S protein of Covid-19 virus SARS-COV-2 is positioned too close to a black spot of immune system where IgM antibodies live longer than IgG ones giving no heard immunity to the population, thereby genuine S protein is not potent enough to provoke creation of effective and durable antibodies.

This is pretty similar to the smallpox situation resolved by Edward Jenner vaccine. Genuine S protein cannot provide effective long term immunisation. It is really difficult for natural virus to be positioned too close to the black spot, simply because Genetic Algorithm (GA) common to all living creatures cannot converge trough areas of black spots. GA is heuristic algorithm primarily used in optimisation of compression of computer images today, it has its limitations but nature favoured it over all other ones and practically it is the only one driving both evolution and immune system.

Therefore the immunisation must be obtained either by similar S protein offering much better immune response or by genetically modified virus related to SARS-COV-2 on the same way as cowpox to smallpox in Edward Jenner vaccine.

There are three novelties based on quantum olfactory theory I proposed in the text below:

  1. Quantum Mirror theorem claiming that there is certain region of IR spectrum in which this spectrum of antibodies complementary matches the spectrum of antigens similar as positive and negative black & white images. This is very important for quickly detection whether antibody matches antigen. For this test it is necessary possession of both antigen and antibody in substantial quantities.

  2. Quantum reciprocal theorem obtained by application of quantum Bloch theorem to the Van Der Vaals bounds in proteins: if the antibody A against antigen A affects antigen B then antibody B against antigen B will also affect antigen A. This test is very important for quick determination whether there is trans immunity between two antigens as this is the case with smallpox and cowpox viruses. For this test is necessary possession of both antibodies against initial antigen and test antigens in substantial quantities.

  3. Mild denaturation of the genuine S protein may provoke creation of the antibodies with much wider spectrum and much more durable. The method for reversal denaturation once awarded with Iv Nobel prize can be very beneficial for accurate level of denaturation of be maximised both durability with wideness of the affectivity of genuine antibodies alteration, but two my methods of denaturation might be very useful in this particular case.

By these three advances it might be possible to create effective long term vaccine against basic Covid-19 and incoming strands too.





This concept of mine is simple, cheap and ready for mass production. This is excellent first step in the suppression of this global contagion. And what is the most important is that this is achievable in very short time, quit quickly, almost instantly. I know that there are synthetic vaccines theoretically much better than mine one, but there are several insurmountable advantages of my concept:

  1. It offers long term immunity because it does not try to mimic genuine Covid-19 virus on any way, but instead of that it tries to make immunization by viruses offering much more durably and better immunization that also offer immunization to Covid-19 too, resembling to the situation with cowpox vaccination against smallpox that offers much longer and efficient immunization than by genuine smallpox virus.

  2. It offers quick rapid creation based on existing flu vaccines that had already successfully passed all clinical trials as major components of this vaccine of mine.

  3. If offers well evolved methods for its production based on chicken eggs on the same way as ordinary annual flu vaccines in immense quantities and tremendously small price with maintained constant quality regardless quantity and these all are achievable in very short time.

  4. This contagion will not stop by itself, i.e. spontaneously due to limited period of immunization of population statistically and epidemiologically matching the situation with Tuberculosis, Leprosies and Plague, but this infection has one major advantage over rest ones - it offers recovery with optional reinfection which is quantum leap in germs' evolution. Therefore this infection can last forever if we do not provide continuous immunization of population via permanent vaccination in significant period of time, and this is useful only if there is no some clandestine natural or malicious reservoir of this virus, otherwise immunization must continue forever or for very long time with expectation that immunization will be possible with a single shot and this concept of mine offers just that.

I do not claim that my concept of vaccine is better of the duly synthetic one which seems to be better, but we should pay attention that production of completely synthetic vaccine on grand scale was unsuccessful till now. The quality of such vaccine mainly depends on the degree of purification. The quality of purification greatly depends on the production time, clearly making sharp distinction between quality and quantity while quality of my vaccine is steady regardless the quantity possibly offering much longer immunization with potentially more unwilling effect, practically in the margin of ordinary annual flu vaccines.

Pleas bear in mind that Scientific progress is consisted of several steps: absolutely first step is to ask right questions and then to find true answers on those questions, as many as possible. After that, it should be proceeded with finding the solution to the ongoing problem. And there are following question that demand answers:


  1. Is the Covid-19 virus the only culprit for the infection? If so then what is causing lung tissue damage clearly detectable by biopsies, bronchoscopes and Rontgen imaging in state of leucopenia? How the cytokines storm can occur in the absence of leucocytes as main source of those cytokines?

  2. What causes chemolysis as main source of rapid deterioration of erythrocytes similar to one in Malaria patients and microwave poisoning? As the erythrocytes posses neither DNA or RNA they are not susceptible to viral infection of any kind and there is very small chance that the virus itself is the cause of this rapid erythrocytes deterioration. As we may exclude microwave radiation as the cause then this implies that whole set of symptoms are produced by multitude causes combined and all yet to be discovered.

  3. Why are there two period of incubation, the short one and long one for the same virus? Are there actually two types of infection: directly from human to human with long incubation and from vector to human with short incubation. Are the mosquitoes actual virus vectors!? Can it be spread via meat or potable water!? There is clear connection that in undeveloped areas without waterworks grids the number of infected is almost negligible...

  4. Does pets and farm animals spread the infection, especially cows, pigs and chickens!?

  5. Is this actually a binary disease with a virus that only instigates creation of droplets thus facilitating spreading of main germ. Why the clinical image of smokers are milder one and is this somehow connected with the fact that tobacco is strongest natural antimycotic?


