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         This text is intentionally written in bombastic manner of fake news, commercials and pseudoscience with the aim to betoken necessity of new way of thinking: most allegedly ridiculous phenomena and happening are explained on as much as possible scientific way. Today’s science arrogantly rejects all the phenomena that do not fit into its own knowledge. It is pertinent moment to recall that doctors were ignoring patients claiming antibiotics can heal ulcer and just four decades after the invention of antibiotics the bacterium causing it had been finally discovered. We still do not have effective cure for cancer, many lethal infective diseases, and even old dreadful bacterial diseases are coming back to decimate us. And it is not the case only with the medicine, although the problem is the most important in the domain of medicine because the human life is the essential unit of global economy, or it just should be so. In the era of big data so effective in sport somehow we are not able to apply the same method in medicine to conquer most daisies. And this is not the problem with medicine only, this is common problem with almost any other science, there are only cosmetic improvements in the most domains without the real, obvious and profound progress. Therefore this text is written to tickle imagination and instigate thinking about new directions for finding answers by explanations of some phenomena roughly rejected by the official science, also showing that some allegedly obviously lunatic behavior may have some real usefulness, like adding concept of bacteriofags to homeopathic medicine, nose antenna to some bizarre rituals, etc., just to show that science although has answers to all questions, they are obviously not all of them correct ones.
         Contemporary science seems to be trying to discourage logical thinking by its blurry concepts assuring us that they are all correct and we are just stupid to fully understand them, discarding all gnoseological methods and reducing science to the level of abstract art. Sorry, if the science is relative and in the eye of an observer then there is just one observer qualified to judge about it, the one that initially created physical laws.
         Let us cite Sherlock Holmes: "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." Just bear in mind that today’s an improbable nonsense tomorrow might become the common fact.




         Recent novel discoveries challenge the concept of DNA as the permanent storage of the genetic data very much and therefore this DNA concept should be reconsidered as it has lit by these new evidences and also by some old stubbornly neglected ones. These new intriguing evidences are: (1) surrogate mother recently passed the paternity test, (2) virtually all the cancer cells contain the chitin without a single record in human DNA dedicated to its synthesis, (3) red rain in India contained living cells without a trace of DNA although able to reproduce themselves, (4) prions are able to survive up to 600°C, far above the proteins’ disintegration temperature (second Pasteur’s temperature, about 75°C) strongly indicating they have no protein structure at all, (5) intriguing well known C number paradox, (6) really small amount of active data in human genome 3G base pairs with binary data equivalent well below 100Mb boundary, even mitochondrial DNA contains only 37 chromosomes holding slightly less than 17k base pairs which is well below 5kb of data – both fairly insufficient for coding anything meaningful, (7) it is recently irrefutably detected that human genome can change with aging and it is politically called gene’s activation although it is firmly a case of permanent DNA modification that is quite interestingly spreading like virus infection to all living human cells. All these facts are going to be briefly reconsidered respectively to see whether current DNA concept can further firmly sustain its validity.
        This question might resemble obsolete from the today’s standpoint of modern genetics, but let us start to investigate this speculation according some new facts regarding general genetic science statements in the view of novel scientific achievements. The decoding of human genome [2] lasted for more than a decade and it was one of the most important scientific achievements of the entire 20th century. The whole scientific community believed that with the deciphering of the human DNA most diseases will be instantly conquered and exterminated, but this did not happened – without a single exception at all! Quite recently was one case that could be noted as genetic cure, it has been a three parents’ child born with replacement of mitochondrial DNA which might be considered as genetic cure. But it seems it is not that particular case because it was done rather by replacement of entire mitochondria than by any correction in defective genetic code in originating mitochondria.  Even more, this epic human DNA decoding did not bring the solution for major congenital diseases caused by dysfunctions of the synthesis usually of a single protein only although it was expected that genetic therapy based on the decoded human DNA should be able to cure at least genetic disorders. Therefore we firstly should perform a quantity analysis of the data obtained by these decoding task – the amount of the data in human genome is very small by the current standpoint of the amount of data that should be considered as a huge because nearly three billion nucleotide pairs that allegedly exist in a human genome correspond to only 700Mb of raw data – just a single audio CD medium, or about 80 minutes of uncompressed stereo music, the size of Beethoven’s symphony No. 9! It means that our entire genome is much smaller than Windows 7 or Office 2010 and therefore we should ask ourselves whether this is viable claiming of modern genetics especially when we know that wheat genome has 150 times more data than the human’s one. We can add here well known C Value Paradox [3], or the fact that the amount of the data stored in a particular genome does not reflect the complexity of the organism containing the genome as additional evidences of missing genetic data. The pertinent question here is whether this abundance of data in wheat genome came from the later decoding when the common concept of “lot of data” was significantly augmented according the advancement in the computers and multimedia technologies or there is some additional depot of genetic data outside of DNA!? This situation is especially burdensome according the fact that the DNA strand is bundled in chunks named chromosomes and due to this, only surface nucleotides are available or reachable for coping to RNA strands. This mean that only 3% to 10% of all DNA data are stored on the surface of a chromosome (depending on particular species) and therefore the irrefutable fact is that only surface nucleotides are accessible to RNA transcriptase – thereby less than 10% can be used in cell’s biochemical processes – which is less than 100Mb of data, roughly the size of vintage Windows 95. The best analogy with the computer science could be that the purpose of the DNA data corresponds to BIOS in computers, merely as the initial software dedicated for the booting of computers, .i.e. for initial starting of an OS from the HD, or in this cellular case to boot the system to make it ready to accept data stored elsewhere with DNA acting just like buffer memory. Or maybe we can rather compare DNA with modern tablet screen with variable content than with the old scrolls or old clay tablets with permanent picture on them, which is the concept that will be speculated in the following text. We must consider here that putative combinations of introns and exons can code tremendous amount of different proteins, but in reality this abundance of variety does not bring ability to synthesize several proteins simultaneously – only one per a combination, and the only one is the right one and just very few others can fit to the purpose less or more successfully. In [9] is shown that junk DNA is not junk at all just as it is recently shown, and again comparison with assembly code indicates that the DNA code is separated to two areas – code and data segments respectively, just as it is the case with the machine code (assembly) languages of the modern computers.
