This is just hypothetical improvement of classical cancer cure and it should not be tried by anyone without consultation with his/her physician and permanent medical supervision and his or her own free will to do that. The medical personal should take all the responsibilities for all consequences and thus I am not responsible either for any damage and health loss caused by this cure or any other incidental or consequential damage occurred by the hypothesis exposed in the text!





This manuscript is going to speculate whether some drugs are able to significantly augment the effect of chemotherapy. The improvement in the current chemotherapy can be achieved on four ways: H+ inhibitors (e.g. esomeprazole, omeprazole, lansoprazole, etc.), chitin inhibitors, adding immune system hormonal boosters like Isoprinosine drug, antifungal drugs, antiviral drugs and some natural substances like tomato juice and cold squeezed sunflower oil, plum kernel, etc.

If we assume that cancer cells have dysfunctional mitochondria and therefore they are unable to consume oxygen through metabolic Krebs cycle and therefore they are able only convert glucoses to lactic acid via metabolic Cori cycle in an anaerobic process then the H+ inhibitors would be able to significantly dim metabolism of mostly cancer cells because those inhibitors almost do not affect Krebs cycle at all but only Cori’s one. The inability of cancer cells to consume oxygen is utilized in PET tomography where the radioactive glucoses is adding to patients’ systems and radioactive glucoses gathering in cancer cells can be spatially imaged because these cells utilize much more glucoses then regular cells (up to 40 times more) because regular cells are able to consume oxygen which release much more energy than fermentation. Thus any suppression of acid synthesis in organism must also suppress the metabolism of cancer cells too because cancer cells produces excess in lactic acid. Proton pump inhibitors or H+ inhibitors must affect the metabolism of mainly cancer cells very much because they do not affect synthesis of pyruvic acid but they disrupt its conversion to the lactic acid which further has to dim the production of the lactic acid significantly and thereby to dim cancer cells’ metabolism too. Huge doses of H+ inhibitors can cause severe eyes infections due to absence of natural antiseptic boron acid in tears and deterioration of teeth due to the absence of the natural fluoric acid.

There is a pertinent question here whether there are existing sugars suitable for mitochondria oxygenation but unsuitable for the Cori cycle fermentation and these sugars do exist, but the problem is the brain itself that requires glucoses allegedly exclusively for its proper functioning due to lipid-soluble barrier with the major role to protect brain itself. This barrier can be temporary shut down with some enzymes, but the question is whether this procedure would cause serious irreversible damage to the patient’s brain or it will be a promising procedure. There is one additional way to affect Cori cycle and this is increase in ketones in blood. Increased level of ketones inhibits phosphofructokinase enzyme that play major role in Cori cycle’s dynamics and the best way to increase the ketones in blood is a ketonic diet. This ketonic diet is very beneficial in the Epilepsy and Autism too; furthermore even in the Holy Bible this particular diet is mentioned as the cure for the epilepsy and we may expect that it would be beneficial in the cancer cure too.

By thinning of the chitin’s wrapper of cancer cells they become more exposed and vulnerable to activity of the immune system in any way. There are several very promising veterinary drugs for ticks and parasites that might be expected to be able to ruin chitin synthesis of cancer cells too and the brave researches may try to administer these animal drugs to patient to see whether they can bring some additional benefit in the chemotherapy cure. In the absence of such drugs dedicated for human consumption even some clinical antifungal drugs can be administered like Diflukan (generic Fluconazole), just because it may be expected that it is able to significantly dim chitin synthesis in cancer cells too highly increasing the benefits of the chemotherapy.

The firs group of these veterinary drugs is the one dedicated to tick cure based on the chitin synthesis inhibition (like Lufenuron, but beware of Milbemycin Oxime) and the second one are the parasites busters based on some magnesium compounds. As aforesaid, without the chitin in the membrane the cancer cells they are widely exposed and vulnerable to the influence of the human immune system. Most of the human antifungal drugs also inhibit the chitin synthesis to the some extend therefore their side effect must be significant improvement of total effect of the chemotherapy cure. We can also wonder here why there is no such abundance of the parasitic drugs for humans as they are existing for domestic animals cures and whether humans do not have parasites or some of them should be deliberately nourished in the human body just like it is speculated in the Star Gate movie…

The effect of the cimethidine and digitalis to cancer cells can be explained on this way: the digitalis was going to be hurt drug for decades and cimethidine was the retired inhibitor of the synthesis of stomach chlorine acid extracted from the cinnamon.

The strange fact related to the cancer cells is their ability to synthesize chitin, the substance that allegedly cannot be created in regular human cells due to lack of any genetic code dedicated to its synthesis. The chitin is a part of exoskeleton of most insects and fungi, and the inhibitors of chitin synthesis are widely used in herbicides because these inhibitors effectively prevent growth of most insect and fungal pests. The chitin inhibitors are also used in veterinary medicine as drug against ticks and other parasites because these inhibitors are not toxic for dogs (too much) but they successfully prevent growth of parasites. The cancer cells use chitin to defend themselves from the attacks of the human immune system. It might be origin of allegedly strong anticancer effect of apricot and plum kernels, and digitalis as they are natural herbal antifungal substances protecting seeds. They had been used in traditional medicine against fungal diseases for centuries. So, is the bitter cucumber reach with the anticancer effects too!? Plum kernels are much better than the apricot ones because they are far less toxic and they do not decrease amount of iron in the hemoglobin as severely as the apricot kernels do. The digitalis can be replaced with far less toxic hawthorn.