    If this is really just one very strange virus able to cause all these symptoms combined then this simple and effective vaccine of mine will solve whole this situation otherwise it will show that there is an extra culprit that should be treated differently and I have no doubt that this part is much easier task than this first one. We simply do not have time for further debilitation of world's nations by some minor technicalities and envies and therefore this is right time to start with mass production of an quite efficient vaccine.

    To stress again: this paper of mine offers generalized method for vaccines creation on fast, cheap and pretty reliable way ready for mass production on grand scale and that this vaccine's concept can be used for cure too and not only for protection. And there is a good chance that even the vaccine for AIDS can be created by this concept of mine.





    The text below contains three major advantages in understanding of immunity system operation:

    The first advantage is Immunity Reciprocal Theorem standing that if the antibodies against virus A affects virus B than the antibodies against virus B will also affect virus A – and this is Reciprocal Quantum Effect – that simple. This is going to be significant help in creation of vaccines because extracted antibodies against e.g. Covid-19 might be used to test its action against viruses covered with existing vaccines and if there is a suppressive effect then those vaccines will also be affective against Covid-19 virus. This Reciprocal Effect is well known in polychrome excitations of optical receptors in eye. Immunological Quantum Effect is identified some 15 years ago as main culprit for falsely positive serological tests where several different antibodies combined act identically to a non-presented antigen which then trigger falsely positive identification of serological tests.

    The second advantage is explanation of alleged healing of infection putatively without creation of antibodies – simply those patients create some other sort of antibodies also able to suppress the infection which is determined by the memories of their immune systems. Therefore absence of anticipated antibodies does not imply missing of effective antibodies at all.

    The third advantage is a mechanism of excitation to create desired antibodies by the proteins from the area of complementary sideband. This is very important because there are animals able to produce much better antibodies against certain infection than humans, but with such excitation we can enforce human immune system to create same sort of antibodies which is initially impossible by exposure of humans by the particular germ. It appears that the first vaccine ever created against Smallpox by vaccination against Cowpox is based on this Reciprocal Quantum Theorem of mine and that it is also much more durable than immunity achieved directly by Smallpox infection with the simple explanation – immune system much better handle Cowpox infection than Smallpox one providing much longer immunization against Cowpox than Smallpox infection with useful side effect that this Cowpox immunization is effective against dreadful Smallpox disease too.

    Full Formal Derivation of Quantum Reciprocal Theorem of Immunity is too much complicate for this paper, but identical reciprocity does exist in the eyesight physiology of color vision embodied in the Theorem of Colors Similarities giving additional validity proof of Immunity Reciprocal Theorem.



    Press the following button to download this article in the PDF format:







    Concept of Quantum Vaccine is fairly simple and it is based on the premise that all biological processes are ruled by the quantum interactions and not as it is previously assumed on the genetic shaping. This concept is instigated by C number paradox which claims that more genome data does not create more complex creature, but only creature with better digestion. There is also a fact that our smell sense can process smell data within milliseconds instead of hours firmly implying that smell sense utilizes some shortcut instead of thorough chemical analysis. This absent of vast amount of genetic data according our expectations may have only two explanations: DNA and RNA are not only containers of genetic data or they are just trimming some quantum parameters that lead to shaping of our bodies, something like functional fractal compression. If the second option is correct one then this implies that all over the universe eventual creatures should be mutually similar ones, but by far more important is that basic system is driven by quantum properties, including physical senses and immune system - and probably consciousness too. Later, about 2010, it was proven that smell sense is based on the quantum affinity function and I assumed that my theory of quantum operation of antibodies is more plausible that I had initially expected. What we need right now is an established functional formalism of immunology which is not in existence yet. Absence of this functional formalism of immunity prevents us to have generalized method for creation of vaccines and medicaments of every new contagion with few rare exceptions I.e. we do not have analogy of Newtonian formalism in Classical Mechanics in immunology despite centuries of accumulated medical knowledge.

    This concept of mine simply offers a formalized methodology to classify immune components and immune response, to sort antibodies and antigens, to detect similarities and to rank them according likenesses in GAM space. Now we have criterion how to classify and sort them all, which potentially is a strong tool for vaccine creation.

    The problem with generalized immune space is that it is pervaded with blind spots and blind areas where immune system does not respond to any antibody located in those islands of non activities and the good reason for existence of these blind spots is that there is no expectation that a natural germ could occur in those areas, most like those blind areas are connected to some characteristic of aforementioned quantum compression. Therefore it is very rare case that antigen is settled in the blind area because it is driven by same quantum functions as ones of immune system of the host, but occasionally these exceptions are going to happen, just like smallpox in South America's indigene population, AIDS, etc. If the immune system is really driven by the quantum wave function as all evidences are sustaining this hypothesis, we may expect that every antibody has radius of efficiency and that there are two sidebands for each antibody. But, the most important aftermath of quantum immune reaction is that several antibodies combined my act as a single resulting antibody. This implies too that immune system has some sort of quantum memory which is going to be true and that this memory is not only embodied in the variety of IgG antibodies, but also in memorized experience. It seems that neural system also utilizes in the process of antibody creation trough neural-immunology process utilizing brain power, which might be the mechanism that triggers autism: brain concludes that is way much more important do deal with immunity than to arrange environmental interaction probably by some early multi germs infection.

    This problem occurs with experimental cultivated and humanized viruses. Whenever there is an expectation that some virus is going to traverse from an animal to humans scientists are trying to create virus useful for vaccine creation. Such natural virus usually is not yet fully capable to infect people and therefore this process must be accomplished artificially. This is standard procedure developed for seasonal flu vaccine production. Those altered viruses may infect several species, always humans and standard laboratory animals, usually these are always capuchin monkeys. By cultivation the virus is debilitated and enervated and its RNA strand is shortened by CRISPR procedure. This is done to facilitate interspecies infection and to prevent instant extermination by the host's immune system. Those viruses instigate host's immune system to produce effective antibodies against initial virus, but not much effective against this modified one and cause of this absurdity is located in theory of Quantum Resemblance. This theory also offers a solution how to instigate creation of antibody against this altered virus.





