This article has three major novelties: (1) revealing of the climate's cold end, (2) improved barometric formula and (3) revealing the role of telluric currents in the climate processes and their role in abiotic creation of atmospheric free oxygen through electrolysis of oceanic water. The operation of tornado and the reason for its internal low pressure is also thoroughly explained with proposed methods for destructions of tornados.

This article revealed first time ever the very essence of climate mechanism: if we assume the climate as thermodynamic engine then it has to have two ends, the hot one and the cold one. The hot end is virtually constant Sun, while the cold end remained unidentified till now mainly because the Earth is wrapped in best known thermal insulator - vacuum of cosmos. This cold end plays major role in climate variations, not the Sun as previously assumed. There is also derived several formulas for pressure over altitude that are much better than current official barometric one and there is clearly shown how to moderate and forecast climate too.

I have wrote this brief concept of this climate model based on charges, telluric currents and advance barometric formula in 2006, but there was lack of solid evidences till the detection of gamma ray emanation from Earth's poles, somehow assigned to parallel universes, clearly proving existence and influence of aerial path of telluric currents, proving their influence to the climate also generating both Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis.

Briefly, advantages of this particular article are: (1) climate model explanation, (2) climate forecast, (3) climate control. Solid tool to cope with Global Warming is explained in this article showing that this task is going to be quite attainable and much easier than previously ever assumed.





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This text is more detailed introduction into the profound explanation of the terrestrial climate process and the true origin of free oxygen in atmosphere, methods of artificial climate control and advanced weather forecast. This text is going to be devoted of equations as much as possible to be more comprehensible to the broad auditorium. This text contains two major breakthroughs of planetary climates: there is first time recognized that climate resembles to thermodynamic machine with its two basic ends – the hot and the cold ones. The cold end was missed to be recognized until now and it seems that this cold end plays major role in climate conditions as Sun power is pretty constant, it varies less than 0.1% over time. Therefore the hot end is pretty constant local star and the cold end is cosmic vacuum, but the mechanism by which gaseous atmosphere releases its heat into the best known thermal insulator vacuum is essential for control of atmospheric conditions here on Earth and on any other planet with atmosphere tick enough, all around the universe too.

Method of Direct Climate Control should be able to reduce human climate alteration commonly known as Global Warming, without deprivation of current way of life on any way. We may continue to utilize fossil fuels as much as we want, just if we can compensate their detrimental impact to the global planetary climate – and we can do that only by increase both the free oxygen generation and carbon dioxide removal. These are going to be quite achievable tasks, as it will be shown in the text below: the generating of free oxygen can be moderated by the management of Telluric Currents, and precipitations can be controlled through atmospheric ionization. It seems that majority of free oxygen is rather originated in electrolysis of oceanic water done by telluric current than by biogenic photosynthesis.

This means that we probably may continue to enjoy in noisy and powerful gasoline cars and motorcycles, to prolong usage of fossil fuels without significant environmental damage and to leave progress to gradually and gently eradicate our addiction to fossil fuels.

There are following major novelties of this paper:


  1. Key of climate control is mechanism of atmospheric heat realize into the void of vacuum embodied in equation (17),
  2. True origin of free oxygen which majorly originates in non-biogenic electrolysis of oceanic water and not in biogenic photosynthesis as commonly accepted, embodied in equations (19) to (24),
  3. True origin of terrestrial magnetic field embodied in the equation (3),
  4. New formula for atmospheric pressure over altitude embodied in introduction of Fourier heat transfer equation into barometric formula embodied in (51) and (56), contrary to official barometric formula (41) assuming that both gravitational acceleration and temperature are not constant over altitude.
  5. Full formula of Dzhanibekov effect applied to the Earth’s globe explaining periodical global deluges, described with (36) and (37),
  6. Full explanation of a tornado exposing its similarity with Tesla’s friction pump. The force keeping tornado together is not some spooky gravitational manifestation, but lower atmospheric pressure created by natural frictional pump, embodied in (72),
  7. Proposed methods to fight against hail, tornados and above all global warming.




Several factors have major influence to the weather. By far the strongest factor is insolation. Insolation is by its strict definition the time of solar illumination in hours per day, but common meaning in ordinary engineering usage is power of solar light on the ground level, which maximal value is 1000W/m2 at noon in summer – about 13 average classical incandescent bulbs of 75W.

It is interesting that the amount of humidity in the air sometimes can cause rain and sometimes can make a shiny day without clouds at all. This phenomenon is named Relative Air Humidity and it is defined as amount of humidity in respect to the maximal amount of humidity that air can absorb at this specific pressure and temperature. It means that whenever relative humidity is 90% this does not mean that there is 90% water in air, but that air humidity is 10% less than its maximal value at those conditions.

If it is so then how we can have water droplets and the steam on the temperature of -50°C at altitude of 4000m, 5000m or higher forming clouds? These small droplets do exist colorizing clouds in white by sunrays multiple reflections, simultaneously moderating climate.

Appropriate law of physics stands that downturn of pressure also decreases boiling temperature and this is happening to the some extent, i. e. down to triple point when sublimation starts. At this point liquid aggregate state vanishes leaving only solid and gaseous ones, i.e. matter transforms directly from solid to gas and vice versa. Therefore, existence of individual droplets is not possible on such altitude regarding the curve of relative humidity for water. Yet, there is an exception: water can be in liquid aggregate state even on the temperature far below 0°C only if it is super cooled. Droplets of super-cooled water according the laws of thermodynamic science should be collected into bigger ones and then they are going to fall down to the ground like rain, hail or snow, but we all know that clouds stay on sky for hours, even days, until proper conditions are reached and only then rain starts, but humidity is not the only factor that triggers precipitation.

It is pertinent place to be mentioned a mind-tickling phenomenon related to clouds' levitation: according Archimedes[1] law the density of clouds should be equal to density of surrounding air, but this is not the case with the super cooled droplets in clouds whose density are much bigger than one of surrounding air! It is not so even in the case of water’s vapor: it is fact that vapor has molar mass of 18, it is 28 for gaseous nitrogen and it is 36 for gaseous oxygen. Average molar mass of air is roughly 30 and it seems that clouds should be on the top of atmosphere according Archimedes law, but this is not the case at all.

Formula connecting gas density and its molar mass is:







Whereas ρ is gas density, MR is molar mass of the particular gas, R is gas constant, P is pressure of this gas and T is its temperature. Above equation reveals that connection between gas molar mass and its density is linear, but distribution of various gases over altitude does not match above formula even in restful upper layers of atmosphere. Existence of this discrepancy will be explained in the text below.

Furthermore, the clouds consisted of super cooled droplets have much higher density than surrounding air as they are consisted of liquid droplets and according the same law they should cover the lowest part of atmosphere as mist, but this is not the case too.

Telluric current can maintain charges on the sky separated from ones in the ground as electromagnetism of electric currents tends to repulse two parallel conductors with opposite currents, but total terrestrial magnetic field does not match the observed one which is few times stronger than the magnetic field induced solely by telluric current. The most important role of telluric current is ionization of a layer of atmosphere that facilitates conversion of heat into electromagnetic radiation compatible with the void of the cosmos. This particular atmosphere’s layer has significantly lower temperature than contiguous ones. Even more, there is raising temperature to the extreme value in thermosphere settled above this cold region proving this hypothesis. Even more, magnetic filed induced by telluric currents is opposite to the terrestrial magnetic field, therefore an increase of the telluric currents’ decreases total amount of measurable terrestrial magnetic field.

Terrestrial total magnetic field is sum of permanent terrestrial magnetic field and induced opposite telluric magnetic field. This explains decreasing of magnetic field during warm eons due to the increased magnitude of telluric currents caused by reduced electric resistance of the oceanic water saturated with carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide dissolved in the water creates carbonic acid. Although salty water is conductor, its conductance can be further reduced, actually quite a lot by an additional electrolyte – carbonic acid. This is direct explanation of the strong correlation between declination of the magnitude of the terrestrial magnetism and the concentration of the carbon dioxide in atmosphere: with rise of telluric currents the counter magnetic field generated by those electric currents increases too, which in total reduces effective magnetic field.

Current meteorological observations track temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and wind velocity, but not the amount of electrical charge in air. Official weather model is based on the phenomenon stating that with decreasing of pressure also decreases the boiling temperature of water. Thus, on high altitude whereas the pressure and temperature are both low, water's steam still can exist as super cooled micro droplets. Boiling temperature is decreased, but only down to the aforementioned triple point and yet clouds still exist far below this limit officially without involvement of super cooled droplets.

If aforementioned statements would be correct ones then in the sky will be no separate clouds at all, and water vapor would be distributed evenly all over the sky in thin altitude slices. There would be no fog and no lighting at all. We should also bear in mind that atmospheric pressure depends on average molar mass of air, density of air, and its temperature, all according (1), but, what we see in reality is not what is depicted by (1).

Therefore there is a compelling question: are the meteorologists missed to notice some relevant climate parameter that they currently do not track, but they should!? Nikola Tesla had clearly described in his biography a notification that rain usually starts right after lightning. Lightning is result of electrical discharge of the air itself. If there is an electrical discharge then there must be preceding electrical charge too. Electrical particles of the same sign mutually repulse each other, while charged particles of different sign mutually attract each other, thus equally charged droplets mutually repulse each other and this electrostatic repulsion preserve droplets to be merged into bigger ones. It seems that this particular explanation why super micro cooled droplets in clouds stay mutually separated is going to be quite plausible one and not the one based on telluric current.

Every single droplet has its own mechanical skin potential. This cohesive force preserves a droplet to shed itself over entire table. This potential is able to perform work, and if two droplets are small enough then fusion of these two droplets will release enough energy to vaporize them both. This is so because energy of skin potential is proportional to the surface, while vaporization energy is proportional to the mass and consequently to the volume. This boundary defines the smallest possible droplets in clouds and this minimal radius of droplets defines white color of clouds. Therefore, droplets, if small enough, cannot join each other on certain pressure and temperature, then how on the end we have bigger droplets in rain. The answer is simple: there is rapid variation in environmental conditions making currently small droplets capable for merging simply by environmental electrical discharging. Electrical charge also affects surface tension of water as it is polar liquid.