         All these aforementioned facts indicate that there must be some additional depot of genetic data which is able to hold all these extra information obviously not exclusively stored in DNA – especially in eukaryotes (cells with nucleus).
        An interesting characteristic of eukaryotes compared to prokaryotes is eukaryotes’ disability to reproduce themselves when they are immersed in heavy water while the prokaryotes preserve this feature intact regardless the isotopic structure of water stored in their bodies and surrounding environment. There are two main distinctions between heavy water and regular one, i.e. light water: the first is ability of regular water’s ice to float on top while heavy water ice sinks down to the bottom. Another more significant characteristic important for this paper is that the regular water obeys to Mpemba effect while heavy water behaves in accordance with the common sense expected way and therefore it seems that Mpemba effect is somehow closely connected to the light water’s ice anomaly, i.e. disability of ice to sink down to the bottom of the container. Brief explanation of Mpemba effect is ability of hot light water to be frozen faster than the cold light water although intuitionally we feel that it should not be the case just because hot water firstly should reach the temperature that cold water already had and then to continue with the cooling down till the freezing temperature, but the simple experiment clearly shows that this is not the physical fact thereby strongly indicating that the freezing speed of light water depends on the initial temperature, i.e. water is non-linear medium with hysteresis indubitably indicating that water possesses some sort of memory. Therefore Mpemba effect is a pristine clear proof that the regular water has some sort of memory fully capable to create hysteresis causing mentioned memory effect. Regular water can be classified as Mealy automata while heavy water acts as Moore one and therefore regular water must have memory according contemporary Mathematical Theory of Automata and basic Automatic Control Theory. And if it does have memory then the question is whether this memory could hold digital (integer) data or analog (real) ones and if it might contain the analog data then we must introduce here the fuzzy logical concept or the concept of continual non-Boolean logic. Continual logic utilizes basic concepts of probability ably avoiding logical controversies like the well-known one “A Corinthian says all the Corinthians lie” and the logical level can be any number between 0 and 1 whereas 0 matches complete “false” and 1 matches complete “true” in Boolean logic: A AND B = A · B, A OR B = A + B - A · B, NOT A = 1 – A, etc., pretty much resembling to basic formulas of the Theory of Probability [10].
         This ability of regular water to somehow memorizes at least previous thermal state which is then able to affect subsequent one implies that this memory effect might be able to hold some extra information eventually including the genetic data under proper circumstances. By insertion of heavy water that does not possess memory into the nucleus of eukaryote cell, the data transfer from the water to DNA is canceled causing reproduction malfunction in such cells obviously because there is no data transfer to eukaryotes’ offspring in the heavy water environment due to the absence of the data themselves. Best intuitive explanation of the Mpemba effect is via its analogy to the Plato and Aristotle debate whether all the bodies are falling down with the some speed ratio or not – Plato’s proof was quite simple: if the heavier body would fall down faster than the lighter one, then the lighter body bundled to the heavier one would retard them both which is logical controversy with the only correct solution that all the bodies are falling down with same speed rate regardless their masses. This rate of speed is today’s known as gravitational acceleration, g = 9.81 m/s2. However, Plato lost this particular debate and the humankind falsely believed that the heavier bodies are falling down faster than the lighter ones for almost 2000 years. The proof should be generally the same for the water too: the hot water firstly must reach the temperature that the cold water has already had and then to continue cooling down to the freezing point. Thereby hot water should require more time to freeze than the cold water because it has to accomplish a part of cooling process that was already accomplished by the cold water as it is aforesaid, but in reality this is not the case because the hot water freezes quicker than the cold one which is embodied in Mpemba effect. This effect is not connected to the dissolvent gases in water because hot water contains less dissolved gases which is the fact that aggravates freezing, exacerbating all attempts to explain this strange effect that defies common mind. Only viable explanation of this effect is existence of some sort of memory in the regular light water which is able to preserve information of the previous temperature and to adjust speed of heat emission according previous thermodynamic state, i.e. previous state which perfectly matches Mealy automata, i.e. automata with the memory.
         The major question here is whether the DNA is just a buffer between the data stored in the light water of cytoplasm and the organelles and if this is the case then the parts of DNA should contain the variable data, and the chromosome embodied in a hank of DNA is just a buffer between water’s memory and the RNA memory. We must consider reversal transcriptase as viable option to explain such huge absence of data. And recent test of sterile surrogate mother that passes parental DNA test [7] clearly indicates that the womb is somehow able to transfer genetic data to non-kin fetus which is certainly impossible without reversal transcriptase of DNA, indirectly favoring Lamark’s theory. We also know that bacteria are able to non-randomly exchange DNA data via bacterial plasmids also favoring Lamark’s theory. Haldane’s dilemma philosophically disputes Darwin theory in favor of Lamark’s one too.
         The heavy water had been massively used as cytostatic drug during fifties and interesting fact is that many cytostatics dissolved into regular light water causes its ice to fall down right to bottom during process of freezing just as it is the case of heavy one, which might be the essence of the general cytostatics mechanism. The right question here is if there is a way to erase memory of the water by adding an improper isotope, chemical or even by boiling or heating up to the Pasteur temperature, then a pertinent question is whether there is a way to erase water’s memory by electromagnetic irradiation? It is interesting fact that ionizing radiation has the cytostatic’s effect too and actually it is in ordinary usage in cancer cures simultaneously with cytostatics today. Water is also excellent antenna for the certain microwave frequencies, and the effect is utilized in microwave ovens for heating of water by the OH group molecular resonance. The pertinent question here is whether it is possible to program the water with the refined microwave irradiation or to read data stored in water on the similar way!? More pertinent question here is whether the microwave radiation is as noxious as X rays, or at least some types of them?!
