is there any antibiotic that can be effective!? Is it a cure!? We should bear in mind that Ancient Egyptians already had found the effective cure! If they could find this cure, we should be able to do the same in ensuing years, as we consider us much more advance by any standard.


         It seemed at a glance that there were two distinctive diseases with the pathogens of different sorts, laboratory one extracted from corps with bacterial germs and endemic one with virus germs that started to spread and decimate on streets and that the same name to both ones is given only because of their mutual symptomatic similarities. This endemic disease was detected in several historical occasions and every single time it was undoubtedly classified as bacterial disease. Kaposi was the most prominent researcher that identified that strange disease among many others and Kaposi sarcoma was indentified on such patients first time ever. This disease seems to be an endemic one in the sub-Saharan regions that are periodically suffering from famine alleviating its subsistence and ensuring its continual presence.
         But, some strange facts gradually started to emerge showing that this disease might be the same or quite similar to one extracted and refined by the certain military laboratory mentioned in aforementioned controversial document. Pretty convincing circumstantial evidence about bacterial origin is striking similarity between Plague, Leprosies and AIDS, all attacking immune system and lymph nodes. First two are bacterial diseases and yet Plague is able to foolish AIDS tests and people genetically resistant to plague are also resistant to AIDS too. Furthermore, persons that survived plague are also quite intriguingly resistant to AIDS too! It is legitimate right for any government to study any single disease that might eventually endanger and harm population in the future. The seemingly fake paper dealing with the AIDS from early seventies became more reliable after recent epidemic of Ebola revealing problems with antibody serum pretty similar to ones mentioned in this questionable paper. The start of AIDS spreading in early eighties implies two possibilities: either the endemic AIDS came to USA or the germ escaped from laboratory probably deliberately to blemish USA government, which might be almost legitimate act of some USA enemy in Cold War, or it is done intentionally by some pharmaceutical company to take advantage by selling the eventually discovered cure. Or, the AIDS is much more contagious than we have initially assumed implying that it is not only sexual and blood transmission disease making remarkable similarity with the Leprosy which seems to be sexual transmission disease but not exclusively sexual disease. It might be that the only reason why AIDS is still considered as virus disease is just a vanity so prevalent in academic circles with the aim to sustain credibility of vast number of PhD thesis pertaining to the subject.
         Next question is whether this alleged antibody serum is an effective cure or it is just partially effective or maybe it is even completely ineffective. If it is an effective cure indeed then there is a question whether a method for mass production of this serum exists or it is available only in small quantities reserved just for very few very special people only?! Consequent question is whether AIDS is a bacterial disease and if it is so following question is whether the bacterial plasmids have contagious properties or whether a bacterial plasmid is able to create a bacterium without the help of another bacterium just using a cell of the host only. Are some of the viruses actually bacterial plasmids and if it is so whether some of the viruses have their bacterial counterparts equally related as caterpillars and butterflies or not?! If the viruses (or some viruses) and bacterial plasmids are basically the same things then the question is whether a packet of electromagnetic radiation can create a bacterial plasmid in the water!? Is the entire material life on Earth somehow created by nonmaterial life, i.e. ghosts or, more religiously expressed, holly spirit?! If it is so, we can further speculate whether the diseases (or some of diseases) might be wirelessly, i.e. contactlessly contagious too! But, the question of utmost importance is whether infective diseases could be cured wirelessly by appropriate microwave radiation therapy only. There is also a significant question how many new dreadful diseases are going to appear with advancement of economical conditions in jungles and rainforests in Africa and South America with increase of circulations and migrations of the populations from these regions to the rest of the world and vice versa… Inevitable, abrupt and massive penetration of modern civilization into those areas might be disastrous for all of us because our transportation is much more advanced than our medicine. History taught us that pandemic diseases caused by migrations might be really catastrophic, so Asian plague decimated population in Europe in medieval period and then European smallpox almost exterminated population of Latin America while Latin American Syphilis struck back to Europe.


P. S.

         It is shown that AIDS germ is also similar in many aspects to the virus HHV6 discovered in 1986, in the same lab where the AIDS virus was discovered for the first time three years earlier. HHV6 is able to infect both T-4 and T-8 lymphocytes (and yet it is not deadly virus) while AIDS can infect only T-4, just like plague and leprosies. HHV6 is definitely a virus because it does contain RNA instead of DNA mainly present in bbacteria.
         Hydrocolloid sugars supplements altogether with selenium supplements can help immune system in battle against AIDS a lot as it is shown in postponed independent studies. Selenium supplements seem to be one of ingredient used by human immune system in the battle against bacteria. How, it does not promptly imply that AIDS is indisputably caused by a bacterium while the virus can distract immune system to consider it as bacterium instead of a virus, but all the evidences in sum circumstantially imply that most likely the cause is a bacterium – if this is a law we will officially conclude that the main culprit is indeed a bacterium, but it is not a law, it is science and circumstantial evidences do not stand in this court. We have one strange situation here: we have a complete DNA of a culprit but we do not have a culprit itself! It has never been isolated as a whole, but DNA fragments are available all around. DNA is characteristic of bacteria but it is also present in some viruses too...




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