Thus, we have concluded that if the droplets are too small then they are not able to join each other at constant atmospheric conditions. There is necessity of bigger droplets existence to collect smaller ones and than to be cooled properly preserving vaporization. This effect is well known and it is used in cooling towers of power plants whereas steam is cooled by showering until it becomes water again.

Whoever has ever travelled with airplane could notice that clouds are localized in several thin layers settled on several altitudes where they form fractal structures. Their lower side is pretty flat, while the upper side is the real fractal one. These structures could be correctly modeled with Legendre orthogonal polynomials that are widely used in dipole's electrostatic modeling. These flat lower and upper fractal boundaries are so sharp and so amazing, completely opposite to everything that Statistical Physics can offer as plausible explanation for this abrupt distinction between clouds and surrounding air.

Those boundaries clearly show us that these structures are indeed ionic ones in their very essence. But, there is also a question how these ionic structures avoid mutual discharging by migration down to the ground as such discharge occurs just before rain starts. Only phenomenon able to keep apart these ions’ layers is electric current also known as telluric current, i.e. this phenomenon can be possible only if a small current runs trough atmosphere. Thus, it is possible only by uninterrupted ionization performed by this weak electric current. Regarding proposed model of polar light (Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis), it is not result of ionization caused by Solar winds, but by the weak currents emanating from Earth’s poles with sink in equator. Solar wind just further reduces the resistance of atmosphere by additional ionization.

Emanation of gamma radiation from south and north poles has been detected recently and it is all chance that this is caused by telluric currents operating as giant X-ray tube and not from some spooky parallel universe according some concept of multiverse, see [1], [2] and [3]. However, this is not an undeniable proof that concept of parallel universes is false one, but simply this is not related to this effect on any way. This particular case with emanation of gamma radiation from poles is just a proof of existence of very high voltage in atmosphere able to generate this gamma radiation, most likely generated by telluric currents.

It is interesting that occasional absence of telluric currents in the ground causes landslides, therefore artificial injection of weak DC current into the ground can slow it or even more to completely stop landslide.

From all aforementioned, it can be concluded that precipitation's forecast is going to be possible solely by monitoring of an extra parameter – degree of air ionization. Furthermore, it seems that effective weather control is possible solely by air ionization measurement too. If charge is artificially added to cloudy sky, then the ability of humidity absorption is increased and the sky will become clear and shiny, and oppositely, injection of opposite ions leads to discharging of air and decreasing ability of humidity absorption and the nice shiny day can be changed into disaster by immediately formed clouds and imminent massive rainfall. Global amount of humidity in air depends of seas vaporization and this cannot be affected by ionization. It means that if we induce rainfall on a particular area, drought on the surrounding areas would be caused because all humidity from the surrounding areas will go to area with less humidity by diffusion, i.e. to dry air in zone where humidity was removed by precipitations. We certainly can affect global climate by covering entire globe with clouds on this simple and affordable way. By two relatively small nuclear power plants located on each pole we can control of the magnitude of telluric currents. Several power plants located on more pleasant environment like spots on the equator can do the same job as equator is the source of telluric current and poles are sinks. Strangely, it seems, according Google Earth images and unconfirmed claiming of direct witnesses, that such machineries may already exist on both poles. These all imply that the atmosphere is already carefully maintained on our globe by some extraterrestrial power or they are just remnants of some ancient technical civilization jet to be officially recognized by historians. Allegedly natural Oklo reactor perfectly fits into this story as the source of electricity used to augment telluric currents on equator. We can further speculate that these machineries were constructed specially to cease the ice age or they are still in usage today resembling to the modern aquarium pumps. In that case the major question here is who controls those machineries with what benefit!? Is our planet actually a farm and if it is so then what or who is the cattle!?

Described method of climate control will bring us ability of various misuses and therefore international legal regulation would be necessary and mandatory.

Nature chooses to forecast weather on one parameter only, the one unfamiliar to human meteorologists: how much air is electrically charged! Therefore, the living creatures forecast weather by measuring the degree of air ionization, i.e. electric charge in air, and they do the weather forecast on this way unchanged for eons. Otherwise, how could mosquito unerringly know when will be rainfall? How could fungus, frogs and many other leaving creatures know the same? How dandelion knows that too? They must know when will be precipitations because this fact is ultimately important for their reproduction since they put eggs or seeds into wet soil. In addition, amount of air ionization brings them ability to forecast precipitations with great certainty. It seems that artificial atmospheric ionization also can be used as insecticide in some occasions causing false rainfall alarm and consequent release of spores and eggs into inappropriate soil causing their reproduction effort futile. Several such cycles can effectively eradicate pests from certain territory.

Small hairs on the top of insects’ antennas record variable force of electrical charges collected on hairs’ tips by electrostatic edge effects and thus chance for precipitation corresponds to the amount of charges in air effectively measured by those insects’ hair angles. In addition, it is possible that meteoropatic symptoms are related to existence of fungi in nasal cavities reacting on variation of air ionization’s degree. Therefore, a simple ionizator should be able to significantly reduce problems caused by chronic sinusitis, also should reduce wounds complications in post surgery periods by inhibiting fungi multiplications and consequently this should shorten healing of traumatic and warfare wounds significantly.





In the book of Genesis[2] was written that had been "waters under the firmament, from those that were above the firmament" (paragraph 1:7) and that humidity from air watered ground. In paragraph 8:22 is said that after the flood annual seasons begun happening. In paragraphs 9:13, 9:14 and 9:16 are mentioned that rainbow first time appeared after this global deluge. This means that earth was covered with huge amount of humidity that had been preserving sunlight to reach its surface and thus there was no annual seasons nether the rains and rainbows.

Huge atmospheric pressure caused by the heaviness of huge amount of water steam is able to explain existence of gigantic animals’ especially big flying insects due to insects’ absence of lungs and their size is in direct ratio with the amount of oxygen able to be absorbed from air. Existence of big birds also indicates presence of huge air density and huge air pressure. These huge animals required abundance of food and there was a simple source of the nutritious vegetable food: plants can absorb nitrogen directly from air on the pressure at least twice higher than it is today, contrary to the present situation where nitrogen salts trough fertilizers must be added to the crops. Therefore, those nutritious plants were rich with variety of proteins synthesized by abundance of nitrogen absorbed from air directly.

Some leaving fossils like fish Coelacanth (Latimeria Chalumnae) found alive in 1938, were thriving in shores and now in great depth only. Thus, the atmospheric pressure can be estimated also according the amount of water in air needed to cause such pressure even on ground level. Regarding this (i.e. amount of water in air needed for such pressure) it can be estimated the ratio between sees and lands in the antediluvian period, i.e. times before the flood with great certainty. This indicated that sea level was much lower that it is today and actually there are plenty of narrative proofs in names of some geographic locations: Mediterranean literally means Middle Terrain, i.e. Middle Land, but now there is a sea, not a land at all. Pannonia Sea existed once upon a time in Central Europe, but vanished too. There is also an alternative history of all these regions that differ very much from the official history but offers much more sense.





Let us assume that amount of charge in air was much higher then it is today and consequently that atmosphere was able to absorb much higher amount of water. At those times atmospheric pressure was several times higher then it is today and it was caused by huge amount of water in air. There was much less seas on the Earth. As aforementioned, Mediterranean Sea was probably arable walleye and numerous remnants of towns still exist on seabed. According Bible, Sun and stars could not be seen too. Days were a bit brighter than the nights with prevailing haze. Temperature was probably evenly distributed on entire planet.

Due to huge atmospheric pressure the blood was able to absorb few times more oxygen (which is the essence of hyperbaric medicine), big animals like dinosaurs could breathe, and huge birds and insects could fly. Gradient of atmospheric pressure was much higher than it is today and Sun, stars and Moon could be seen only on high mountains. Therefore, it can be assumed that humans either were living on high mountains (where air is sparse) or near water were they hunted fish by diving providing their blood huge ability to absorb and retain oxygen. Both presumptions make sense due to absence of big predators on high altitudes regarding sparse air and absence of skin hair necessary for efficient diving including willingly breathing. These are all characteristic of diving mammals indicating that humans were diving on the bank of some water to collect food. Due to necessity to hold a breath they had to have blood rich with hemoglobin and lungs much bigger then they would really needed if they did not dive. Anatomy of ribs seems to support this hypothesis. This gave great advantage to humans in postdiluvian period when big predators like tigers, lions, panthers and other ones that were able to run around for hours suddenly becomes grossly limited in their running capabilities due their small lungs and harts not adjusted to sparse air bare with oxygen.

In a single day only, as the myths of most nations describe, probably to the fall of a meteorite or maybe even by nuclear blasts from some ancient warfare, this caused avalanche condensation, rainfall started – terrible rain that was raining for forty days. Even Dzhanibekov Effect[4] could trigger chain condensation and it seems to be the most probable reason for global deluge. Due to this severe perturbation of atmosphere, atmospheric pressure decreased nearly instantly and consequently the temperature decreased according Gas Equation (refrigerators operate precisely on this way), so, this is why mammoths were frozen in a minute. It is known that they were animals of worm areas without hair muscles (these muscles are characteristic of polar animals) and in their stomachs were found tropical plants. It is interesting that there are continuous attempts of mammoth revival by genetic clone technique, which would not bring any benefits to humankind, instead, an attempt to revive fruits and plants that this mammoth ate should be much more beneficial for humankind. This will be much easier endeavor and much more useful task. For now, we can just imagine variety of colors and flavors of the antediluvian plants and this would, without any doubt, significantly improve human diet and make cousins around the world more tasteful and healthful. It is all chance that this will significantly increase average lifespan of today’s humans too.