        Additional circumstantial proof of water memory concept might be the fact that all attempts to defrost blood for transfusion by microwaves always had fatal epilogue for acceptor. Rapid blood defrosting is especially important on warfare battlefields and an effective method for quick defrost of the frozen blood is yet to be discovered.
        Venerable medieval Dutch’s botanists from 17th century were doing miracles for more than three centuries – they created red watermelons from initially orange ones, yellow carrots from red ones, they increased the amount of sugar in the sugar beat to the contemporary level not changed till the era of modern genetic manipulations, they created winter wheat, they augmented the size of potato and they also produced a lot of flowers in the colors not seen ever before. They even produced goats fainting in contact with wolfs thus becoming easy prey giving chance for bigger and more valuable farm animals to run away and survive. These alterations of animal genomes is especially interesting as allegedly much more complex, which might not be true due to way much higher volume of genetic data in plants than in animals stored in their DNA strands. They were hiding the truth of microscope and microscopic organisms for couple centuries and according available historical data they were using some sort of virus vectors for transfer of biological features from organism to organism or even from species to another species, but also they were exchanging some amount of intracellular plasma between the cells, which according modern science should not cause any useful effect except possible contaminations with bacteria and viruses of host’s cytoplasm. A curious question is whether the Dutch’s botanist were doing genetic manipulations or not according contemporary meaning of this term, and if they really did that then we may ask ourselves how they produced all these plants to be so neat and healthy. Or maybe their work was not so healthy because we have gluten in today’s wheat although it did not exist in wild wheat at all. It is interesting that there were few attempts to create domestic plants from the wild ones and all these attempts failed except the ones done by the Dutch botanists in 16th and 17th centuries, so there is a question whether all the domestic plants and animals were produced on the same way and not by graduate domestication as it is commonly considered today. We must bear in mind that Dutch botanists created two foods that actually shaped the contemporary Europe: wheat able to survive low temperature causing mass production of cereals in northern Europe and big potato also able to survive cold temperature available in northern Europe in those times. Practically, these two plants stopped famine and caused explosion of European population that eventually led to the contemporary technical civilization reaching quality trough quantity.
         We know that Dutch botanists could not do the genetic manipulations in the manner we are doing today simply because of the lack of computer power essential for insertion of data to the proper place in genome by analyzing genetic sequences. So, what could they do really!? Could they somehow utilize some already available inverse transcriptase process we do not know yet? We can make following parallelism with car and flat tire replacement: we can use jack to lift the car and replace the broken tire with the spare one, or in case we are driving a crane we can utilize the crane built-in hydraulic lifter for vehicle’s stabilization during crane operation to lift the crane and replace the flat tire without usage of external jack at all. In this case the modern genetics is like the jack because it seems that there is a built-in mechanism in the cells that can be used for genetics manipulations as Dutch botanists clearly showed that there is such one able to be utilized. Maybe it is possible to program water directly instead to deal with DNA manipulation, and this water programming will cause DNA to change too, just as Gurwitsch [8] stated. More bizarre events that might be horribly real are several well known UFO abductions in which UFO abductees were described they saw horrible mutilation of people still alive inside the saucer ship [6] including strange transplantations of limbs although it is considered that such degree of injures could not sustain the human subject in life at all, but what if there is some simple mechanism that can block the shock caused by injuries and immune rejection of grafts!? It is known that there is a bizarre African tribe able to sustain a cow in life even after they are chopping multiple parts of fresh meat directly from the living cow preserving it in life only by the remedy made from the secret herbal mixture – maybe the aliens just do the same, and maybe the abductees are not insane as much as psychologists currently states. Maybe the multitude of the identical experiences of the abductees is not caused by the identical sub-consciousness hallucinations, but by identical real experiences. And if it so, we should consider the longevity of the pre-flood people in Bible as correct fact and in that case they were achieving their longevity by some pharmaceutical supplement able to elongate telomeres by reversal transcriptase DNA process. Ica stones have some very interesting and intriguing medical procedures depicted on them, like heart transplantation, kidney transplantation, breast cancer surgery, etc., all based on the strange and intriguing way of immunity suppression also fully depicted on those rocks.
         If it so then, as aforesaid, this indisputably means that the entire genetic code is some sort of junction between analog data stored in the intracellular light water and the variable digital one recoded into DNA that is the only form of genetic data suitable for further processing in protein synthesis.
         Let us further analyze the data stored in the human DNA: it is interesting that so called “junk DNA” can be better compressed with software compressors like ZIP, 7Z or RAR than the useful DNA clearly indicating that this genetically useless data do contain some information which is faraway from the random data garbage, but certainly containing no genetic code at all. So, if the non-genetic data content does have some sense then the intriguing question is: if this data is biologically useless for the protein synthesis in the body containing it, then to whom it should be useful for!? Or, the reformulated proper question is: would they be completely equal the DNA samples taken from the different ages of the same biological subject, especially its junk DNA section!? The recent multiple DNA decoding of patients with Down syndrome on novel portable ultra fast DNA sequencers (HiSeq X Ten, MiniON, etc.) showed that only very limited number of a certain regions of DNA are different between repetitive deciphering tasks, but this is attributed to imperfection of current decoding techniques, but is it so!? It is also found that some genetic diseases can be activated in adult age by some so called gene’s activation, actually modification of the DNA that appears in all living cells really questioning the mechanism for sharing of DNA modifications between the cells in a single living creature. What if the particular areas of DNA are purposely made variable to act as aforementioned buffer memory?