    Immune system creates two major types of antibodies IgG and IgM: IgM is antibody against germs of ongoing infection while IgG is protective one. Immune system also may utilize interferon against viruses. Every virus resembles to USB memory stick and it inserts its genetic data trough cell's receptors. Fully developed theory of such receptors exists only for bacteria where they are using some chunks of genetic data for exchanging receipts how to cope with natural and artificial antibiotics - those chunks are known as bacterial plasmids. It is interesting that a bacterium can change its own genome in accordance with plasmid's information - quite contrary to Darwin theory, duly favoring Lamarck's one. We have one strange phenomenon observed in the children with disabilities: their parents started to make multiple full genetic decoding of their children due to sudden availability and affordability of the process and they soon realized that genome is changing with aging which was initially explained as imperfection of decoding process. But with advancement of this process it has appeared that those alterations are genuine ones whose are explained by euphemism of "genes activations" - which is actually a term explains nothing, but sounds bombastic. We may expect that those genes activations are initiated by some sort of human plasmids as they are receptors on human cells membrane usually assumed as atavisms and evolutional relicts. Every single virus has several lipid layers and those lipids fit into these sockets giving it ability to abuse several cell receptors at once.

    Interferon clogs and temporary deactivate those receptors and usual side effect is that the cells stop their multiplications in presence of interferon just like in case of citostatics. Therefore all viruses are abusing already existing cell ports only, i.e. existing cell receptors. Antiviral medicaments target either viruses themselves or appropriate receptors on human cells. The good and also not so good fact is that human cells have finite number of receptors which implies that there should be finite number of antiviral medicaments for the first line of defense against all possible viruses, ones similar to Interferons.





    The simplest and most truthful description of that the crux of the problem is aforementioned lack of the formalized functional theory of immune system able to provide method of virus sorting according their mutual resemblance. The solution is very simple and it should come from creation of similar formalized theory of sight as we may expect that all human senses are driven by same quantum property, like smell, sight, hearing, etc. We also know that neural system plays great role in creation of antibodies by the process known as neuro-immunology. We all know that in early stage of flue we all have reduced mental capacity and probably this is caused by utilization of the part of our brain processing power for creation of the antibody. This implies that brain can help and that this help is computational. If it is so then it implies that some sort of mathematical analysis is applied to some sort of heuristic properties of an antigen. It means that our immune system and our brain deal with some generalized image of the antigen trying to find best matching complementary image of antibody and seems that whole process resembles to obtaining of complementary image in some generalized space of immunity. The problem obviously occurs in situation when such complementary image either does not exist at all or immune system cannot find it. Conveniently, most of the germs are subjected to their immune complementary images because they are shaped by the same quantum biological processes that shaped our immune system. This implies that the problem causes the germs created unnaturally or unfamiliarly because their complementary image does not match them from standpoint of host's immune system. But, the pertinent question here is whether some animal can offer more effective antibody than human’s one and then whether we can humanize this animal antibody by adjusting its ends of Y globulin.





    As aforementioned, we expect that eyesight is driven by the same quantum function as immunity altogether with other senses too.

    My initial hypothesis was that there is connection to the psychoacoustic model of our hearing sense, but I believe now that psychoacoustic model rather is originated in Quantum Mechanics then in the evolution itself. There is one strange property of the light in which blue light passed through yellowish filter becomes white light consisted of full spectrum colors. There is no harmonics mathematics able to handle this effect properly, only Quantum Mechanics is duly capable to viably explain this phenomenon.

    The sight is based on recognition of three primary reflective colors Cyan, Magenta and Yellow or three primary glowing colors Red, Green and Blue. This ability to create every single color as mixture of primary ones is generally assumed to be simplification done evolution, but it appears quite recently that every single color can be effectively created by the sum of these three primary colors and that it is possible due to quantum property of the both solid state emitter and solid state absorber. The diagram of absorptive CMYK and luminescent RGB colors:


    Fig. 1


    Color space is usually described by three integer values from 0 to 255 or by three real values between 0 and 1 and those three coordinates defines any color in 3D RGB space.

    Primary luminescent colors are red, green and blue and those colors are shining colors, i.e. colors of light sources. The primary object’s colors are absorptive ones; they are cyan, magenta and yellow, sometimes with added black k color. Those three essential colors (with added nonessential k one) simply absorb parts of spectrum reflecting only certain light frequencies of preferred color.

    What is interesting in this concord of colors is that blue color passed through yellowish filter yields white color with full spectrum although the expectation is that no fraction of blue light will pass through yellowish filter simply because yellowish filter is designed only to absorb blue light from white one. And this will work even if we use blue laser LE diode containing only one frequency of blue spectrum - the outcome will be white color too. And this is modus operandi of white LE diode - the blue one is shielded with yellowish filter giving us white light. Explanation of operation of this conversion of monochromatic blue light into polychromatic white one is not explainable by Fourier mathematics simply because we are mesmerized with the L2 approximations like Least Quadrates, Fourier expansions, most likelihood, etc., neglecting whole class of functions and expansions that are not equidistant and not of LP norm with P equal to 2. Thereby we came into the land of Quantum Mechanics. Directly from Quantum Mechanics theory was derived mathematical theory of Wavelet approximations which is pretty close to something we are trying to handle here. You can assure yourself into abovementioned text with the one CD or DVD acting as diffraction lattice able to decompose light to basic colors by reflection them from a smart phone with OLED display. OLED display is actually consisted of many tiny lasers and this can be verified with polarized sunglasses: it is obvious that the light from OLED display is polarized indeed and there is no reason to be polarized except it is originated in a millions of tinny lasers. Final proof is by reflection from CD or DVD was single light strips become clearly visible.  So, you can use either a blue light diode or simply an OLED smart phone with blue screen and by looking through yellow glasses it will show you bright white light - again reflected from CD or DVD will expose its full continuous spectrum. This simply implies that existence of three type of receptors in our eyes are not some sort of simplifications done by evolution to facilitate vision processing to the brain, but actually it is based on the quantum property of both solid state emitter and solid state absorber. It seems that we actually can reconstruct full spectrum from these three color coordinates only, i.e. by their intensity arranged in RGB vector coordinate in RGB space. Just to portrait how much Quantum Physics is ruling our world let us peek to Newtonian cradle:


    Fig. 2


    Newtonian cradle is consisted of several rigid balls that demonstrate transfer of impulse trough them. If one side ball (blue one) is pulled and released then the last one (green one) will jump out. Naive analysis via Classical Mechanical laws of energy and momentum conservations yields that last ball has to jump out and recoil of penultimate one. The problem is that these middle balls (orange ones) are not moving at all according these two conservation laws and yet last one is able to recoil from penultimate one duly at rest. This is pertinent place for the vivid question - what passed through middle balls that is able to carry both linear momentum (i.e. impulse) and energy causing last one to jump out. Only application of quantum Kronig-Penney phonons flux to this pendulum is able to give profound explanation of the conundrum embodied in this pendulum. This also could be the explanation of sonic levitation too. This is pretty compelling evidence of Quantum Mechanics validity, and we will use it in an attempt to classify and sort antigens.

    The existence of such color space gives us ability to establish criterion of similarity between two colors. The basic criterion of color similarities should be angle θ. Therefore we may consider two colors similar regardless their mutual intensities if the angle between their vectors in RGB space is small enough. Angle θ between two color vectors in RGB space is:




    If angle θ is smaller than some predefined criterion then two colors are similar. This is very important conclusion about similarities between vectors, in this case these are vectors of two colors in RGB space, but if we may compare two or more colors by the criterion established with above equation then we should be able to compare antigens and antibodies on the same way too, on properly established coordinate system of immunity space.

    The only theory able to provide any solid explanation of immune system operation is Quantum Mechanics, just because it offers a criterion of quantum resemblance which can be utilized in classification and sorting of germs from the standpoint of immune system's resemblance.

    There is one tantalizing hypothesis of mine developed during 2007 based on the hypothesis that immune system operates on the same way as smell sense and we may assume that eyesight also operates in color recognition on the same way as smell sense. This hypothesis tells us two things: those energy levels are basis of similarity criterion and that selectivity of antibodies are not perfect implying that there is a perimeter of their effectiveness. According theory of Quantum Supper Lattice it is possible to moderate effective properties of a material simply by supper lattice compound of two distinctive materials layers creating preferred quantum response, just as there is a new resulting homogenous material interacting with electromagnetic radiation on the same way as supper-lattice. According analogy this means that properly chosen several antibodies will yield combined response as there is a single antibody. There are two options to treat this situation with Quantum Mechanics. One is approximation by the series of WBK approximations, and WBK approximation is actually probability of the particle to tunnel potential barrier:





    Abovementioned method yields very good quantitative explanation of the white light from blue source and yellowish filter.

    For several barriers the convergent chain of probabilities can be established. But, we can rely on Supper Lattice and Block Quantum Theorem too for dz2<<θ:




    According analogy with the eyesight and similarities with the colors we know that two colors in RGB space are similar regardless their intensity if the angle between RGB vectors are small enough within preset criterion of similarity as it is explained in above text.

    This practically means that we may establish infra red set of colors, i.e. to divide IR band into several sub bands and to treat these bands as colors and then to sort them via similarity of angle between their color vectors. The catch is that the bands cannot be chosen randomly, but they should fit into the Quantum Mechanics spectrum bands definition, roughly defined by above equation, and those bands should match the scales of energy levels of chemical reactions between proteins usually measured in electron-volts or just volts with assumed electron. Although it seems to be farfetched concept, it is not that taut as it might be seen at the glance simply because both smell sense and eyesight operate on same quantum way.

    This should be a generalized theory of operation, i.e. modus operandi of our immune system, corresponding to Newtonian one in Classical Mechanics and its main achievement is to categorize germs not according their symptoms, but according their peculiarities seen by immune system itself. This may provide us a great help in future vaccines designs and also to expose some hidden properties of the germs too.

    Our immune system resembles to leopard leather with many black spots in which it does not react to antigen at all, but those spots are not that dangerous simply because it is difficult for antigens to reach those area too. Occasionally they rich those areas causing real devastation as it was the case with smallpox in medieval period causing majority of population to eradicate this black spot on the infected regions. Situation became extremely difficult for South American indigenes that died in the vast quantity practically leaving us without proper historical records of this period before Columbus arrival. Usually pathogen has one unique signature which facilitates immune system to cope with it, but sometimes pathogen is similar to several ones making its identification of immune system quite difficult, but this does not exclude successful immune response. On the figure below is depicted situation of the antigen located in the black spot, i.e. blind area of immune system and three antigens created by vaccines A, B and C surrounding this area. If the antigen is located into the region close enough to effective quantum range of antibodies created by those vaccines then it will be attacked and successfully eliminated by those antibodies.

    The image below depicts three antibodies with their perimeters of effectiveness created by vaccines A, B and C and an antigen supposedly Covid-19:


    Fig. 3


    This image, but just without vaccines B and C portraits the first ever created vaccine by Edward Jenner that was designed to protect specifically against smallpox. It utilized enervated viruses of much milder Cowpox disease with virus akin to Smallpox disease able to induce set of antibodies close enough in generalized immune space to affect the smallpox viruses too and to deactivate them all with IgG antibodies.