Tomas Aquinas was speculating that Tree of Life was not some mythical plant or metaphor, but the real leaving one also rich with some vitamin essential for long life. This paper of him is especially interesting because he predicted existence of vitamins some 400 years before their official discoveries. I have speculated that this missing vitamin is a certain derivative of nicotine; the best matching candidate seems to be NMN (Nicotineamid Mononucleotide, C11H15N2O8P). This substance is essential for proper navigation of stem cells in human tissues and also for neutralization of toxic derivates of thyroxin’s iodine. There is no replication of differentiated cells in human tissues except in cancers; therefore damaged cells are replaced only by stem ones that are differentiating right on the spot, this process are managed by human plasmids. It seems that with aging the intestinal absorption of this mythical ingredient is reduced preventing tissues to repair themselves. According my hypothesis human plasmids play major role in that differentiation of stem cells which is quite obvious in case in burns when the steam cells cannot obtain proper information about differentiation and in that case scar tissue is forming. In case of people that received donated bone marrow, their scars genetically belongs to marrow donor, which seems to be the same case with spermatozoids too. It is interesting that scars on white people that received the marrow from black donors are not black ones, circumstantially proving that skin color is defined by genes activation through human plasmids originated in adjacent cells. Additional proof of this hypothesis of mine is that interferons that temporary disables data receptors also halt human cells multiplication on the same way citostatics do, circumstantially proving that human plasmids play major role in navigation and differentiation of stem cells right on the spot.

There is also a great chance that metabolite hormone thyroxin containing iodine is especially photo-toxic, i.e. that it is toxic after its exposition to the UV radiation existing in sunrays. The problem with UV radiation is exceptionally severe because it seems that human cells use ultraviolet radiation to mutually communicate and it is known that apoptosis of cells is caused by burst of ultraviolet radiation of single dying cell causing adjacent ones to suicide themselves too. Therefore, ultraviolet Sun’s radiation by its similarity to the physiological radiation that triggers human cells apoptosis also causes premature aging and it seems that iodine shift sunlight UV spectrum to one much closer to ordinary humans UV communication, especially to frequency of apoptosis UV command.

It is interesting that thyroxin till puberty has only minor role in childrien's metabolism and right after its mass introduction into the child’s system the aging commences with several concomitant diseases, e.g. like diabetes. This nicotine compound NMN seems to be able to neutralize toxic effect of UV irradiated thyroxin. It is interesting that very similar acid to NMN, a nicotine derivative is essential for human erection (I.e. penile erection) and yet this acidic compound is not tested for eventual anti-aging effect although it might be very important for fixing various spermatozoids’ defects.

This hormone that drives the metabolism in children prior puberty known as IGF or Adreno‑Chrome is the major plot in the movie “Ascending of Jupiter”, but also in some recent conspiracy theories related to missing children. IGF hormone stands for I Growth Factor. Premature aging of some Indian tribes in Amazon basin, dying in 40 as elder humans, with menstruation starting at the age of 8, exposing all the symptoms identical to ones of Tasmanian devils[3]. It is interesting that after those tribes are joined to the modern civilization the aging of their members is going to be identical to ones of rest of humanity without any genetic interchange with the rest of Brazilian population. There are only three possible explanations for retarded aging after joining to civilization: (1) by the diet’s replacement with one richer with such yet not identified anti-aging vitamin, (2) by introduction some new digestive bacterium into stomach which synthesizes this missing vitamin or (3) maybe covering of skin with modern attire retards aging by limitation of skin area exposed to UV radiation. It pertain moment to be noticed that Progeria (i.e. Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome) patients are especially susceptible to sunshine UV radiation too.

A very few times such tribes had decided to reject civilization and to go back to wilderness and then the premature aging were starting immediately, seemingly excluding second option of some digestive bacterium. All these facts combined make first option the most plausible one.

But, all these tribes in their spoken tradition remember the time with different climate when they were living way much longer suggesting that with the proper alteration of the climate we may significantly prolong lifespan too. It seems that Adreno-Chrome and IGF are going to be different names for the same substance. This substance is able to regulate metabolism on much better way than hormone thyroxin, but without aging at all. It seems that soft boiled chicken egg is rich with this substance. Elongation of human lifespan is very beneficial for capitalism because ratio between ineffective education period and effective highly professional working period is increased; i.e. relative worker’s period spent in education is reduced. In plain English this means well experienced and educated “young people” with lot of needs eager to earn money and readily willing to spend money too.

There is no simple answer, but the major substance that causes aging definitely seems to be thyroxin and undoubtedly its replacement or neutralization of its toxicity is the key of prolonged youth. This shrinking of lifespan started right after the deluge, i.e. after abrupt change of environmental conditions – air pressure reduction and significant increase of UV radiation. After global deluge Human skin was also exposed to mortal ultraviolet radiation right after the global deluge. Humans had resolved this problem on three ways: (1) by increasing reparable capabilities of their genes, (2) by increasing amount of protecting factor embodied in melatonin protein in their skins and (3) by covering it by clothes. Therefore, we should expose ourselves to sunshine only when level of thyroxin is minimal and this is usual case at evening hours. The climate after deluge exposed us to unfiltered sunshine with many detrimental effects and only few very beneficial ones mainly related to skin synthesis of D vitamin. This implies that UV radiation preexisted deluge, but the quality of UV radiation was significantly changed after the deluge.





I had performed also a hydrodynamic simulation of the deluge caused by Dzhanibekov effect that clearly reveals positions of both discovered and also probably not yet discovered coal seats as result of congestion of sheer number of trunks on geological and geographical barriers later converted into coal. The simulation is so accurate giving insight into the antediluvian globe's rotation by advancing direction of global deluge. It is more interesting that Moon is precisely settled on the distinctive position to stabilize Earth's rotation and to postpone Dzhanibekov effect as much as possible. It is pertinent place to be noticed that this is highly unlikely to be just a matter of simple coincidence. Periodic occurrence of Dzhanibekov effect can also explain consistent existence of mountains despite the eolian erosion that should flat out all them over time, but as they persistently exist this proves that there must be some global violent process that periodically renews major relief features. Dzhanibekov effect is only known one able to explain these periodic disasters that is still fully compatible with Blackett[4] effect. There is also a speculation whether this alleged swapping of magnetic poles is a real phenomenon or it is just the case of inverse magnetization of hot magma on the same way as the gap in magnetic circuit acts as contra magnet, i.e. as oppositely magnetized section.

Only animals able to survive the deluge due to abrupt drop of atmospheric pressure were ones capable to shrink their own size (insects), to increase amount of hemoglobin in blood (mammals, birds) or to slow down their metabolism (reptiles). All other ones died terribly either by suffocation or frizzing.

Humans had one problem more – they did not have fur. So, they had to start using clothes. It is interesting that there are three type human lice: (1) Pediculus Humanis Capitis, (2) Pediculus Humanis Corporis and (3) Pthirus Pubis. Pediculus Humanis Corporis is especially interesting type of these parasites as they live in attire only, proving that humans were wearing attire for very long time, long enough for evolution to create parasite specialized to attach itself on thick fibers of early clothes. Elimination of flax clothes practically exterminated this particular type of lice simultaneously strongly challenging Darwin’s Theory of Evolution as this parasite could not adapt to any other type of cloth fiber in so short time and finally it is going to extinct.





What did happen to these antediluvian plants? Significant decrease of atmospheric pressure disabled direct reaction between nitrogen in air (70% of air is made of nitrogen) and cells’ enzymes, which significantly reduced synthesis of proteins in plants. Nitrogen as necessary ingredient of proteins had to find some other path to plants tissue – now trough the plants’ roots via ammonium salts. Plants still have problem with nitrogen absorption and thus a nitrogen compost have to be added for intensive agriculture. This can explain global expansion of deserts; simply soil is no more lavish enough due to the lack of nitrogen's abundance once upon a time available to all plants. Herbivores' foods significantly lost quality due to lack of proteins.

Humans do not have uricase enzyme for raw meat digestion contrary to other carnivores and apes too. Even cows poses uricase enzyme and therefore they are fully capable to digest raw meat which was part of routine bovine nutrition till Mad Cow disease (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease) appeared, then it was replaced with soya beans that are reach with proteins therefore fully capable to substitute meat in bovine nutrition.

After the deluge, humans had to eat meat to compensate lack of proteins in herbal food they originally ate. To surpass this problem related to incapability of raw meat digestion, humans were forced to begin with thermal processing of raw food, i. e. to start cooking.

As aforementioned, the process of atmospheric rarefaction can also explain appearance of Mediterranean Sea whose name literally means Middle Land. Strait of Gibraltar is cut by cavitations within days due to abrupt increase of global sea level. On the same way, Pannonia Sea streamed out trough Dyerdap canyon creating fertile Pannonia valley. There are strong archeological and linguistic evidences that Pannonia Sea was dried much later than official science predicts, and that this was done by Ancient Romans that artificially cut the passage through Dyerdap, to facilitate draining of Pannonia Sea and simultaneously creating Danube river at least partially, just to compensate lost of North African granaries, especially ones in Cartagena. History showed that this was bad idea because this facilitated immigration from East that eventually cased collapse of Roman Empire.

After deluge, water filled some new areas like Mediterranean, Black sea and even maybe some new oceans. Sharp rocks on Adriatic, Irish and Ionian costs indicate that seas had relatively recently started to shape them and to soften their sharp edges.





There are three major sources of terrestrial magnetism: (1) magnetism originated in rotating mass, (2) magnetism induced by rotating thermo-voltaic charges and (3) magnetism induced by telluric currents.

The major and only constant source of terrestrial magnetism is Blackett effect. Blackett [5] effect is only known physical effect mutually connecting magnetic and gravitational fields, i.e. it seems that essence of terrestrial magnetism is exclusively determined by the Blackett formula that connects rotation, tensor of inertia and planetary magnetic field that is duly generated by the rotating planetary mass:




Whereas is permanent magnetic field of the rotating planet, [I] is inertial tensor of the planet, is rotational velocity of the planet, β is Blackett constant, γ is Cavendish constant, ε is vacuum permittivity, μ is vacuum permeability, π is 3.14159...