         We finally come to place for the question whether the life without DNA is possible at all or not!? And if it is so, then the following question is whether the water (or any other liquid exposing Mpemba effect) is the essential ingredient of the life and not exclusively carbon as it is generally considered today? Why the life could not be based on the silicon in the chlorine atmosphere while the silicon has well-known gaseous chlorine compound SiCl4 which is commonly used in the technology of electronic microchips production?
         This question can be extended and divided into two sub-questions: whether it is possible a life even without the physical body and whether the material life is possible without the DNA retaining all the properties we consider essential for the concept of life including transfer of the parents’ characteristics to the offspring.
         There are several well documented red rains around the world especially in Kerala, India [4], full of cells resembling very much to red-blood ones able to reproduce although completely without DNA – blood red cells of animals do not multiply by themselves excluding them as the cause of this rain. Official science simply ignores this discovery rejecting any idea that the life without DNA could be possible at all; even at least the extraterrestrial one. But, if it is so then it indisputably implies that the water is crucial for life and not DNA or RNA as we have previously considered. This further means that silicon based life in the atmosphere of chlorine might be possible because oxidized silicon has its gaseous form of SiCl4 which matches CO2 in carbonic life in oxygen atmosphere and what it seems is needed here to run the life in chlorine atmosphere is a little amount of a proper liquid with Mpemba effect just to hold the genetic data. There are also prions, the self reproducing particles able to survive up to 650°C still keeping lethal infectiousness. Although the prions are considered as proteins, the indisputable fact is that there is no known protein able to sustain so high temperature and yet to avoid degradation clearly discarding their protein’s essence. So, we have two options here: prions are proteins and prions are not proteins in their essence. If they are anyhow proteins then how they change DNA to make more prions, or clarified question is: As the DNA produces proteins whether it is possible that a protein can modify human DNA to produce more of that protein, the operation that prions allegedly can do. Can they do really, or it is just our figment of imagination!? So, if they are not essentially proteins, then they must be a life in their purest form - life as data in non-material form, somehow embedded into the surface of suitable materials and transferred by the contact with these materials to the water.
         So, we just have arrived to the question of bodiless life:



         We can assume that eventual bodiless life should be electromagnetic one in its nature, but according Pauli Principle of Exclusion whose translation to plain English literally means that two bosons, i.e. photons cannot mutually collide or interact on any way in linear environment which excludes possibility of such life because it cannot be localized in particular area which is necessary for any form of life to exist – to occupy a certain space, to move with finite speed and to be able to interact with other beings and environment. Pauli Principle literally means that mutual interaction is possible only between fermions and fermions, and fermions and bosons, i.e. fermions are able to mutually collide while photons as bosons cannot do that in linear environment. This postulate is used for derivation of Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein distributions proving it correctness. Magic world here is linear which means that in electromagnetically non-linear environment mutual interaction of bosons, i.e. photons is quite possible which literally means that some sort of organism may exist in plasma, or even that plasma might be used as basic computer element because programming of plasma is possible at least theoretically. Recent experiments in USA proved that the plasma is able to support localized electromagnetic wave just as natural ball lighting phenomenon proves the same fact too. Alleged apparitions of electromagnetic orbs as manifestation of ghost are going to be quite plausible according this recent discovery in particle physics. In Bible’s Old Testament the God literally appeared as the ball lightning to Moses and the biblical talking and burning bush is nothing more than a well known plasma speaker. Ball lightning is clear proof that pure electromagnetic radiation can sustain in localized volume able to move on subluminal velocities in plasma space, i.e. like in non-linear ionized air, and if it is so then it means that such structure also can be programmed on the same way as we expect it could be done with quantum computers in the future. So, it means that such structure can hold huge amount of data and perform some logical tasks with incredible speed and we can further speculate that it also can hold the essence of our spiritual concept of the human soul. If it is so, then it means that there is some mechanism in our bodies able to transfer the data from the brain to the cold plasma and the magnetite salts in the nose bones in skull may have primary role to act as antennas instead of supposed role of atrophied compass. We can test and prove this hypothesis by putting a car’s radio-key to the forehead beyond the operational radius of this key and almost miraculously the radio-key will be able to lock or unlock the car far beyond the declared range of operation relying on skull as auxiliary antenna. This indisputably means that the skull is some sort of antenna able to amplify radio signals at least from the car radio-key. This effect was initially discovered in fifties during development of safety driver’s belt when many human skulls were destroyed on pretty bizarre way dropping them to concrete with various speeds. The complete examination of all sorts of mechanical and electromagnetic properties of human skull there were done and among many of them is the examination of the aerial properties of the skull which is especially interesting. They assumed that this side effect is originated in this allegedly atrophied compass. Recent testing with artificial sense like compass [6] showed that this sense is very useful and all test subjects liked it very much so there was no reason for the degeneration of this sense at all. Furthermore, this natural microwave skull antenna seems not to be atrophied at all. There are some esoteric fraternities with high affinity to human skulls which after all might not be so bizarre at all! All these skulls simply amplify the effect of their own skull antennas adding additional antennas in form of additional nearby skulls. Tenerife island was origin of the civilization that did not posses spoken language but did posses letters, music and arts. Spanish invaders taught them verbal language instantly causing them to lose their initial ability of telepathy, that remained only in vague remembrance. We can make parallelism with the birds, wherever they have ability to safely not fly, they lose their ability of flight. But, the right question is: if the telepathy is duly possible and embodied in the some sort of radio communications between skulls’ antennas and allegedly some adequately trained people can achieve that, supposedly even able to read minds of common people, why rest of us mainly Christians cannot do that - what or who blocks us all to achieve the same thing on its natural way!? How many people in ordinary population eventually can do that, and what is