The second line of cancer cure improvement is involvement of the chitin inhibitors in therapy. This is the pertinent place to speculate whether the cancer is actually the fungal disease just like Candida Albicans because the Cancer cells are somehow able to synthesize chitin regardless the lack of the corresponding code in human genome. There are reports that antifungal drugs are able to significantly augment the effect of the chemotherapy even in small quantities, just like some antiviral drugs can especially like acyclovir boosting the effects of chemotherapy although it is not quite clear why and the possible mechanism is the content of some specific metals in the antiviral drugs that may affect dynamics of Cori cycle. So, the good question here is whether dogs’ drug tablets against ticks can significantly improve the effect of chemotherapy or not!? In the lack of the courage to apply veterinary drugs to humans, the ordinary clinical antifungal drugs like Diflukan can be added to the therapy. There are significant chemical similarities between chitin and myelin and therefore MS might be caused by immune reaction to chitin in some types of slow growing cancers or even to the arterial plaque as several Italian surgeons implicates with their pretty successful surgical procedures for MS cure mainly based on neck artery plaque removal.

The third line of improvement is administering of the Isoprinosine drug which is retired from the ordinary medical praxis because it is known to cause the auto immune diseases, mainly notorious MS and if we consider that chitin is chemically very similar to the axon wrapper myelin then the Isoprinosine must be administering very carefully. The basic idea is administering the Isoprinosine until the fever and increase of body temperature and then promptly the chemotherapy drugs should be added which also instantly suppress the function of immune system but already created antibodies are able to fight knocked cancer cells while the chemotherapy itself prevents appearance of MS. Filgrastine (Neupogen) and Perfilgrastine should be administered in a shorter period than the period considered adequate today.

The fourth line of chemotherapy is decrease of the amount of the cytostatics. During 1970’s in Africa was noticed that smaller doses of cytostatics have better effects and this was explained as giving more space for the human immune system to fight against cancer cells. The cytostatics are drugs especially designed to prevent multiplication of any body cells including the cancer ones, also including the white blood cells too. So, the idea is to cancel multiplication of all cells including cancer ones, but later to activate multiplication of immune cells by adequate drugs just like filgrastine. With the today statistical techniques we should be able to determine the most efficient doses of cytostatics in chemotherapy.

The fifth line of improvement is administering of a daily spoon of cold squeezed sunflower oil to the patients because the oil is rich with organic E vitamin and it also protects digestive organs from the erosion during chemotherapy just like Gelclair drug does. Somehow the sunflower oil is capable to amplify positive chemotherapy effects probably because this oil is able to bound cytostatics and thus prolonging the effect of chemotherapy.

The cooked tomato juice has strong anticancer effect to some cancers and we may assume that actually it affects all sorts of cancers but not to all ones equally. I found that there are no more commonly available victuals with strong anticancer effect except mango fruit. The cooked tomato juice, sunflower oil and plum kernel are quite obviously effective supplements in cancer cure, tomato juice and sunflower oil are not toxic at all. Mango has huge anticancer potential as it was proven on rats, but the quantity of the active substance is too low. Drayed mango is much more promising food supplement.





Amazon indigenes noticed that the snake victim can easily survive the byte of the poison snake if the byte area is exposed to the high voltage from the combustion engine igniter - spark plug. There are many speculations how this is possible although obviously it is quite possible and I guess that the local stress shrinks the capillary vessels giving more time to the immune system to create natural antitoxin. It is also possible that zinc atoms are detached from the toxin molecules whose remain nontoxic after the procedure. We can assume that the exposing the tumors to small DC currents during chemotherapy may improve the effect of chemotherapy itself provoking aggregation of cytostatics in the tumors’ cells by increasing the throughout of the cell membranes. So, medicinal electrophoresis might beneficial too.

The most astonishing fact about tumors is their ability to create chitin which is not regular part of human body. There are also some substances that are not originated in human genome, like chlorine acid in stomach because its synthesis requires much higher voltage than the one able to be yield from any protein reaction and we know that DNA is exclusively limited to the proteins’ reactions, excluding the boron acid in tears and fluoride salt in teeth. Only viable explanation is that Plexus Solaris is actually an electric source giving the voltage necessary for synthesis of these substances. The single neuron is not able to yield enough voltage, but several neurons connected in series are able to create enough voltage and they have all the elements of the electric battery - myelin as insulator and electrolyte as the voltage source. And if it is so, then we should ask whether there are channels to distribute this voltage all over the bodies for required biochemical reactions, and this may be the explanation of the energy corridors and the acupunctural points detectable by the adequate detectors. The common explanation is that these points are nociceptors with reduced electric resistance but it is more likely that the resistance is reduced to conduct the voltage to the proper places around the body. If it is so, and we know that somehow chlorine acid appears in the body, we can further speculate that managing of these natural electric currents we may affect immune respond to the tumors too. If it is so, we may further speculate that cancer patients have increased electric potential of some acupuncture points due to the daisies and if we boost this voltage externally we may expect that the immune response will be stronger. We can also expect that affecting electric potential of the acupunctural points and needles might be much more beneficial than their simple punctures because this is affection of their natural purpose – the distribution of the voltage around the body for usage in various electrochemical processes that cannot be utilized by ordinary biochemical reactions.