This effect’s formula seems to be very accurate as there is firm confirmation of its validity according acquired celestial data in our solar system:

Fig. 1


But, the globe is not electrically neutral because Peltier‑Seebeck effect causes congestion of charges in globe and atmosphere according formula:




Whereas ς is thermo‑voltaic constant specific for particular substance:







It seems that magnetic field generated by above formula is going to be quite modest due to the small angular velocity, Peltier-Seebeck constant and relatively small temperature difference. In case of thermosphere, the situation is much more promising, but yet, insufficient:




Very accurate approximation is:




In 2D space above equation collapses into z(ρ) formula in spherical coordinate system:




Whereas Qglobe is charge of the globe that cause additional magnetic field to the initial Blackett’s one, reduced to the point in the center of the globe.

Therefore the main source of terrestrial magnetism is going to be Blackett effect and contra effect is magnetic field generated by Telluric Currents. This extra charge that comes from Sun in solar wind influents the climate rather by the alteration of atmospheric resistance trough ionization than by magnetic field obtained by rotation of extra charged atmosphere.

According above formula terrestrial magnetism is constant as its value depends only on Earth’s angular velocity and its inertial tensor, but we see that it varies a lot and this is happening due to the fact that induced magnetic field is opposite to the natural one.

Telluric currents seems to be sustainable source of counter magnetic field as they are generated by the globe itself, i.e. by rotation of the globe’s magnet originated in Blackett effect.

The magnetic field corresponding to the density of the electric current is:






There is a simple proof that these contra magnetized areas are not betokening to periods with magnetic inversions simply by the fact that various sites expose different times of these alleged inversions of planetary magnetic poles.





Plasma induced by telluric currents, embodied in Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis, is major dissipater of atmospheric thermal energy as most plausible cooler.

Plasma as fourth aggregate state of matter obeys to quite different law of dissipation than ordinary matter in first three aggregate states. Ordinary matter obeys Stefan-Boltzmann law that yields surface power density in respect to temperature:




Whereas Stefan-Boltzmann constant is:




Spatial power density of radiation from plasma obeys to the following formula:




Whereas αAurora is Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis plasma constant, and J is density of telluric current running through atmosphere. Above equation stands that dissipation is proportional to square of current density J. Dissipation of plasma is not proportional to the temperature, but to the current density running through it, quite contrary to standard matter whose dissipation is proportional to the fourth power of its absolute temperature. Equation (17) stands that plasma can emit substantial amount of electromagnetic energy even when it is cold, and this is precise case of atmosphere.

Equation (17) is much more lavish in energy dissipation than equation (15). Actually, there is a part of the atmosphere where equation (15) is dominant in energy dissipation and this is upper thermosphere layer and yet quite negligible in respect to the layer dissipating energy by plasma induced by telluric current.





Telluric Currents play major player that shapes global weather by its ability to convert thermal energy into infrared electromagnetic radiation compatible with the void of the cosmos. Homopolar generator with permanent magnet in the rotor and external electric circuit as a stator is the simplest electric machine, depicted on the following two drawing. Follows image of the homopolar motor:

Fig. 2


Homopolar motor depicted on above picture creates torque by relative velocity between rotating magnet and the outer path of the electric circuit, i.e. the one containing the battery. Practically motional magnetic field interacts with the external electric contour at rest in respect to Lorentz force.

According theorem of reciprocity of DC machines the electric motor may act as generator too, and this is the precise case with Earth’s globe.

Fig. 3


Homopolar stands for homogenous magnetic field on poles. Without these electric currents the Earth’s globe would become extremely hot and essentially this is a homopolar generator whereas the magnetic field is originated in Blackett effect and the difference between the magnetic source and the current path generates telluric current, all according formula:




This implies that there must be some difference between the speed of atmosphere and the Earth for these currents to run, and such difference does really exist embodied in the different time of overseas flights between America and Europe, and vice versa.

Path of the telluric currents are depicted on the following image:


Fig. 4


Therefore, according this model, the windmills may have extremely detrimental influence to global warming phenomenon circumstantially causing declination of relative velocity between the magnetic source (i.e. Earth) and the outer circuit of conductor (i.e. atmosphere) vEarth,Air. Usage of windmills and tide generators should be banned as soon as possible.





As explained in above chapter, telluric currents are most probably generated by the terrestrial magnetism of Earth’s globe. This magnetism is solely originated in the Earth’s mass and its rotation according Blackett formula. Therefore Earth’s globe acts as homopolar generator. Modus operandi of this generator requires that returning path has different angular velocity than direct current’s path and this is actual case with Earth’s atmosphere causing difference in flight time from Europe to America and vice versa. This difference between rotation of Earth and its atmosphere is directly caused by this natural electric generator.

Telluric currents, as abovementioned, are electric currents running trough air and ground. Due to the thermal effect of these currents, the temperature of the ground firstly rises with the depth and then start decreasing although the dept is growing. The effect is especially notable on the seabed where the temperature is the lowest one although the expectation is that the temperature should be maximal, analogously to the ground temperature rising with depth. Simple explanation is that those currents are running through the salt water with lower resistance and therefore the thermal effect is minimized in oceanic water contrary to the ground with notably higher electric resistance.

Due to these currents during earthquakes noises and signals had been registering in middle-wave and short-wave radio bands. Those frequencies correlate to frequencies of vibrations and speed of sounds in ground according depth, therefore the shaking ground corresponds to current running trough vibrating conductor that is producing radio emission identically as the ground does this during earthquakes.

Existence of these currents offers correct answer to so big portion of free oxygen in atmosphere: if we suppose that reaction between ardent lava rich with alkali metals (and other suitable catalyzing chemical elements) and seawater rich with carbon dioxide caused appearance of petroleum oil and free oxygen, the concentration of carbon dioxide in primordial atmosphere simply was insufficient to provide oxygen concentration we have today. Therefore, the origin of all this free oxygen is rather electrolysis of oceanic water than photosynthesis of atmospheric carbon-dioxide. Isotopic analysis of atmospheric oxygen clearly supports electrolysis hypothesis by both isotopic quality and quantity. Or, in plain words, isotopic analysis of atmospheric oxygen originated it rather in oceanic water than in volcanic CO2.

We should bear in mind here that according standard model almost all organic matter is subjected to rotting, except Chitin only, and consequently they bind back all free oxygen initially released during process of their creation via photosynthesis and only way to keep free oxygen in atmosphere high is to prevent rotting of majority of organic matter originated in photosynthesis which is not common case in the wildness – only such case is appearance of coal. Therefore majority of free oxygen cannot be from photosynthesis – just because of oxygenation of biological materials directly and indirectly made by this process. The biogenic origin of oil is quite questionable which is especially referring to the some wells of natural gas that contain mostly methane with significant fraction of helium. Helium is not part of any known biochemical process, clearly implying that natural gas most likely does not have biogenic origin at all. Actually, the major contemporary source of helium is fractional distillation of the natural gas during process of its liquefaction. Mass liquefaction of natural gas on industrial scale appears to be lavish source of helium and this indisputable fact clearly implies that something is wrong with the official theory of natural gas origin: if the helium plays significant role in the appearance of natural gas then what is precise chemical process of its appearance? There is one strange feature of helium – it can be dissolved in salt oceanic water in huge quantities under huge pressure and it seems that oceanic water on the great depths is quite saturated with dissolved helium. Electrolysis of such water will release free hydrogen and further dissolving of additional hydrogen greatly reduces ability of oceanic water to absorb helium causing release of both helium and hydrogen. Methane and water are able to create solid crystalline substance hydro methane (CH4)4(H20)23, also known as hydrate, under sufficient pressure and adequate temperature:



23 · H20 + 4 · CH4 = (CH4)4(H20)23


Hydro-methane is able to capture helium in its crystal lattice in high quantities. With the decreasing pressure or increasing temperature this hydrate is going to disintegrate back to the water, methane and eventually helium. It is pertinent place to be mentioned that hydro-methane was discovered first time ever in 1971 on the bottom of Black Sea albeit its vast abundance. It might be seen as pretty embracing situation for the science due to abundance of hydro-methane all over the world and might be compared only to the fictitious discovery of previously undiscovered Moon on nocturnal sky in the same year.

We know today that majority of the methane reserves are consisted mainly of hydro-methane. It appears that this substance is common ingredient of most seas seabeds, deep lakes, permafrost layers around the world, and yet this ubiquitous substance remained undiscovered for so long time. It will be interesting to dig and mine methane from the seabed and deep cold lakes around the world.

Global worming brings one especially disastrous mechanism of destruction based on hydro-methane. Hydro-methane is subjected to chain disintegration to methane and water with the increase of temperature. This is positive feedback reaction, which may explain Extinction Level Events caused by meteorites and comets impacts. This released of vast quantity of methane into the Earth’s atmosphere would instantly start massive burning causing great reduction of atmospheric oxygen and increase of the temperature. However, after that, the sudden and significant drop of temperature should occur followed with significant drop of atmospheric pressure. It is interesting that such events have been already detected by the infrared satellites and the most famous one was from 1977 when the red light was glowing over vast area of Pacific Ocean for couple of hours. This can be also a viable explanation for ships disappearances in the area of infamous Bermuda triangle: methane bubbles reduce total density of water that further reduces Archimedes upward force causing instant sinking of ships and submarines. The same effect affects the airplanes too because methane reduces density of the air to the half of its initial value consequently reducing wings lifting force and also reducing oxygen in the air necessary for proper jet engines function.

However, to close the cycle we also need carbonic acid and oceanic streams to bring this dissolved carbon dioxide to the depths in which free oxygen appears in non-biogenic process fully relied on telluric electric current electrolysis and non organic chemistry. Helium is most likely originated in the nuclear processes in the Earth’s core.