eventual advantage they can achieve over us on this way!? It is pertinent place to mention a punishment of aristocrats by nose cutting, allegedly that mutilated aristocrats were losing their advantage over the plebs - is this advantage a telepathy!? Is the genetically predisposition necessary for telepathy, or we are all just born ready for that, but never trained by parents or anybody else to achieve that. It is interesting that some esoteric societies from the USA prefer usage of native Indian skulls in their rituals claiming that these ones offer the best results, and allegedly absolutely the best ones are Aborigine skulls. These skulls inevitably should be checked to the intensive presence of magnetite. It is obvious that Paracelsus made mistake with his claiming that only vertebrates are able to participate in collective unconsciousness and the spine acts as antenna - actually the skull acts as antenna and not the spine! This particular hypothesis is the basic of teaching of one putatively very prominent esoteric fraternity. It is amazing the sixteen century physician could imagine antenna and waves way before Newton and Leibnitz, but as I had chance to see photos of ancient clay tables from Iraq after Allay invasion clearly containing symbols for integration (∫) and differentiation (∂) therefore I am not so exclusive about the possibility that Paracelsus actually had access to some more ancient texts about mathematics and physics. So, if the skull is actually antenna to collective unconsciousness then the major question here is whether this collective unconsciousness is unique for all people on Earth or it depends to the religion of the  subject!? Is there afterlife and whether the dead people are living in unconscious part of minds of alive people of same religion wirelessly connected like in Internet and if this is not case where is going on this afterlife happening - in the plasma in Earth’s atmosphere, in Sun’s corona, or in the rear Moon’s atmosphere!? Or there is some ancient computers that are doing all that!? The Covenant of the Ark as mobile phone to talk to God finally becomes viable concept… At last, somebody involved tremendous effort to create self-reproductive life out of clay and it quite perceivable that this cannot be random process at all and therefore this somebody cannot be already member of material life at all! We cannot estimate current influence of the this somebody usually called either as almighty God or Creator due to our lack of understanding neither the concept of time nor the essence of the random events, but it can be still significant… Therefore changing religion may be very bad idea because by this we might loss the invisible support of departed ancestors and in eventual afterlife there will be no ancestors and dear people at all!!! Also lighting candles in churches for our dead ancestors is going to be plausible as the flames on this candles are plasma in its essence quite supportive for bodiless life localized in our vicinity.
         So, are we walking biological computers wirelessly connected, only partially our owns!? Are the missing DNA data coming wirelessly from the domain of the collective unconsciousness!?
         It is interesting to add Neural Immunology medical hypothesis that connects immunology with the brain activities actually claiming that specific immunity response embodied in antibodies is created with the aid of central neural system. So, neural system analyses antigens and create specific countermeasure specific for this particular intruder simultaneously depriving our consciousness literally stilling brain’s processor power dedicated to consciousness. Could we receive medicament for specific infection wirelessly in the future!? It is pertinent place to be remained on the work of Dr. James McConel [12] from 1953 in which he showed that planarian worms are able to pass maze more successfully after being fed with the remains of successfully trained worms, clearly proving that there is some other depot of information different than the DNA one that has to be reconsidered by the aspect of this obvious absence of the amount of available DNA data in human genome.
         It appears that bodiless life might be possible and if it so, than the Sun might be God, as the primary source of life most probably is going to be star’s plasma. Even more, we might expect that Moon has to have rare atmosphere according the Boltzmann distribution’s equilibrium between Earth’s and Moon’s atmospheres. This Moon’s atmosphere must be highly ionized by Sun’s radiation, therefore even strange believing of certain esoteric groups and some religions that the Earth’s Moon is actually the God whom they secretly call "The ONE that illuminates darkness" might be correct to the certain extent too.
         So, it appears that both DNA-less and bodiless life might be possible.



         We can further speculate with reasonable assumption that reversal inscription is duly possible explaining prompt adaptations of rats to poisons and their abilities to mutually share biochemical method for surpassing the toxicity of the poisons they are exposed as a pack. Introduction of Lamark theory on the level of DNA is probably too much advanced and let us concentrate to the essence of The Theory of Evolution from the standpoint of the cybernetics which deals with organization of all systems including the living ones. We may assume now that the Darwin’s theory tells us that the evolution occurs due to adaptations to external changes of conditions in the habitat. But is it so!? If there is constant rate of mutations in the DNA that affects only a certain part of the data which is also protected with some sort of error correction code then it is reasonable assumption that the evolution occurs as the necessity to adapt to internal changes instead to the external ones and that will going to occur even in the unchangeable habitat too because the occasional mutations will continue to occur with the same rate regardless the environmental changes at all. Therefore The Evolution is rather adaptation to internal changes than to external ones. If it is so then it can boost some racist statements that the races mixing can be wrong because too much diversity will also cause interaction of too many mutations in genotypes for whom they may not be available physiological and biochemical solutions. So, if we are adapted to our own disorders then mixture of too much different people also mix the methods to cope with way too much different genotypes, quite possibly able to produce quite undesirable effects to offspring. This quite incorrect notification might be true because all huge migrations in history caused mass extinction of population rather by catastrophic epidemic events than by civil wars. These prolonged devastating epidemics might be caused by weakened collective immunity of a new nation created by mixing of several quite different genuine ones localized on relatively small area and not by the diseases themselves. So it might be that we are able to cope with our own weaknesses, but not with other ones! The concept can be further evolved to the religion, therefore maybe we do not choose the particular religion, maybe the religion chooses us according our genetically programmed affinity to the particular religion?! Quite plausible assumption that ascent of quite new and different religion on the certain territory requires influence of the new genes compatible with this new religion as it was always case in history! Therefore we might expect huge shift on theological scene in respect to huge migrations of nations currently happening mainly in Europe…
         Is this racial interference a real or just a partial cause of huge increase of autism and similar disorders!?