    The main benefit obtained from this quantum theory of immunity is Reciprocal Theorem of Quantum Mutual Action that states: if there are two viruses and we possess antibodies of one virus then we may check whether this antibodies can affect another akin virus and if they can affect it then this implies that antibodies created by this akin virus will also affect genuine one. Translated to plain English it means that we may use extracted Covid-19 antibodies to check whether they can affect akin viruses and if they can do that then cocktail of vaccines for those viruses can be used in polyvalent vaccine against Covid-19. This is Reciprocity Theorem of Quantum Immune Mutual Action of antibodies and it follows directly from the Quantum Effective Ranges of Antibody's in generalized Immunity Space. This formal proof is beyond the scope of this article intentionally devoted of too much mathematics, physics and chemistry.

    This concept is especially promising in case of viruses with extremely short living antibodies, like it is the case with Covid-19 whose half-life antibodies drop from 7.5% to 12% weekly depending on the particular patient. In that case we may choose some akin virus able to provoke creating of antibodies similar enough to ones of Covid-19 and effective on it too, but much more persistent, just as it is the case with Edward Jenner vaccine. Smallpox disease does not provide lifetime immunity, but Jenner's vaccine does do that simply because immune system creates permanent immunity against cowpox and just temporary one against much more severe smallpox! Even more, we may utilize new cocktail vaccine by combining already available vaccines in case that there are several ones already available that target similar virus.





    The antibody immune response belongs to specific immune response. There was speculated for quite some time that there is also a non-specific immune response in humans too and this response has been indeed discovered recently. Non-specific response is based on creation of the substance corresponding to natural antibiotic aimed to act against broad spectrum of germs. Those substances has been recently discovered in case of some parasitic infection and very few bacteria and it seems that it is not particularly effective as one in the case of insects, frogs and some herbs. But, this scientifically neglected mechanism can explain healing of some diseases without synthesis of antibodies in significant quantities at all. I suppose that interferon can be assigned to non-specific immune response to viruses too as it is natural substance with aim to deactivate certain cell receptors and thereby to prevent cells' virus infection.

    As aforementioned, there are two major types of antibodies, the IgG and IgM ones. The IgG type is the one dedicated to protect organism against already experienced infection while IgM type is designated to cope with ongoing infection. The basic role of vaccines is to provoke synthesis of IgG antibodies. Dead vaccines, i.e. deactivated ones almost always instigate creation of IgG antibodies, while alive vaccines, i.e. enervated ones, can create both IgG and IgM antibodies and those IgM antibodies can inflict severe damage to persons recently experienced the disease they have been vaccinated on, therefore the goal is to provoke creation of as many IgG antibodies with minimal amount of IgM antibodies. The basic objective of vaccines is prevention and not healing, although some vaccines are administrated as medicaments after the infection, as it is case with rabies disease. The idea is provoking creation of IgG antibodies before massive virus replication. Maybe idea to provoke creation of IgM antibodies is not that good just because in that case this vaccine could be considered as medicament too. Some antigens provoke creation of persistent antibodies presented in entire lifespan after infection, but some of them provoke creation of antibodies shortly available.

    Humans are quite different than all other mammals on many strange ways, and maybe lipid-soluble barrier is the strangest one: this barrier prevent passage of all substances that are not soluble in fats to the certain areas of our bodies, like brain, eyes and gender glands. The existence of this barrier seems to be detrimental for us, e.g. our brain cannot consume anything else but glucoses although it fully utilizes aerobic Krebs cycle contrary to anaerobic Cori cycle strictly limited to glucoses consumption too but its metabolic product is either acid or alcohol. Cori cycle is our native metabolic cycle embedded in our indigene DNA strand while Krebs cycle is located in mitochondrial DNA inherited only by mother's side settled outside main DNA. It is pertinent place to be mentioned that metabolism of cancer cells is devoted of Krebs cycle therefore fully relying on ineffective Cori cycle only, which is peculiar trait utilized for cancer detection in PET tomography for last 40 years. Also, most of single cell parasites like yeasts, funguses and amoebas also utilize exclusively the Cori cycle, too. Both cancer cells and funguses are protecting themselves from immune system by the layer of chitin in their cellular wall. It is interesting that there is no code for chitin synthesis in our genome and somehow cancer cells can do that despite missing genetic instruction.

    Very good Chloramphenicol antibiotic significant in veterinary medicine is toxic for humans due to lipid-soluble barrier. This barrier also prevents our antibodies to reach our brain, our eyes and our gender glands in enough quantities giving a chance for some viruses to remain in those areas for quite some time. If the inappropriate vaccine is administrated to such convalescent the very detrimental effects can appear, even to cause disabilities like temporary or permanent blindness, sterility or brain damage. It was occasional case with smallpox mass vaccination in former Yugoslavia in 1972 with several hundred blinded people that already had asymptomatic smallpox infection prior the vaccination. This situation was duly clarified with recent Ebola vaccine allegedly causing sterility to certain number of African women implying that even Ebola could have asymptomatic cases in much higher quantity that it was previously assumed.