Under the presumption that the electric current flows trough ground and seas between earth poles and trough air on its outer path, the current on its path trough seas and ground causes water electrolysis that releases oxygen in atmosphere and then hydrogen as lighter gas escapes into the void of cosmos or remains bounded in methane or other petrochemical compounds. On this particular way amount of water is reducing and free oxygen is increasing. As it can be seen that the biogenic channel of free oxygen generation is the smallest one. There is also a channel of calcium carbonate electrolysis when appears naphtha and calcium hydroxide that remains dissolved in water and free oxygen. This could be mechanism that permanently supplies water of seas with calcium hydroxide and calcium salts despite mountains of already deposited calcium in lime stones. Following chain of chemical reactions is proposed by me (i.e. Andrija Radović) to explain non biogenic appearance of free oxygen from carbon‑dioxide:



CO2 + H20 = H2CO3


H2CO3 + Ca(OH)2 = CaCO3 + 2 · H2O


CaCO3 + 3 · H2O = Ca(OH)2 + CH4 + 2 · O2


But, also with the aid of electric current the following reaction with dissolved carbonic acid is active too, although reaction with calcium-hydroxide as catalyst seems to be more lavish:



H2CO3 + H2O = CH4 + 2 · O2


Following non renewable channel of simple water electrolysis is going to be significant too:



2 · H2O = 2 · H2 + O2


It appeared that an experimental attempt of electrolysis of carbonated water released enough methane to be detectable by emergency methane detector. This should be thoroughly rechecked with distilled water with added carbonic acid only, just to be sure that water and carbonic acid with the aid of DC electric current are fully capable to produce methane and dissolved free oxygen - it appears to be too simply to be true and therefore this needs profound rechecking. The major problem with this process is that it is not cyclic, i.e. renewable: free oxygen is originated in water electrolysis while the carbon dioxide mostly terminates as carbon-hydrate deposit. The expected mechanism is that deposit releases carbon-dioxide, but this is not what the isotopic analysis of free oxygen tells us and this is that majority of free oxygen is originated in oceanic water and not in photosynthesis of carbon-dioxide. This process simply accumulates their products in piles, i.e. as the seats of carbon-hydrates and as imbalanced process it performs destruction of water reserves on planet. It seems that warmer ocean will prevent hydrate depositing on seabed.

After that, this methane creates hydrates all over the seabed of seas and oceans all over the world. This can betoken existence oil and natural gas seats on currently unusual and unexpected places, but this is beyond the scope of this article.

Terrestrial magnetic field must decline with increase of the amount of dissolved carbon dioxide in water because dissolved carbon dioxide creates carbonic acid and then this acid increases conductivity of the seawater in general, consequently decreasing water’s electric resistance, which then augments telluric currents. This increases the telluric current that runs through seawater further increasing induced magnetic field opposite to the natural terrestrial magnetic field causing its apparent declination on the same way the current in dynamo’s rotor generates magnetic field opposite to one of permanent magnet in stator. It is interesting that these declinations of terrestrial magnetism are really noticed and they precisely follow the worm periods rich with carbon dioxide on grand scale of time, which is additional circumstantial evidence of correctness of this Direct Climate Control theory of mine:

Fig. 5


Fig. 6





Dzhanibekov effect is only known physical effect duly capable to cause swapping of Earth’s magnetic poles. Earlier attempts to obtain Classical Mechanics equation of this strange phenomenon failed. Classical derivation assumes that tensor of inertia in HP matrix notation is:




Basic angular velocity or speed of main rotation is:




Secondary rotation should be the one caused by Dzhanibekov effect:




Angular acceleration caused by Dzhanibekov effect is:




Torque caused by gyroscopic effect is:




Torque caused by angular acceleration is:




By equalizing above two equations is obtained:




Solution of above equation yields following system of differential equations:






Above set of equation is completely devoted of inertia tensor elements, which is false. Correct set of equations is:












Above equation is duly correct formula of Dzhanibekov effect as the multiplication of matrix and vectors are not commutative operation. The position of bracket does affect the final result and above position is correct one. I had named above equation as Noah Equation, as according Holly Bible Noah was fully aware of imminent disastrous event, but nobody believed him. Only way for him to foresee such ensuing event without prior experimentation in zero G environment, as Dzhanibekov did, was to personally derive above equation.

As there is no external force then following equation must be correct:




Above equations could be explicitly solved and this solution depends on third time derivative of angle in polar coordinate system, which is strange as the Third Newtonian Law depends on only second time derivative of coordinates.

Anyway, the robust symbolic solution does prove that Dzhanibekov effect is real one and that it does depend on Inertia Tensor. It seems that Inertia Tensor for Earth can be estimated with great accuracy giving precise period between disastrous Dzhanibekov swaps. Melting of ice near poles altogether with utilization of tide energy and windmills may trigger commence of disastrous Dzhanibekov effect.

Dzhanibekov effect is only known effect capable to instantly change both rotation and revolution of the globe. Such violent event would certainly pull oceans over the continents, smashing logs and trunks, collecting them on the terrain barriers and then creating coal seats. Dynamic simulation of the Globe exposed that Dzhanibekov effect yields excellent prediction of known and unknown coal sites. I performed a dynamic simulation of Dzhanibekov effect applied to Globe to check this hypothesis. It showed that this method is able to determine location of the most of coal sites implying that Dzhanibekov effect indeed could be the main culprit of periodic global flooding. The most interesting fact in this conundrum is Moon that is settled on the optimal position to postpone Dzhanibekov events as much as possible, simultaneously stabilizing Earth’s rotation. It is highly unlikely that this was just happened by chance of chaotic random events. This is irrefutable proof that some sort higher intelligence had arranged the stage before intelligent life begun. It is fact that Quantum Mechanics stands that everything can happen, but it also stands that anything will not happen just because it can, giving much constancy to our world. Whoever was capable to move and manipulate with small planets like Moon indisputably belongs to highly advance civilization. It does not matter whether it was God himself, some previous super civilization, or some alien mastermind – the fact is there was an intelligence that predated us. For anybody that may concern this indisputably means that we are not alone in universe!





It has already been shown that there are two factors defining whether there will be clouds or it will be a sunny day: spatial density of electrical charge in atmosphere and value of surface potential of water on certain temperature caused by surface’s tension. Surface tension varies according amount of dissolved electrolytes and temperature. Therefore, the influence on weather could be achieved by affection of both parameters: by artificial ionization of air, which is actually already altered by electrostatic filters in industrial chimneys and another way is chemical modification of surface tension of water achieved either deliberately or by pollution.

Minimal volume of a water droplet in atmosphere is:




While the minimal diameter of the droplet is:




Which is 90nm for the 0°C of air and much higher for colder air. Dissolved acids increase water surface tensions while esters decrease it. This basic principle is utilized in washing machines that tend to improve washing effect by reduction of water’s surface tension increasing temperature and by adding esters, i.e. detergents whose facilitate thorough water penetration into the fabric’s fibers.

Therefore, the vapor of organic acids will remove clouds by decreasing of relative humidity and vapor of liquid soap will cause precipitations in deserts all over the globe, which is going to be chemical modification of climate. This is more expensive and less environmental friendly than simple charging of atmosphere! However, injection of sulfuric acid mist (H2SO4) into the atmosphere by massive spraying will significantly reduce power of insolation, which will further increase telluric currents and amount of clouds, then all these combined will have devastating effects to the climate at large. Esters are unstable short living compounds while sulfuric acid is much more stable especially in upper atmosphere saturated with UV radiation.

Water freezing mechanism can be altered by silver iodine or even by inexpensive sodium chloride. Although the efficiency of the sodium chloride is allegedly ten times lesser than silver iodine due to the fact that geometry of silver iodine crystal perfectly matches the one of ice crystal, which is not quite the case with sodium-chloride. Ad-hoc solution is to make an amount of inexpensive sodium chloride hundred times bigger than amount of costly silver-iodine. Silver is also a strong bactericide and there are speculations for decades that aloft might be some bacterium full of hydrogen gas able to float in air moderating climate and, in that case, this silver may have devastating effect to the climate by extermination of those beneficial bacteria. Cheap sodium chloride (NaCl) is order of magnitude less efficient, but it may surpass by three orders of magnitude the amount of expensive silver iodide. Average anti-hail rocket contains 5 to 50 gram of silver-iodine while the same rocket can deliver 5 kilograms of sodium-chloride powder into the cloud. Therefore, total gain is two orders of magnitude higher or hundred times more effective. Modus operandi of anti-hail system is provoking rain instead of hail by disruption of ice crystal forming.

Surface tension of water can be moderated on the following ways: (1) chemically by solvents like salts, acids, detergents, alkali, (2) by temperature, (3) by electrical charging and (4) by sound.





There is a relatively small portion of this text that has to be populated with formulas just to portrait the circumstances causing thermal energy in atmosphere received from the Sun to be transferred into the void of vacuum on grand scale. The fact is that the vacuum is best known thermal insulator indicating that the process of migration of thermal energy trough atmosphere is not simple task at all and that the key role plays this final conversion of thermal energy of atmospheric gases into the sort of energy compatible with the vacuum. In the following text will be modeled heat distribution trough Earth’s atmosphere within several models: (1) Official Heat Transfer formula applied on Flat Earth Model with constant gravitational acceleration g and constant heat transfer coefficient κ, (2) Official Heat Transfer formula applied on Spherical Earth Model with variable gravitational acceleration g and constant heat transfer coefficient κ, (3) Advanced Heat Transfer formula based on variable heat transfer coefficient κ on Flat Earth with constant gravitational accelerator g and (4) Advanced Heat Transfer formula based on Spherical Earth Model with variable heat transfer coefficient κ and with variable gravitational accelerator g.

Basic formula for pressure in atmosphere according gas equation and gravitational acceleration is:




Official Barometric Formula assumes that both gravitational acceleration and temperature are constant regardless the altitude and therefore this formula is:




Official Barometric Formula is highly inaccurate except in small range nearby ground level. Therefore, I tried to advance above formula introducing Fourier’s formula for heat transfer and it appears to be a huge success: this is a missing link of energy cycle in Earth atmosphere from the ground irradiated by Sun to the void of surrounding vacuum.