         Cybernetic description of  the theory of evolution is IF something THEN alive ELSE dead and the main problem with this concept is the vague “something” which is usually described as “best fitting”, but we know today that it is not triggered by fitting request, but by random mutations creating unfitting. According genetic science this elusive “something” is embodied in criterion known as the Genetic Algorithm which is not particularly effective from the standpoint of modern Theory of Algorithms and I know only one computer program that utilizes this particular algorithm for the purpose of optimization of compression of the PNG graphics files – pngwolf.exe. Despite the declared superior characteristics, the program exposes only average improvements in PNG compression which is far away from the more advanced Zopfly algorithm. Advantage of the Genetic algorithm is ability of massive parallelism and very higher speed in respect to the sequential Zopfly one. The genetic algorithm in C++ Galib library matches the decision mechanism available in biological genetics and it is quite interesting method for search and comparison too, the method so unintuitive to common mind, but it seems that it does not reflect the all characteristics of cell genetic apparatus, because in some cases there is statistical mismatching, and unexpectedly this are life threatening situation where appears that some cooperative algorithm replaces the concurrent genetic one.
         The best analogy is with the palm labyrinth toy and the tiny ball: by shaking the labyrinth the ball will eventually find way out simply by random changing of its direction after sufficient amount of time – and the simple experiment does prove that. In this scenario the labyrinth represents the changes in environment itself. This would be a naive explanation of the Darwin Evolution Theory, but in reality this theory belongs to Petitio Principi fallacy because the environment is undetermined in the criteria due to these random mutations whose could be assigned to the environment changes too preventing any evolutional process to be accomplished due to permanent changes of the initial conditions. The problem with this theory essentially is the existence of DNA which is non-evolutionally coded – DNA is coded equally in all terrestrial living creatures without a single exception at all and the code itself is also not evolutional one, clearly showing that the genetic code had to preexist before the beginning of any material life (rules of the game of life were defined before the game started) and this can be proven by Logical Induction.
         Mathematical Gödel theorem excludes random effect as the cause of any logical arrangement, i.e. the abovementioned labyrinth itself could be created only by the nonrandom causes otherwise it will violate appropriate Law of Thermodynamics related to the entropy. The biogenesis law of Louis Pasteur known as “Omne vivum ex vivo” claims the same. So, we have three laws from three different area of science claiming the same, i.e. that there are some initial conditions settled before the life started, i.e. the rules of the game of life were defined before the game had started at all and it appears to be quite true according genetics because genetic code itself does not obey to evolution, and as aforementioned the way of coding is constant in time and identical to all living creatures without known exception, except prions and red rain cells… It appears that Lamark theory could be correct one from the standpoint of the Darwin theory simply because the Lamark evolution must occur at the some point of the initial Darwinian evolutional process bringing huge advantage to organisms able to utilize it. So, according Darwin evolution the Lamark evolution is just matter of time and the Darwin evolution should be just an initial phase of Lamark evolution.
         This comparison of biblical genesis (Creational theory fits to first chapter of Bible), Darwin evolution (evolutional theory fits to 23rd chapter of Cabbala) and the semi scientific Lamark theory clearly unsupported by any religious group has not intention to disprove any religious concept, but rather to inspire simple reexamination of the essence of the genetic transfer that has to obey to basic laws of mathematics and cybernetics to be theoretically self-sustainable, which clearly is not the case with the contemporary genetic theory.
         We can speculate that the DNA or RNA data contains information about body’s biochemistry while the information stored in the water of the intracellular liquid contains information about the spatial construction of the body and therefore it might be that this data could be modified during the life according the experiences and even more that some part of DNA is variable during life reflecting the data content stored in water! If it so, than the DNA is also the medium for the transfer of analog data from water to the digital data in DNA suitable for protein synthesis. So, the main question here is whether DNA is just some sort of AD/DA converter via direct transformation of the analog data of water into the digital data of DNA and vice versa!? In that case the situation is not that simple as we have initially assumed because this implies that genetic information can be transferred even with the EM radiation which is highly speculative and yet only plausible explanation how the rats transfer genetic data to each other to achieve biochemical resistance to the new poison without involvement of Evolution, i.e. of concurrent genetic algorithm. In this process the entire rat population becomes resistive without survival of just favorite ones. This effect was earlier discovered in some bacteria where some of them start to exchange the winning method of resistance to antibiotics via plasmids. Earlier studies showed that according theory of Darwin’s Evolution the resistance to the new antibiotics must occur on the much slower rate than it is the case now. This triggered the speculations that Lamark might be right, but any appropriate theory did not correspond to the variation in the genetic code. There are two options here: the first one is that there is reversal encryption of data back coping to DNA or there is some other still unknown extra depot of the genetic data. The second option is especially intriguing because it suspects existence of a fully analog storage and not the exclusive digital one like the DNA is. In that case the water is much closer to the holographic storage than the digital one existing in the DNA. If it is so then we might be able to transfer new data true appropriately modulated electromagnetic radiation and this speculation rises a prospective for completely new infective diseases’ cures.