It is interesting that series of clinical examinations done by South African Institute for Cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa, in late sixties of 20th century, showed that there is a type of cancer attacking mainly infants, called Safari Tumor. After it was noticed that this type tumor does not occur above 1000m altitude its occurrence was attributed to a certain sort of mosquitoes known as Aedes Oegypti and the cause of this particular tumor is going to be Amaril virus. This particular medical study is especially interesting because it clearly showed direct connections between cancer and viruses, and possible non trans-human infection. But, more important notification of this trial was that the citostatic cure was much more successful in cases when there was shortage of citostatic and the patients received smaller doze than recommended had much better prognosis and shorter period of healing. It is interesting that any paper about Amaril virus is virtually inaccessible on Internet today, although the massive trials were done in Middlesex clinic in London, Memorial Hospital in New York, Mulago Hospital in Kampala and in South African Cancer Institute from 1957 to 1964. And then everything seems to be stopped and this matched improvement in medical instrumentation that involved indirect viruses detection instead of direct ones by centrifuges… Simply, Amaril virus seems to be undetectable by any indirect method except the PCR one. The instrumentation for direct extraction of viruses is decommissioned and the appropriate labor skill of technicians was lost – it seems we cannot perform any direct viruses extraction and purification any more due to lack of both instrumentation and the labor skill. It is pretty scary situation to me, but it is just my humble personal attitude.

Direct connection between Selenium deficit and cancer occurrence was firmly proven by veterinary doctor Shamberager in 1983 by animal trial, although there were some statistical indications noticed by Frost in 1969 who showed cancer occurrence and level of selenium in food in rural USA population. Then Schrauzer showed that there is direct connection between breast cancers incidence rate and selenium insufficiency. Just to stress that selenium might be considered just as the medicament that might be successful in prevention, but it is not a cure by any meaning at all! It is intriguing to be noticed that selenium is able rather to boost immunity against bacteria and fungi than against the viruses, and the Amaril is virus altogether with RNA, certainly proving that it is all virus. There are really plenty of very promising studies that were performing until late nineties of 20th century and then – all stopped. It seems that Political and scientific correctness finally seized minds of researchers at large, or more probably the complete minds of their financiers. Therefore we do not know today whether all these studies were really very promising and effective ones or this was a massive academic fakery perpetuated just to attract investors, so common to late 19th and entire 20th centuries or these were real studies. My humble conclusion is that notifications of these studies are much more important than their conclusions because all these conclusions are mainly based on their scientific blunders, their education and indirectly their own beliefs.





As we still do not know the true nature and the origin of cancer, we can only improve the current cancer therapies. There are many drugs with side effects in oncology and these ones should be used as adjuncts in current cancer therapies.

The appearance of chitin in cancer cells strongly betoken that transformation of normal human cells into the cancer one can be caused by some intracellular fungi although alien DNA is not (yet) discovered in cancer cells, but the fact that there is not a single piece of code in DNA dedicated to the chitin synthesis strongly indicates the necessity of the presence of some alien DNA in the form of either fungi, bacteria or virus – but we do not know particularly which one is on stage. The bad aspect of this hypothesis is that antifungal and antiviral drugs can damage the liver, but the good aspect is that even in small quantities they can significantly improve the effects of chemotherapy. The bad thing is that most of these drugs are retired from ordinary usage in clinical praxis today, but some of them still can be supplied from the underdeveloped countries, just like cimethidine or digitalis.

So, the basic idea is to prepare patient for the chemotherapy that should be administered at proper moment: patient shell receive the Isoprinosine firstly till they receives fever and then chemotherapy should be administered with the filgrastim or pegfilgrastim few days later and Smartphone program should be used to determine proper dose and proper moment for the chemotherapy cure. The effect of chemotherapy itself prevents occurrence of MS despite Isorpinosine immunity boost. Some additional substances are proved to be helpful in the cancer cure like cooked tomato juice and cold squished sunflower oil whose should be simultaneously given to the patients too. The kernel of the plum seeds should be administered carefully with constant monitoring of the iron in the blood because cyanide compounds prevent bounding of iron atoms to the hemoglobin – huge hemoglobin molecule possesses only four iron atoms so plum seeds (vitamin B17) should be carefully maintained together with iron supplements. Any insufficiency of the iron causes drop of oxygen level in blood which further incites cancer to thrive.





1.      Harper HA, Rodwell VW, Mayes PA. Metabolism of carbohydrates and lipid metabolism. In: Review of Practical Physiological Chemistry. Los Altos, California: Lange Medical Publications, l979:370.


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