By combining formulas for Heat Transfer and Heat Capacity meticulous derivation reveals that heat transfer formula should have following form:




Above equation evolves into the following one:




Official Physics states that first term containing gradient of thermal conductance is always trivial assuming that thermal conductance should be considered spatially constant; therefore, we have following equation usually accepted as dully corrected one, genuinely derived by Fourier himself and this formula is in some situations pretty inaccurate with lot of issues referring mainly to the heat celerity:




Celerity of heat's transfer in gas obtained directly from above equation is going to be:




Well known equation for speed of sound in gas is:




Mind tickling dilemma appears here: If both heat and sound are identical phenomena in their essence then why does speed of sound and heat transfer differ so much? If both are based on mechanical oscillations then why does the speed of sound exaggeratedly exceed celerity of heat even for several orders of magnitudes? Furthermore, the temperature dependence is mutually inversed in those two equations. Possible answer is that the heat is stored in molecular pendulums oscillating on frequencies with great attenuation in matter, but attenuation of sound should not affect speed of sound. This requires additional research to be done in this direction simply because vast distinctiveness of above two equations may imply that essentially these are not similar phenomena at all. So, if the heat is not entirely consisted of vibration then what is it? However, answer on this question does not contribute to main objective of this paper on any kind and therefore we will proceed further with the analysis of the heat transfer in Earth’s atmosphere from the initial ground level to the emptiness of space.





Classical heat transfer equation is:




As aforementioned, this equation is highly problematic in a few specific situations in which heat conductance κ is not a constant at all, so let us assume it is correct enough to be used for derivation of the more correct atmospheric temperature formula. Above equation assumes that heat conductance κ is constant, but actually, it is not always the case for gases.

For stationary case of Flat Earth Model it is transformed into following equation:




Anyway, this approximation is still astonishingly accurate and the solution of above differential equation for the idealized atmosphere with constant gravitational acceleration g is:




That might be excellently fitted with the following linear function:




Following graph depicts both purple fitted curve and green actual one:


Fig. 7





Previous graph clearly proves that temperature linearly declines on height steadily up to 9000 m altitude. Between ground level and around 9000m altitude we have direct heat transfer from ground to the heaven, but on higher altitudes following anomaly arising – the air somehow starts to lose heat although Earth’s globe is wrapped in vacuum which is excellent thermal insulator. Obtained matching between actual and fitted curves is so excellent which is an astonishing fact by all standards. Following graph contains extended set of data clearly exposing the aforementioned anomaly. This approximation is surprisingly good emphasizing the zone of heat transfer into the void of cosmos:


Fig. 8


On the altitudes above 9000m the atmosphere starts to release heat by a specific and distinctive mechanism caused and controlled by Telluric Currents into the surrounding void of cosmos. The area of the heat releasing is the zone where the function is almost flat and parallel with x axis, somewhere between 10000m and 20000m. Thermosphere appears due to accumulation of thermal heat above this irradiating zone ionized by Telluric current. Actually zone of air ionized by path of telluric current running through the air facilitates conversion of heat into the electromagnetic radiation trough equilibrium of Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac distributions, i.e. ionized gas much easier releases its thermal energy into the void of cosmos. Non-ionized gas can releases its thermal energy only trough infrared radiation, while ionized gas does that trough broad spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, occupying range from infrared to ultraviolet. Therefore, flow of telluric current through atmosphere augments heat emission for several orders of magnitude in respect to non-ionized atmosphere. This ionization is embodied in Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis on North and South poles respectively. We should bear in mind here that the vacuum is the best known thermal insulator and therefore thermal flasks use vacuum for thermal insulation of liquid in their interiors and yet Earth’s is permanently releasing heat collected from the Sun into the void of space regardless surrounding thermal insulator vacuum. This mechanism is especially important for the thermal equilibrium on Earth and it seems it can be much easily manageable that it might be seen at the glance. This particular mechanism of heat transfer into the cosmic void is the key for the control of the global planetary climate and successful fight against Global Warming phenomenon.

By putting this approximation of temperature into the formula for pressure, the improvement of the official Barometric Formula that takes into account the decrease of temperature with altitude is goint to be:








Whereas the following coefficients are obtained by numerical fitting of actual data:


P0 = 101304.593872115

c1 = -2.22173019214568·10-5

c2 = 5.33232116929387


Graph of the pressure over height still perfectly overlaps graph of actual data, especially in the region without heat dissipation into the cosmic void:


Fig. 9


Full-scale function reveals significant mismatching above 12000m:


Fig. 10


Without Irradiating Zone surrounding vacuum would act as thermal flask rising temperature to the extinction level and it seems that this is only viable explanation of the cooling of atmosphere heated by Sun and isolated by surrounding vacuum trough irradiating zone which is, as aforementioned, the best known thermal insulator. Therefore weakening of the Telluric Currents may have be by far the greatest impact to the Global Warming by reducing ability of atmosphere to release thermal energy collected from Sun into the void of cosmos and therefore the windmills may have the most tremendously noxious impact to Global Warming. Telluric current, as aforementioned, is generated by homopolar generator that requires difference in velocity of direct and returning paths of the telluric current and those windmills slow down the natural circulations in atmosphere and by this indirectly diming generation of telluric current.

Circumstantial proof of the validness of this theory of mine is that thermosphere exists above the zone in which thermal energy is converted into electromagnetic radiation compatible with the vacuum of cosmos where is no ability to convert heat into electromagnetic radiation except to become hot enough to irradiate electromagnetic radiation with infrared wavelength. Therefore, the thermosphere is ionized by the heat while the Irradiating Zone is ionized by the telluric current making Irradiating Zone able to emit electromagnetic radiation on much lower temperature than the thermosphere simply by electric and not thermal ionization.

Implications of this theory of mine betokens that management of atmospheric conditions may be by far much easier that it might be seen at the glance. This mechanism may also play a key role in terra forming of celestial bodies like Mars and Venus making them hospitable instead of hostile places. Venus is especially promising as her atmosphere contains large quantities of CO2 that may be used as source of free oxygen by gaseous electrolysis by telluric current if telluric current’s path through Venus atmosphere would be reestablished. By attenuation of heat’s emission of Mars’s sparse atmosphere the global temperature on this planet may be quickly raised to the inhabitable level simultaneously making the atmosphere much denser. If the telluric currents really are so powerful in Mars’s atmosphere then the question is why there is no more oxygen in Martian atmosphere. Existence of telluric current clearly implies that majority of free oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere is rather originated on water electrolysis than in the gaseous CO2 chemolysis which seems to be correct assumption according isotopic analysis of free oxygen and oceanic water.

We have covered by both qualitatively and quantitatively distribution of heat trough atmosphere depending altitude with precise identification of region where the heat is transferred into the type of energy fully compatible with the cosmic vacuum.





It is important to test heat distribution in spherical model with variable gravitational acceleration:




Solution of above differential equation is:




Whereas following coefficient determined by numerical fitting:


c1 = -13932.6049928069

c2 = 30223061446.3862

c3 = 2166918.38243211


It is interesting to be noticed that constant c3 that should reflect Earth’s radius implies that Earth’s radius might be vastly shorter:


Graph for linear region is:


Fig. 11


Temperature in extended region is:


Fig. 12


Spherical model assumes that gravitational acceleration depends on altitude and that the derivation is based on the system of following equations:






Following parameters are obtained by numerical fitting:


P0 = 3230404198.44195

ca = -3.03514953702397

cb = 132037.149432021

cd = 1071123.04982606

ce = 4.95369971254928


Graph for linear region is:


Fig. 13


Pressure on extended region is:


Fig. 14


Spherical Earth idealization yields just slightly better results than Flat Earth idealization implying that atmosphere is simply too thin in respect to the radius of Earth’s globe consequently making influence of Earth’s curvature negligible.





Astute reader will notice that thermal conductivity constant mostly is not a constant at all and therefore it should be function of both pressure and temperature as it is actually the case for gases. Following theoretical formula for thermal conductance of gases is quite accurate till the pressure of 10 bars and therefore it should be valid for Earth’s atmosphere too:




If it is so then Official Fourier Equation should be modified into the following more correct form with all terms in charge:




Above equation is especially important because this advanced heat transfer equation resolves most issues related to heat’s celerity in Fourier formula making heat celerity more realistic, i.e. tame and slow in entire atmosphere.

In the stationary case where the temperature does not vary trough time, it collapses to:








Connection between density, pressure and temperature is:




By the way, above equation is interesting because air density defines lifting force for balloons based on Archimedes Law contrary to ones based on properly ionized gaseous interior whose lifting force is mainly based on Meissner effect.

There is one more equation added to create system of two differential equations:




In the case of E3 geometry we have:












Following differential equation is obtained by combining of above three equations defining temperature at height:




Explicit symbolic solution of above differential equation is a composite of several special functions highly inconvenient for ordinary manipulation. Numerical solution reveals that there is no significant improvement at all; actual improvement is only 2%, therefore this requires additional analysis.





For the sake of completeness, it should be checked whether in the case of Spherical Earth explicit symbolic solution exists:







Above two differential equations combined yield following one:




This differential equation does not have explicit symbolic solution. Modified Runge-Cuta numerical method did not expose significant improvement at all in respect to previous models.





The table containing values used as correct ones in this paper:


Table 1.

h [m]

T [°C]

P [kPa]































































































Tornado is the phenomenon that directly proves my equation of fluid dynamics, i.e. junction Stockes-Navier equation with Shcauberger’s one that explains how temperature can be converted directly into the motion. This equation is purely mine one.

The force that keep tornado in peace is atmospheric pressure as the pressure is lower inside the tornado than outside of it. The diameter of the tornado is rising with altitude giving a chance to put this equation into the operation. Actually, we have here a mixture between Tesla’s friction pump and conversion of heat into the motion. Tornado is sucking air on its lower end and pushing it upward.