    Immune system has several major branches of leucocytes, i.e. White Blood Cells (WBC) according their particular specialties. Neutrophils are dedicated to cope with bacteria, eosinophils are specialized against parasites and cancer cells and usually they release citocines, basophils are also dedicated to cope with cancers, infections and ionized radiation exposure and monocytes are specialized to fight viruses and some single cell parasites, lymphocytes are dedicated to suppress most viral infections, very few bacterial infections and some cancers. Demand for instant massive production of a specific branch of leukocytes in ongoing infection always causes drop in productions of all other branches of leucocytes usually leaving patients susceptible to opportune infections. We should bear in mind that we have vast amount of so called good bacteria in our bowel system and they are good only because our immune system keeps on them and temporary elimination of those bacteria is the great relief for our immune system during ongoing viral or fungal infection. Therefore giving antibiotics to patients with viral infections might be circumstantially quite beneficial despite the fact that antibiotics are not killing viruses, but they are giving chances to those patients to boost their antiviral immune resources safely. They are constant fight of doctors against routine prescribing of antibiotics to preserve their efficiency in life threatening medical conditions, and I presume that this is a bad decision: idea that somebody's organism has to cope with bacteria with prolonged time is especially detrimental for children, limiting their growth and retarding the development of mental capabilities, also giving a chance for the disease to become chronic one. There is no excuse for pharmaceutical industry in their absence of new antibiotics: we need new antibiotics rather than to develop some masochistic fakir medical skills, although we might consider this as sadistic too as the doctors usually decide in behalf of us whether we should receive antibiotic or not.





    According wave function of Quantum Mechanics, usually known as Schrodinger equation, and Quantum Chemistry every antigen's vector in the generalized space of immunity has its complementary vector that induces creation of identical antibody. This is because mathematical Z transformation applied to Schrodinger wave function always yields two side bands. Schrodinger equation is:




    Although the immune reaction is not a stationary process, we may approximate it as periodical stationary process appearing on certain resonance only, which defines energies of protein-protein reactions. This duality of sidebands is property of all periodical functions and it is well known in the telecommunication where one band is desired one while other on is eliminated by proper filtration. We can utilize this fact to provoke immune system to create antibody even if the antigen is settled in the black area of immune system's blindness by administration of the complementary antigen of the preferred antibody initially unable to instigate mass antibodies production. This is a real effect although there is no vaccine utilizing this quantum effect yet, but this can be changed quickly. This effect might be used in design of Covis-19 vaccine too.

    This situation is explained by the following image:


    Fig. 4


    There is a question whether antibodies obtained on this way is more durable than ones obtained by the genuine Covid-19 viruses and the proper answer is - no. Both sidebands provoke creation of identical antibody. Above image depicts situation in which every single antibody has two cones of actions in generalized immune space and if the immune system is excited by the antigen in the unnatural left sideband it will create antibodies identical to one as provoked by real Covid-19 virus in right cone, in much bigger quantity, but with the same short time durability. This approach gives us chance to instigate antibodies creation, but not to manage its quality.

    We should notice that we are dealing here with one continuous range of frequencies separated into several bands and that those bands have some unique features. We may assume that this is E1 space, but actually it is not the case because those frequencies from different bands can appear simultaneously combining features of various bands, practically creating reaction in En space, whereas n is number of frequency bands, i.e. number of dimensions of generalized space. This is very important conclusion in designing of exciting proteins because these features are reflected in the infrared spectrum of those proteins. This technological engineering supported with proper CUDA personal computer should be an attainable task accomplishable in quite finite time. We should bear in mind that there is a strange ability of every single atom to emit and absorb wavelength 5000 times bigger than its own size. This slightly aggravates exact experimental identification of infrared spectrum of Covid-19 virus requiring whole cluster of this virus for spectrum analysis. But, according Quantum Mechanics the infrared spectrum can be recreated by ultraviolet one with pretty high accuracy. This so called Phenomenon 5000 was huge challenge for me for quite some time, I found viable explanation for this phenomenon, but it is beyond the scope of this article. This phenomenon is usually hidden from students because it allegedly violates basic presumptions of Quantum Mechanics, which is not true at all, furthermore this effect effectively proves Quantum Mechanics, but it also proves that a quantum wave package is not just an abstract packet determined in space and time with its abstract integer quantum numbers, but also with some real extra parameters too.

    Once upon a time, around year of 2000, there was a global initiative to support creation of those anticancer immune response exciting proteins by installation of screen saver that had to perform such calculations in personal computers' idle time. This initiative failed because the theoretical concept was not evolved enough yielding very complicate equations and due to lack of computer power too even distributed to plethora of personal computers. We now have both computers’ power embodied in CUDA graphical cards and we are supported by excellent approximations that tremendously speed up this calculation just with modest decrease in accuracy.

    The conclusion is that excitation of complementary sideband region might be more lavish only, but the essential quality of antibodies will be identical to ones obtained by excitation of direct sideband with genuine antigen.

    The crux of this problem is necessity to combine experts from various scientific fields which seems to become impossible endeavor these days. Google experts are not capable to make solution because they can find on Internet something that does not exist yet. In theory we do not need the viruses at all, or their parts, all we need is just a protein able to mimic this viral protein's envelope.

    In the case of Covid-19 contagion there are perceivable several problems: once established alleged truth by prominent experts is very difficult to be replaced with posterior correct one because experts are covering each other carefully watching not to mutually contradict. This practically eliminates any brainstorming dispute limiting chance to properly identify true nature of the germ and the rule of contagion spreading too, especially in case of this zoonotic pathogen. It is interesting that epidemiological studies all over the world did not take into account whether patients had pets or not and what they had eaten prior the infection. Way too much versatile leukocyte formulas of different patients implies that accumulated memory of immune system plays major role in the prognosis of the disease - whether it will be mild fever or lethal pneumonia with severely damaged lung tissues, this only depends on earlier immune system experience. It seems that prior BSG vaccine is especially beneficial for Covid-19 patients, which is pretty obvious in the countries' pair of Portugal and Spain, or East Germany and West Germany regions. It seems that smokers have better prognosis in Covid-19, probably due to strong antimicotic properties of tobacco, which may reveal the true nature of this germ.