         Are there some direct evidences except these circumstantial ones!? Actually there are few ones like ability of human’s body to produce some substances not coded in the human genome: the human body produces fluoride acid whose salt produces tooth enamel; there is boron acid in eye’s tear which makes the tear bactericidal. But there is no essential amino-acid in human genome able to synthesize neither boron-acid nor fluoride-acid because higher molecular voltage is required for such chemical reactions. So, as both acids cannot be easily synthesized by reactions of human’s essential amino-acids reactions and for the case of the fluoride acid it is virtually impossible. Chlorine-hydrogen acid is also quite problematic because in the voltage line of elements there is no a single protein able to rich such potential necessary for the synthesis of the HCl acid and only way of its synthesis is some multiplications of those potentials. Something like battery must exists and an insulator and a conductor must exist too. And only known such structure exists in the form of the neural cell. So, the pertinent question here is whether the electric potential created from the formation of the neural cells in Plexus-Solaris is used for the synthesis of the HCl in the belly and not only for the regulation of the vegetative neural system in thorax as it is commonly considered today!? Are the acupunctural spots objectively detectable by appropriate device actually ends of such electric power lines in the organism used for biochemical synthesis of compounds far beyond the Volta’s series of electrochemical potentials of available proteins. Is the puncturing of those spots with conductive needles actually electrical shortcutting two such lines causing some disturbance in biochemical synthesis that might have some benefit to health, quite questionable although this yet to be discussed from the standpoint of these new facts.
         It is more interesting that almost all human cancer cells contain chitin, the substance that creates insects’ exoskeletons and that also protects fungal parasites from the immune system of host, just like it is the case with the Candida Albicans. There is some obscure explanation how this chitin appears and major one is that this is not actually a real chitin, but chemical tests showed completely opposite story: cancer cells do contain classical chitin almost identical to one existing in fungus and insects seemingly without a known genetic origin. Chitin and myelin are somehow chemically similar so the enzymes for chitin synthesis may affect myelin’s sheath in nerves very much, especially to prematurely induces creation of myelin conduits in infants caused by fungal or parasitic infestation and this might be a cause of some autistic disorders as sort of induced neurologically selective progeria.
         It is pertinent place for further speculation in this direction: we may assume that in the case of human’s replication, the egg cell receives extra genetic data trough microwave radiation projected to the egg cell’s lipid membrane in ovariums. This radiation should transfer quantitative characteristics of the whole future body, i.e. somehow cells lipid membrane receives modulated data of spatial shape of the future living creature, i.e. quantitative description. If it is so, than there is the question whether there is some macroscopic effect relying to this microscopic one? Alexander Gurwitsch [8] was allegedly discovered Morphogenetic field able to successfully transfer characteristic of one living creature to another one, all at the beginning of 20 century by some sort of antennas, and the transfer of the characteristics from the duck to the chicken was especially astonishing. So, did the aforementioned famous Dutch botanists use the same method for their mainly botanic modifications!? Are the genetic manipulations that simple at last!? Is it possible that modification of the water’s memory content reflects in the simultaneous changes of the DNA code too? So, if the microwave radiation can program water and water can program DNA – is that a way how God interferes with us all!? Is the main purpose of the Great Pyramid of Giza to alter genetic code of the being lying in granite sarcophagus in some sort of remedy process?! It is interesting that stones in Great pyramid contain wool just as Reich [10] requested for the concentration of so called Orgone energy!? Although Reich work resembles to gibberish from the standpoint of current science, the existence of Reich-Geiger detector doubts this statements – it appears that some sort of radiation resembling to the Reich mythical Orgone radiation does exist, but it is highly questionable whether the Reich explanation could be correct at any aspect at all. There are so many false physical theories supported by, at a glance, surprising effects and therefore existence of this energy probably does not have anything common to sexual orgasm and even the idea to connect these two phenomena is likely on verge of insanity. Maybe M rays abandoned in late 19th century should be reconsidered and disproving experiments should be rechecked.
         Let us speculate for while that magnetite available in the nose bones is able to act as magnetic compass, but recent studies dismissed that. As aforesaid, only viable explanation for the existence of magnetite in head’s bones is to acts as ferromagnetic microwave antenna, and this antenna is there for some particular reason. The microwave probe is able to detect this radiation which is really astonishing – it seems that there is some sort of radio emission and radio interaction between all of us. If it is so then it means that the cells use radio waves for mutual communications. According some Babylonian legends before deluge the atmospheric pressure was tree times higher than today’s one, the sky was covered with permanent clouds, the plants were able to retain nitrogen directly from air and the human skin was not exposed to the toxic ultraviolet radiation at all. This high pressure enabled existence of huge animals (especially birds) because the blood was able to bring much more oxygen dissolving it directly in the blood’s plasma without necessity for the huge concentration of the hemoglobin. The legend is quite strange because it includes some warfare also described in Hindus mythology and some huge blasts similar to nuclear ones caused chain condensation causing global deluge. At last, the name of Mediterranean Sea literally means Middle Terrain Sea, and there are few movies about Hobbits settling them in this area relatively recently explored. Legends also say that this Middle Land was flooded after the deluge. The deluge itself can be explained by Dzhanibekov Classical mechanic’s effect that swaps the poles. This event must cause the oceanic water to sweep out entire continents creating the coal seats by the segregation forest trunks on the particular places according to the configuration of the relief. Only the deluge is able to explains the existence of the localized coal seats.  After the deluge the human life was greatly reduced due to exposition to Sun’s ultraviolet radiation with the wavelength quite close to one that cells generate internally in their mutual communications triggering massive premature apotheosis of the human cells. There are still some tribes on Amazon that are awake only at night because sunlight causes to them rapid premature aging – quit similar to the progeria disease. In those days after deluge the humankind was doomed only to nocturnal life bringing the Moon special importance which is reflected in the mythology of some ancient secret societies in which Moon is the One that casts light to the darkness. So, Moon was celestial body that casted harmless and precious light to their miserable life. According Darwin’s Evolution theory and ancient scrolls the human body eventually found way to surpass this limitation to the UV radiation to the certain extend by coping to noxious sunlight and then humans started to live diurnal life again. The water is able to directly react with such radiation by absorbing it which is utilized in the microwave ovens. It is interesting that apotheosis of cells are triggered by burst of ultraviolet light emitted by a single cell to surrounding ones, and this radiation is quite similar to the Sun’s one! It is expected that the human lifespan can be significantly prolonged by the substances able to absorb this ultraviolet radiation in tissues, quite similar to ones in fluorescent lamps converting initial UV light into visible one. I have study for a while fakirs’ resistance to injuries and my general conclusion is that they use some very efficient ancient warfare medicaments for burns and stabs, typical combat wounds. There was some vibhuti powder I have chance to personally test on optical and mass spectrometers and while optical spectrometer showed flat line the mass one clearly exposed chemical formula of the powder which was quite similar to ones in fluorescent bulbs. It seems that this powder was used as remedy for after deluge people helping them to cope with Sun’s UV radiation and it seems it is not pretty much healthy for contemporary people, but it does not mean it cannot  be adjusted to be effective to contemporary people too - is this panacea of longevity!?