There are several effects combined producing the phenomenon of tornado. The first one is that tornado acts as Tesla’s friction pump that reduces the pressure inside it. The second one is joined laws of momentum conservation and reduction of flow’s cross section.

Tornado can be roughly described with the following rotating pipe with intake on lower hole of the pipe:


Fig. 15


It should be noticed that Law of Angular Momentum Conservation causes rarefaction of the rotating gas due to it spreading of diameter:




Whereas is angular velocity of rotation and is velocity of spreading of tornado’s funnel during uprising of the fluid into the tornado. This conversion of thermal energy into kinetic one commences on every shrinking of the pipe:


Fig. 16


This shrinking of pipe causes an increase of the speed of fluid that is propelled by extra energy borrowed from the thermal one.

Above drawing says:




Combination of Stockes‑Navier and Schaburger equations is:




Above fluid equation [5] is duly capable to yield basic gas equation, while it is not the case with officially accepted Navier-Stockes equation at all. This equation is also fully capable to handle Tornado as phenomenon of Fluid Dynamics as the machine that directly converts heat into the motion, apparently opposing Laws of Thermodynamics, but duly explainable by the Shcauberger’s phenomenon on the narrowed pipe.

Above equations firmly stand that the tornado is a thermodynamic machine with a hot and a cold end. The hot end is on the ground and hot end is on high altitude.

Therefore, one plausible way of tornados destruction is pouring of liquid nitrogen right into its lower intake end to decrease difference in temperature between these two ends. This action should instantly cause collapse of its thermodynamics cycle because significant difference in temperature is basic necessity for operation of any thermodynamic machine. This liquid nitrogen injection can be done by helicopters with strong sprinkles. The price of this way tornado’s elimination is much lower than the cost of the damage inflicted by a tornado.





There is one overwhelming questions: whether climate may affect gravitation strength and whether charged clouds may alter the force of gravitation. Existence of huge animals requires two conditions: high atmospheric pressure and low gravitation. These two conditions are seemingly mutually contradictable because low gravitation implies low atmospheric pressure, but in case where we have gravitational shielding than we may have huge atmospheric pressure with low gravity, just because upper layers of atmosphere above the shielding are pressuring lower gravitationally shielded layers.

Therefore, we have here two opposite phenomena: huge atmospheric pressure and low gravitation. This can be explained only via gravitational shielding by charged clouds. According my theory of gravitation [4], the gravitational field is consisted of two opposite contra-rotated magnetic ones acting to charged dipoles and other annulled magnets as attracting force pretty much identically as the gravitational field does, practically with the identical force constant. If we add here Blackett empiric formula for magnetic field of the planets that can be fully derived from my theory then we may assume that very essence of gravitation is explained by my theory. In this case, the charged clouds really can affect gravitation. This theory of mine also explains levitation of clouds by its electrical charges, magnetic and gravitational forces of telluric currents, i.e. this is why super cooled droplets in clouds levitate without notable source of upward force.





All said above betoken that small amount of charges could cause rainfall in desert areas or nice weather during agricultural sowing and harvest. It is interesting that windmills may have the greatest detrimental impact to global warming by disruption of natural air convection because there is no natural regulation of such irregularity as it is case with increase of carbon-dioxide which triggers immediate increase of oceanic water electrolysis. After all, windmills may not be that green as might be seen at glance. Actually, we may find direct impact to European climate caused mostly by Nederland windmills in 17th and 18th century mainly in sawmills producing planks for shipbuilding. In those times cremation of dead people was largely abandoned all over the world, mainly to save wood that became important for constructional tasks.

Therefore an ionization device of a just few kilowatts would be sufficient to control weather in the vicinity of average town. Regarding all said above, only by additional measuring of ionization's degree rainfall could be determined with accuracy of few minutes, just like it is shown in SF movie "Back to The Future". This will be huge improvement of the preciseness of the current weather forecast prediction.

This mathematical model of mine nicely explains existence of Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis on various areas of the globe. Legit assumption is that the aurora's light is an effect of interaction of electric current with air molecules as aforementioned here. Intensity of terrestrial magnetic field should have significant influence to generation of telluric currents running trough both atmosphere and ground. Terrestrial magnetic field is solely caused by Blackett Formula implying that terrestrial magnetic field is caused by the Earth’s mass, shape and speed of rotation only (see Magnetism and Gravitation) and its apparent variation is originated in contra magnetic field generated by the telluric currents themselves, as depicted on figure 4.

There are evidences that aforementioned method of precipitation’s stimulation by air discharging was already used for military purposes to the certain extent, but only chemical or sonic – never based on electric charging and never to create clouds, only to remove them.

There is one more phenomenon that affects climate very much – Coanda effect. This effect is the effect of jet sticking and it was used in pneumatic computers during sixties. Those computers did not have moving parts except the moving gas itself and due the effect that the micro jets are able to be stick on one direction or other. We may assume that the same effect exists in nature on multiple places and the North Pole seems to be the most important one for winds sticking. The stream coming from Atlantic is cooled in North Pole and its direction seems to be determined very much by Coanda effect – to Siberia or to Alaska and Canada. Just with great easiness, this direction can be predetermined and the annual temperature in Asia, East Europe and North America can be maintained to cause mild winters in all these regions. This will significantly reduce the release of carbon-dioxide in atmosphere by reduction of residential areas heating.





There are plenty of historical evidences that Ancient Rome was moderating climate in Northern Africa transforming it into lavish arable land supplying Rome with all sorts of commodities. Only during the Romans occupation the horses were using there, before and after Romans indigenes were using camels only. My investigation about pyramids and their dating showed me that there is all chance that these monuments were erected by Ancient Rome who maybe hired foreign building contractor from unknown highly advanced still unknown ancient state. The best evidence of the vast technological skills of Ancient Rome is Theodoric Mausoleum in Ravenna, Italy. This building has roof made of single peace of solid white marble brought from Croatian quarry on island of Brač. The roof is circular spherical dome, 10 meters wide and precisely 1 meter thick. This mausoleum is also interesting because Theodoric sarcophagus is an actually bath made from single piece of rose granite from Aswan quarry, which is extremely hard stone. This sarcophagus is so astonishingly shaped showing tool marks of ancient motors powered tools.

According chronics, two workers were injured during placing the roof from the sky! We also know that Romans were erected dozens of rain towers in Northern Africa heavily guarded by local garrisons, usually these are fortresses surrounded literally by nothing else today. I firmly believe that these towers were ionizing air creating frequent precipitations, lavish enough to make even completely new navigable rivers and channels enabling Roman galleys to sail hundred kilometers into the North African land. These are awesome ruins today, astonishingly advanced ones. These archeological sites clearly imply that Ancient Romans or some its allay was technologically skilled enough to erect such building, including many other similar ones.

We could here easily consider the purpose of pyramids as ultimate climate control devices powered by nuclear reactor. My humble presumption according nuclear dating and thermo-luminescence of stones is that major pyramids were erected by Ancient Romans between first and third century A.D., and that water marks on Sphinx originates from this wet period by climate artificially tamed by Ancient Romans. There are two shafts in Great Pyramid on their opposite sides directed to some stars, but interesting fact is inscription written by red paint documented by small robot also discovering two electrodes on its end probably acting as conductive fluid level detector. The inscription is strange: this is a warning if translation is accurate, putatively the verbatim translation is: “Do not cover with varnish”! This strange warning implies two facts: these electrodes have to be accessible for maintenance and therefore there must be a nearby maintenance hatch and usage of protective coat betokens presence of some aggressive liquid able to abrade stone shaft and electrodes themselves. Another, more strange evidence is a touchy prayer to a goddess. The prayer itself seems to be receipt for the onion soup, allegedly very good one, and my initial assumption was that this site was a big dining hall for constructor workers, but, ancient Greek translation and translation to the spoken Egyptian language differs a lot to the theological one. It appears that something else is on the stage here: the contractor was not from Ancient Egypt, and that this contractor was mocking Egyptian priests. Only viable option is that the contractor was hired by the occupant force, i. e. Romans, giving it protective position to mock these priests on a very effective way: proving they are ignorant duly unable to understand their own sacred texts. Another site of alleged Egyptian colony in Australia that lasted for centuries clearly shows gradual advancement in text inscriptions, later texts seem to be inscribed by CNC machines on the manner shown in the aforementioned Theodoric mausoleum in Ravenna and in other Roman monuments and Egyptian obelisks. Tool marks are still clearly visible on the Egyptian pyramids imply usage of hydraulic machines: the drills had low rpm with high rate of penetration, only common to hydraulic machines. The effort involved into building of those three pyramids clearly shows that their real purpose is far away from some abstract theological application. The existence of those electrodes as level indicators and water tunnels bellow the pyramids clearly shows that they had some true technological purpose and the climate control might be their major role.

The huge amount of liquid mercury was recently found beneath the Mexican pyramid indicating that these pyramids also may have identical purpose as their Egyptian counterparts – to assure mild climate for agriculture in these region and to produce gold from mercury, which is possible only by well-known nuclear reaction. We may speculate that pyramids were utilizing Ovonic energy, but for the rain towers erected by Ancient Romans in Sahara method of operation seems to be clear – ionization of desert air only, which appears to be sufficient way for climate control. The presence of massive granite sarcophaguses in pyramids indicate that some radioactive material might be used for power generation and exploded pyramid indicates that they were familiar with nuclear incidents too. Granite is excellent absorber of nuclear radiation.

Probable nuclear reactor inside the pyramids might be also used for mummies sterilization altogether with tobacco and cocaine that were found in huge quantities in mummies altogether with antibiotic tetracycline. There are solid evidences that Egyptian medicine was utilizing at least three antibiotics aside from tetracycline in vast quantities regularly in entire population. As their productions were not explained anywhere in Egyptian archives, the logical assumption is that they were regularly imported from abroad. The foreign country helped them to build all these magnificent temples to astonish population, but in return, they had to give wheat, gold, tin, marble, etc… Indigene Egyptians obviously had only spurious knowledge about imported technology, but they believed that they are quite familiar with all these technology they were taking for granted. However, similarity with today’s global society is not intentional, but could be truly sententious and inspirational.