    As aforementioned, the major problem with the Covid-19 virus is that human immune response is heavily relied on accumulated experience of immune system of every single individual, rising a question whether the immune response is unique, i.e. whether the synthesized antibodies are the same in all humans or they varies according the memory of immune system and therefore the most reliable test is PCR one that detect virus itself instead of detecting of supposed specific antibodies. If somebody does not contain specific antibodies it does not instantly mean that they does not possess effective anti Covid-19 antibody of any kind, they does not possess only assumed antibody, but as we saw there is no necessarily a unique antibody for a particular virus, the whole gamut of specific antibodies can cope with the specific virus.

    The surges in number of infected people imply that some sort of delicate conspiracy in indeed involved into the Covid-19 contagion.





    Researches are quite often confused with the fact that there is missing of expecting antibodies for the certain virus assuming that maybe antibodies do not play major role in defense against particular virus, but most likely this is not the case at all. Such virus simply does not instigate creation of unique antibody to all humans and created antibody heavily depends on the previous experience of the immune system of the host, i.e. patient. Synthetic artificial viruses are purposely created to be located near aforementioned black areas in generalized space of immunity to facilitate zoonotic abilities of the new virus. As aforementioned, the main purpose of such alteration of genetic code of genuine virus is to make virus capable to infect multitude of animals, especially standard laboratory ones. And this technique is well elaborated and practically in routine usage today. This kind of virus alteration is applied on annual basis whenever there is a perception that a certain animal virus has tendency to pass on humans and in that case an artificial human compatible virus is going to be created to utilize vaccine production. In that case when the virus eventually finds natural way to infect humans the vaccine is already prepared and ready for application. Usually, annual flue virus passes to humans either from birds or farm animals.

    Eventual immune response on the viruses located in the vicinity of blind areas must be heavily relied on the accumulated immune memory of the host and the utmost importance should be an effort to find beneficial experienced events, like vaccines or previous infections, etc. Therefore any such virus does not instigate creation of the unique antibody identical to all humans, making most of the serology tests useless for great portion of people and also identifying most of patients falsely negative, practically leaving only PCR test as reliable one. Before conclusion that there is an unspecific immune response on such pathogen it will be nice to check whether some other kind of antibodies has been already created, maybe more effective than supposed ones, i.e. instead of unspecific immune response maybe there is non-unique immune response? We also may suppose that some animals can produce much more effective antibodies and that we may humanize them via alteration of Y globulin ends to reduce anaphylactic reactions and to improve durability of such antibodies in the human system.





    This topic is very important because it explains how it is possible to identify bacterium as virus. For the better understanding crux of the problem let us pass through the brief introduction into the replication and infection mechanism of viruses.

    We may assume viruses as flash memory stick completely devoted of any processing capabilities at all, while bacteria and single cell parasites may be compared with smart cards supplied with full or limited ability of data processing.

    Any virus abuses the host cells receptors and any cell has finite number of such receptors, for whose we me assume they correspond to USB data ports. This finite number of receptors implies that there is finite number of medicament able to fight against all viruses on the first line of defense.

    Official explanation of those receptors is pretty confusing, and only valid explanation exists in the reign of bacteria. A donor bacterium can exchange its positive experience in ongoing battle with environmental threats via small chunks of RNA data and recipient bacterium can change its own DNA dataset by reversal transcription in accordance with the received instructions in this small chunk of RNA data, i.e. by inserting plasmid into its own RNA strand, which is official explanation how they can so quickly adapt to new antibiotics. Officially, anything similar does not exist in any other species and the best guess is that human cell receptors are mainly remnants of the evolutional past, which surely is not true at all. So, why they are so meticulously suppressing information that human cells can change their genetic data during lifespan!? Simply, because it thoroughly ruins Darwin's Theory of Evolution in favor of Lamarck's one. This enforced preservation of Darwin theory severely limits progress in our understanding of infections. There is a pretty solid proof that they are human equivalents of bacterial plasmids euphemistically called Activations of Genes. Actually, parents of children with special needs recently have been performing successive full DNA decoding of their children due to the sudden affordable widespread availability of the decoding of entire human genome process and they noticed that there are small differences between consecutive decoding, which is lexicographically named as Genes Activation, but actually this is genetic alteration that simultaneously occurs in the majority of human cells. Initial assumption was that human cells mutually communicate via ultraviolet signals because one such signal is really detected for cell's apotheosis, i.e. self destruction, which is indeed one UV flare quite similar to one of sunlight, giving pretty good explanation for the detrimental effect of sunlight to the human skin that instigates aging. It seems that humans in the past had not been initially exposed to the UV radiation from Sun either by different sunlight spectrum or by some sort of atmospheric shielding probably consisted of vast amount of humidity in atmosphere. But, the vast varieties of intricate intra-cells communications implies that there must be some much more intense way of communication based on direct exchange of genetic data identical to one of bacteria. Even more, in bacterial world there are bacteriofags that directly correspond to the human viruses by abusing those bacterial cell’s receptors initially utilized by the bacterial plasmids. Interferons are natural substances excreted by human immune system with the goal to clog, i.e. temporary inactivate those human cell's receptors. If those receptors would be really just atavisms of evolution then their inactivation should not be detrimental at all, only beneficial - but, actually it is not the case. Cells stop to replicate themselves in presence of interferon and this interferon's action is pretty close to citostatics and some of interferons are indeed beneficial in cancer cures too. For me these have been pretty solid arguments for the assumption that there must be human plasmids in functional existence and that viruses just abuse these cells communicational mechanism dedicated initially to human plasmids.