         Especially interesting speculation is the one related to the ovonic orgone radiation. According Reich[1] work [11], the ether is filled with the mystical orgone particles able to cure and also to affect weather. The whole theory resembles to gibberish of a psychiatrically disordered person till the fact that he actually did create workable Geiger-Reich detector, and at this point it is rather scientifically measurable fact than a pure fiction – this detector actually worked accurately and reliable, i.e. quite well. The aimed beam of alleged Orgone energy was able to make holes in clouds and to provoke precipitations which were proved by numerous spectators in his many public exhibitions. It is interesting to be noticed that the wool was an important ingredient of his amplifier of ovonic radiation and that wool was also found in the stones of the Great Pyramid of Giza rising a question whether these stones are artificial ones made from some sort of concrete. And if this is really so, then there is a question whether the pyramids are some sort of capacitors of orgon energy, maybe infirmaries able to cure many diseases or even to improve human genetics too, or just to fix climate. They were erected with the ultimate precision and the reason for that could not be a death in the tomb, but only a life in state! So, the pyramids are rather built to maintain alive bodies than to non-maintain corps regardless to the extent of religious fundamentalism either by direct healing or by adjust climate to produce more food. There was period during Ancient Roman occupation when the climate was mild with lot of precipitations allegedly artificially maintained by the Roman Rain towers, only seldom mentioned structures remained, usually heavily defended with few garrisons. It is interesting that all this settlements are also used as infirmaries too which might be somehow connected, but not necessarily.
         It is pertinent place to mention that Reich strangely died in the prison just a few days before court’s liberation from the custody. Actually, the existence of this Geiger-Reich detector is the only thing that differentiates Reich theory from the pure fiction otherwise this theory should not worth to be mentioned at all. As aforementioned there is a strange parallelism between Reich bizarre concentrator and the Egyptian pyramids, especially the Great one, because they both contains the same layer of wool, and the wool is somehow incorporated in the stones of external layer of great pyramid including the last granite layer rising the speculation that the stone blocks with their perfect junctions are actually made from some sort of highly advanced concrete. We may further speculate here that the sarcophagus in the great pyramid has the role to additionally concentrate Ovonic energy to the living subject settled inside it or to moderate climate by emitting energy from some probably radioactive source shielded by the granite. Those pyramids certainly are not result of some religious inspiration because there are plenty marks of power tools on them with hieroglyphs printed in granite, proving that someone fully technologically equipped had erected those buildings in the rush by reason of dare necessity probably for the purpose of healing of a particular disease or set of diseases or even for the case of some sort of genetic improvement, or just to make climate mild again!? Simply, the empty sarcophagus inside the focus of the pyramid indicates that it is dedicated to leaving creatures and not to the dead corps… or it is not dedicated to creatures at all, as an obviously exploded pyramid may imply. So, the idea of some sort of medical remedy occurring in the pyramid might be plausible explanation for so huge building made with ultimate perfection. Therefore religious aspects can be excluded or only marginal just like church rooms are in today’s hospitals. If the remedy effect is significant it is all chance that we are able today to make much more smaller devices equally effective.



         There is obvious absence of the vast quantity of the DNA data embodied in the C number paradox, existence of the chitin in the cancer cells, absence of expected genetic diseases in some people with defected genes, transfer of genetic data from the surrogate mother to the fetus, heavy water cytostatic effect, ability of pests to share biochemical methods to cope with the new poisons and these all indisputably imply that our concept of DNA has to be improved and this improvement is going to be achieved in only possible directions: DNA is permanent container with an additional depot or DNA is variable temporary container like a buffer between the some additional depot of the genetic data and the cell factory organelles with only partially permanent content that plays the same role as the BIOS in computers.
         This paper is consisted of the facts and the speculations less or more plausible. The plausible facts are C value paradox and notable insufficiency of genetic data, Mpemba Effect, Prions, Red Rain Cells and Dutch Botanists, while all conclusions made from these facts could be just speculations, but those speculations must be correct to the certain extent because they all are based on analogy with well known systems and theories.
         There are many potential benefits for the humankind from the discovery of an additional genetic data depot. Many inventors were claiming that they had been able to cure various diseases by radio waves, with the protruding Royal Rife who was especially prominent in such cures. The detailed description of his apparatus is given in Popular Mechanics [1], and it was especially intriguing and pretty convincing showing that this did not belong to any sort of trickery. His method was canceled on an obscure way and it eventually faded into the oblivion. Except for the possible explanation of the effectiveness of some homeopathic pesticides (although it might be that homeopathy is based presumably on bacteriophages because the effectiveness is lost after a homeopathic pesticide is boiled or exposed to sunlight rich with UV radiation), this method could be used for the cure of cancer and maybe even for the treatments of some congenital disorders like autism, color-blindness, etc. Maybe even regeneration of entire organs like teeth, kidney, etc. could be triggered with such method and elongation of telomeres too… The truth can revealed by a series of simple and affordable experiments with clear distinction whether the official genetic concept is correct enough or not.


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[1] Wilhelm Reich, 1897-1957



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