We know that there are massive rainfall marks on Sphinx; I presume they occurred during Roman’s climate alteration. They missed to notice that for these massive rainfall marks do not require thousands of years of massive raining, just few decades of torrents consisted of water with lot of abrasive sand. It is consistent with historical records claiming that artificial alteration of climate lasted for less than 250 years.

There is allegedly strange effect of Ovonic radiation discovered by Wilhelm Reich[5] who putatively was demonstrated weather control in multiple occasions making holes in clouds. The entire concept looks ridiculous till the usage of the Geiger[6]-Reich detector, actually Geiger detector just filled with the different gas. This detector is game changer transferring this ridiculous theory from the domain of speculation into domain of science. The Reich explanation is probably duly wrong, but this does not exclude possibility that those rays are completely real. It might be that those rays had been prematurely rejected ones from the science, once upon a time named as M rays. The entire device is quite strange, but allegedly, its operation is duly impressive just because – it works. My presumption is that this device deals with a real phenomenon with dubious explanation. The most interesting part of the device is wool and it is interesting that device does not work without layer of sheep wool. Following this logic, we might expect that pyramids should contain the wool and the wool’s fibers were actually found in the casing stones of the Great Pyramid implying that these might be just concrete stones. It is interesting to be added that in the settlement near the pyramids were founded a lot of pottery with Christian symbols. Official explanation is that Christian jus to occupied this complex after it lost its importance, but actually it is not the case while those pottery coincidence with the time of pyramids erection implying that Christians erected all three major ones which is duly impossible according official dating. According some ancient text it seems that the three major pyramids also do not predate Jerusalem temple, but for some reason it seems that they were erected as the memorial to this temple, which is in complete disarray with official history. This is very important because in this case the description of the climate in biblical times was very accurate indeed.

The American native Indian tribes were using big drums and high pitch woman voices for climate control that we may classify as sonic climate control. It is commonly known that huge explosions cause instant precipitations even on clear weather and therefore we may expected that even not so loud sounds can affect weather a lot, which appears to be true, too. The Indian rituals are exceptionally effective and obviously their cause is rather physical than theological or psychological, probably only drums and women voices do the job.





The pyramids expose many issues related to the official historical dating. All wooden artifacts found in pyramids are assigned to numerous tomb robbers from Arab period because their carbon dating implies this period of history. However, it seems that this concept should be disputed: pyramids are not mentioned in the Bible and other classical texts from those times. According Chinese historical chronicles Chinese emperors were trading with Western Roman empire around 9th century especially emphasizing Cesar (it seems he signed few trade treaties), and according Western official history there were no Roman Empire in Europe at those times except Eastern Byzantium one. Crusade documents claim they arrived to holly land and there were still livings spectators witnessing Jesus resurrection, also all remaining artifacts related to Jesus Christ are dated to 10th century precisely determined by carbon dating. It seems that the three major pyramids also do not predate Jerusalem temple according some ancient texts. For some reason, it seems that they were erected as the memorial to this temple opened to visitors, which is in complete disarray with official history, but this is what carbon dating of found wooden artifacts officially attributed to later tomb robbers also tells us, some wooden beams are certainly initial parts of original construction proving correctness of carbon dating. If they really were power plants than they had multiple purposes like climate control, energy production, maybe even moderating the subconscious telepathic communication between people with afterlife soul transfer. Clarification of this particular notification is very simple: aim your car's radio key onto your forehead beyond the radius of its operation and you will see that operational radius will be extended because human skulls act as radio antennas. Microwave probe clearly proves that this might be true, it is really interesting that a relatively slow structure like neural cell (about 30Hz) can produce EM radiation around 2.4GHz, but further analysis reveals that it is not possible with the Fourier series of trigonometric functions, it is quite possible with series of semi-periodic exponential functions. Simply, Trigonometric Fourier series is not the only orthogonal series able to yield periodical functions as wavelet theory stands.

We can hear sound well beyond 30Hz , even much higher tones with frequencies up to 22kHz. The fact that we can hear so high tones of 22 Khz implies that frequency three order of magnitude higher than frequency of 30Hz can be processed by human brain and if this is so then brain can process 2.4GHz on the same way it already processes 20Khz.

It is interesting fact that most of autistic people cannot extend radius of car's radio keys which may betoken the direction of novel autism therapy development.

There is a certain secret society in North America obsessed with skulls, i.e. fraternity that are focused on skulls and they especially respect skulls of American Indian shamans. They detect those skulls simply by magnet: if the magnet can attract a skull in the nose zone then this implies that this skull belonged to shaman. This American fraternity consider those skulls as magnifier of psychic abilities of the persons in their vicinity. Actually they use those skulls as additional antenna to their own skulls. Those skulls have much higher amount of iron than in the case of ordinary people. It seems that Native American tribes had found a way to increase amount of iron in the skulls of certain individuals by diet only which is quite astonishing. Pertinent question here is whether we can use some artificial external antennas instead of gruesome skulls of dead people and whether the crystal skulls are just that – external antennas added to skulls of their initial owners. If this all is so then the funny question here is whether Ancient Egyptian actually had invented afterlife which could not be possible without prior genetic alteration of our genome!?

We can argue that this radio communication between humans may play key role in transfer of consciousness during death. It may also facilitate learning of speech in infancies too. However, it seems that pyramids major role is to provide our privacy, because otherwise it seems we will be able to mutually read our minds. Therefore, it seems it might be that we do not have telepathic abilities only to the massive jamming caused by pyramids.

Therefore pyramids might provid mild climate, facilitate soul transfer in afterlife transition and give us alleged privacy which is questionable: if most of us are intentionally blinded, but some of us retained sense of sight then we just have an illusion of privacy. Something that seems to be clandestine to most of us is going to be just an illusion caused by our intentional disability – luckily, this seems to be just an intriguing speculation.

All these aforementioned hypotheses belongs to domain of speculations, but what we really know as a duly proven fact is that the climate was drastically different before and after Roman's occupation of the Middle East, which indisputably means that they have effective method for massive climate control in vast region of their reign. There is one interesting landscape modification on grand scale where Ancient Romans removed an entire mountain in Spain to facilitate influx of hot Mediterranean air into inland, just to provide cultivation of vineyards in Spain, which is quite interesting method of permanent weather modification in certain areas. Such task simply is not possible without aid of huge machines and vast quantity of extremely strong explosive, most likely nuclear one or some other unknown one of equal power. There is also a mystery related to Pannonia sea that existed once upon a time in Central Europe: simply there are too many villages on the rim of this sea vanished allegedly in remote past that have suffix “at sea”, clearly betokening that this sea existed in not so distant past. It is all chance that Roman tsar Trajan actually cut passage trough stones enabling this sea to leak out into the Black sea creating Danube River, and then he put famous Trajan table to portray his grandiose achievement. There are many big boulders on the bottom of the Danube River with still very sharp edges and with scorched and vitrified areas. Those surfaces probably were in touch with explosions, and there is all chance that they used nuclear explosive due to the sheer and irregular sizes of these stones. The tool-marks of the giant machines are still visible on this path of Danube flowing through the passage cut right trough the mountain. This Danube’s section is especially well examined in details just because Germans deliberately sunk their own Black Sea fleet with many infirmary ships during WWII. Several pharmaceutical companies were interested in those infirmaries in early nineties to gather eventual samples of bacteriophages and other Nazi medicaments, especially ones dealing with gas gangrene. The bottom itself altogether with surrounding stone walls of this Danube’s section was thoroughly documented by both cameras and sonars. This huge fleet of sunken ships is still visible with low water level, all still crowded with all sorts of explosives. It is interesting that there was no single attempt to remove either those sharp boulders or the sunken ships from the bottom of the Danube River. Danube is very narrow in this cut section with the depth is 70m, but after that, Danube is spreading and becomes astonishing 7km wide. Reason for so extreme landscape modification seems to be necessity to compensate lost of Northern African granaries by creation of new ones on the seabed of dried Pannonia Sea. They also applied Terra Preta like method to improve fertility of dried see land by adding charcoal with some other ingredients, probably clay. Such land is still remarkably black and can be easily noticed on the satellite images in Northern Serbia. One more proof of Romans Climate alteration is vast number of people living in those times, even a smaller cities easily had hundreds thousand inhabitants, and nutrition of all these people required especially fertile arable land supplied with irrigation systems and after all with wet mild climate. We also should bear in mind that less than 10% of population of Ancient Rome Empire was slaves, and that most of slaves were localized in big cities quite contrary to the common belief that majority of slaves were used in agricultural production. Slaves were used rather as servants and entertainers than as hard labor force. These all imply that they were using machines otherwise they would use slaves and we know that it so due to the grand scale of their endeavors and also tool-marks of power tools and machines obviously they were using.

There is also pretty strong series of archeological and historical evidences proving that amazing 1000 years somehow was artificially added to the history timeline.

Therefore standing that Ancient Romans had erected all these aqueducts, big buildings, sports objects, roads (4.6 m wide and 1.6 m elevated over terrain tiled with small granite cubes, stretching thousand kilometers around), big harbors carved into the stones, dismantled entire mountains, therefore claiming that all these are achieved exclusively by slave labor is simply ridiculous. They had to have both machines and explosives to achieve all these, and they had to have knowledge to moderate both climate and land to feed their huge population. The amount of annual cement production in Roman Empire simply excludes any other type of production than the industrial one. The amount of annual glass production of Roman Empire was also staggering: they were producing raw glass in 7 tones single piece chunks for export. I think that the method of transportation of those pieces is much more interesting than the glass chunks themselves, although only so big piece of glass existing in modern times is a lens in some telescope. Bovine wagons certainly could not be used for this transport. Quality of glass, steel and concrete exceeds the quality of modern ones and that is not matter of vast number of skilful artisans, undoubtedly this is only matter of technology and sometimes nanotechnology according Curgis cup.











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