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You can donate this website on bank account listed in the box below.

If you are not sure why to give a donation to this website and to become a patron which might be listed permanently on this website according your wish and still hesitate, here are reasons why you should do that, but only the sum that is comfortable to you. This is very important because I cannot refund your donation as it is forbidden by Money Laundry Law. Therefore be modest, donate just within the margin of your own budget with the amount of money still making you feel comfortable and giving you impression that this money of you has been sent to the right address aimed to the right purpose:

  1. If you believe that all the questions may have simple and reasonableexplanation instead of complicate, false and blurry ones!

  2. If you believe that something is wrong with the concept of Climate Global Warming and officially accepted explanation of the free oxygen cycle and that with better understanding of the process we could be able to manage global warming much better, explained on DO THE PLANTS PRODUCE OXIGENE.

  3. If you believe that magnetism must have simple explanation based solely on the charges, as it is duly explained by the Doppler’s effect applied to the Coulomb force, available on ESSENCE OF MAGNETIC FIELD.

  4. If you believe that anti-gravitation is feasible and that our civilization deserves utilization of this basic physical force, at least in the manner described on ESSENCE OF THE MAGNETISM AND GRAVITATION. Curretnly there is no other experimentally proven connection between gravitation and magnetism except the connection described in the mentioned text of mine.

  5. If you believe that Cold Fusion is possible and that a reasonable explanation of the effect is given on CHERENKOV’S PARTICLES AS MAGNETONS AND COLD FUSION. Free Energy or just abundance of cheap energy is ultimate goal of our civilization to achieve next level of life’s quality.

  6. If you believe that we should have much safer fission nuclear reactors as described on DEAD TIME CORRECTION OF NON PARALYZING X RAY DETECTORS and THORIUM DIAMOND FISSION REACTOR than do that. Just a simple improvement of the detector’s section of regulation circuit is able to prevent 80% of major nuclear incidents, including all major catastrophic ones. It is less known that all nuclear detectors show identical value for two levels of radiations confusing circuit of automatic control.

  7. If you believe that computers should finally become much faster and that diamond based semiconductors or superconductors may provide that, just as described on SUPERCONDUCTIVE JFET DEVICE and THORIUM DIAMOND FISSION REACTOR then make a donation.

  8. If you had positive experience with proposed advancement of the chemotherapy by replacement of the H2 receptor blocker medications with Proton-pump inhibitor medications because proton-pump inhibitors also cripple Cori Cycle, the only energetic cycle available to cancer cells simultaneously dimming metabolism of all cancer cells and their acid production. H2 receptor blockers are usually added to chemotherapy in great quantities to prevent stomach acid synthesis, but the proton-pump inhibitors will do the same with two extra advantages like crippling Cori Cycle leaving Krebs Cycle only functional and reduction of acid production of cancer tissue that damages surrounding healthy simultaneously reducing ability of metastasis spreading. PET tomography is entirely based on dysfunctional Krebs cycle in cancer cells proving that this concept is the correct one. Cooked tomato juice and cold squeezed sunflower oil should be also added to the dietary to further improve effects of chemotherapy. The proposed chemotherapy advancement is available on Possible Cancer Cure based on allegedly wrong pharmaceutics.

  9. If you believe that many lives could be saved with better understanding of misbalance between virus replication speeds and speed of antibody’s synthesis and that this balance could be put back on the side of antibody synthesis by administration of chemotherapy, which might be an effective cure for both Rabies and Ebola currently lethal infective diseases, just as proposed on CYTOSTATICS AS A CURE FOR ADVANCED RABIES AND EBOLA INFECTIONS.

  10. If you believe that mathematics should be developed in the direction to be more useful to facilitate creations of holograms, teleports, cancer healing devices that would not damage healthy tissue, excellent sonars, radars, quaternion and that all derivations should be explained step by step instead well known "we have a formula that appeared from thin air, let us proof it is correct". Good example of gradual derivation of factorial function is given on A REPRESENTATION OF FACTORIAL FUNCTION.

  11. If you believe that this website is interesting enough to be supported by your donations just because it provokes official science appointing to its soft spots either these ones with neglected necessity for proper explanations or ones with entirely wrong explanations, just like the fact that any atom is able to emit electromagnetic wavelength 5000 times higher than its own size.


I do believe that with reasonable amount of money the official science could be instigated and provoked enough to commence with the progress - again!

Therefore by making donation you can make an impact to the future content of this website and its influence to the global society and I will help you to shape your idea to the best possible way to make maximal impact to global goodness. It is not matter of politics, it is not matter of economy and money, it is not matter of industry, it is not matter of official science, it is not matter of religion - it is just matter of progress only. Only technical and technological progresses can bring better life to us all.

Generous ideas require money to pass into reality, so make donation and be a patron. Just as aforementioned the donation cannot be refunded because it is prohibit according Money Laundry Prohibition Act and therefore you should make the donation by any amount of money you find suitable well fitting into your budget making you also comfortable after this donation. The donation should be done by following instructions and please do that by clear mind and free will only. This instruction is available in two versions with identical content: retyped one and scanned bitmap as bank's genuine one. Bank's genuine one is available due to the legal reason only.


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 56:  Intermediary:
	ABA routing code: 021000089
	New York,
	NY United States

 57:  Account With Institution:
	Banca Intesa ad Beograd 
	Milentija Popovića 7b, 
	11070 Novi Beograd
	Republic of Serbia

 59:  Beneficiary Customer:
	IBAN: RS35160513020286503792
	Andrija Radovic
	Spasovdanska 13a

 70:  Remittance information (mandatory field)

Banca Intesa ad Beograd Milentija Popovića 7b, 11070 Novi Beograd Call center: +381 (011) 310 88 88 www.bancaintesa.rs Tekući račun: 908-16001-87



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