    We may continue to make parallelism with the computers assuming that those chunks of data embodied either in the viruses or human plasmids must be rather coded rather in some sort of genetic script language than into direct machine coded DNA language which is only explanation for the existence of zoonotic diseases - there must be an universal script genetic language for several structural DNA types. We commonly assume that we are akin to apes, but Genetics as science states that it is not quite true: apes have 48 chromosomes while we have only 46 ones preventing us to make common fertile offspring, but the major issue is that apes chromosomes are much bigger making ratio between active and junk DNA much worse in respect to humans. Active DNA is spatially located on the surface of chromosomes while junk DNA populates interior of chromosome's hank made of DNA strand. This makes cells' replications extremely intricate process in which entire strand mush be winded on the same identical way and there are some attach points facilitating this process which is located on irregular length making genetic diseases pretty rare in apes contrary to humans because ratio of junk DNA is much smaller than in apes with much less irregular lengths between attach points vastly increasing chance for wrong packing. The objective of the replication is to set active DNA always on the surface properly addressable while junk DNA is always located inside the chromosomes and their spatial disposition must be exact the same otherwise proper addressing of genes is impossible instantly causing genetic disease. As aforementioned active DNA must be stored on the surface and be properly addressable to be reachable for particular transcriptase, i.e. for copping of parts of main DNA into RNA strand for later running of this code in cell's alveoli. This gene addressing on the surface of chromosomes corresponds to the program counter in computer assembly language. All chromosomes are consisted of a single DNA strand and there are two such strands inherited from both parents, therefore human genome is consisted of only two DNA macromolecules. Exchanging the data between those strands is known as Crossing-Over process. Those strands are not of same size, the one inherited from the father is shorter due to smaller Y chromosome in respect to mother’s X one, but these is superseded by functionality coded in X chromosome inherited from the mother. Males do not have redundancy in both X and Y chromosomes making them much more vulnerable to genetic diseases. Puzzling fact is that junk DNA data has statistical distribution similar to one of alive human language, but recent genetic experiments indeed showed that junk DNA does not play any role in the cells' operation while their replacement with anything else of the same data size does not affect cell's metabolism at all. It is enigma what is written in this DNA in case it is indeed some text in any language, user manual, service manual, copyright certificate or whatever else. If this sort of genetic data is not useful for us then for whom it should be useful for!? Obviously these data are meaningful to someone, otherwise it wasn't be protected by ECC too just as Active DNA Code.

    According everything abovementioned, for thorough creation of a synthetic virus the profound knowledge of function of entire human cell is absolutely mandatory including operation of human plasmids that officially are not yet recognized as real items by contemporary science. What we can do right now is to use parts of genetic data of decoded, i.e. disassembled viruses as generic library routines that can be arranged and combined into new synthetic virus without profound understanding of the action of particular RNA or DNA segments, which should be attainable task in case of single strand viruses equipped with no ECC capability. This is one very intensive task requiring a lot of man-hours because it requires lot of error-and-try attempts. Therefore creation of a synthetic virus requires a lot of man-hours, or involvement of many researchers making this pretty huge and expensive endeavor.





    We can also combine different viruses without usage of expensive and advance instrumentation at all: there is a strange natural process of viruses’ mutual recombination embodied in the ability of akin viruses to exchange their genetic code and to make third virus, something like viruses crossing-over. Official explanation why Covid-19 cannot infect bats is that genuine virus was originated in bats, but it infected an animal already infected with some human Corona virus and that in this biological host allegedly located on green market in Wuhan appeared Covid-19 virus able to infect both humans, dogs, cats, elephants, but not originating bats. I am not that sure that Covid-19 cannot infect bats because it is also a viable explanation of waves in Covid-19 contagion, possibly originated in non-human hosts via chain bats-birds-humans. This scientific explanation resembles pretty much to the putatively natural origin of Oklo geological nuclear reactor in Gabon, which is so much impossible for anybody supplied even with superficial knowledge of nuclear reactors. It seems that we need a faith in purest form to embrace modern science, which somehow matches full scale definition of religious dogma. What we know for sure is that there is viral recombination process in wildness and that this is a basic generator of novel viruses. This ability of viruses to recombine themselves, i.e. to severely exchange their genetic code to the level of new virus creation betokens that DNA is much more than a simple data molecular storing device. It seems that DNA and RNA are rather some sort of materialized mathematical functions obeyed to quantum rules than being purely data storage corresponding to USB memory sticks. This might be very useful observation that is going to limit possible set of antigens a lot: we just should identify this function and those rules of recombination to cover most of antigens if not all ones. This is going to be quite attainable objective with the aid of CUDA or similar technology equipped personal computer.

    Therefore it seems that the basic mechanism of false identification of a bacterium as a virus is misidentification of a bacterial plasmid as single strand RNA virus and in that case some Corona virus is going to be first choice as misidentified single stranded RNA virus. It is pertinent place for the question: whether leprosies and plague would be identified as viral diseases if they would be discovered today!? It is interesting that plague convalescents can daze most of serological test and even few PCR ones to falsely identify this bacterial disease as viral AIDS. We are considering AIDS as viral disease while plague is going to be bacterial one and yet a bacterial disease can confuse both serological and genetic tests of viral disease. This requires more profound analysis of this ongoing issue affecting contemporary scientific community, embodied in the fact that it is still more important who said than what is said.





    There are several esoteric fraternities whose theologies are mainly based on the concept of reincarnation and pantheism, and Darwin's theory gives them excuse for abusing rest of us as prosperity of best fitting, which is not correct concept either by the mathematical game theory or by evidential facts collected from the wideness. Darwin's theory offers pretty good way to exclude the God from the equation and to vindicate cruelty, and we will discuss in the text below whether God has to exist from the standpoint of solid science or not! This is very important at the moment because it is pretty obvious that those spurious theological concepts are suppressing further technical, technological and scientific progress which is quite obvious on the subject of Covid-19 vaccine and proper medicament. We may expect that the objective of the economy should b fulfilling of the human needs and major condition of any human to have needs is to be alive and therefore medicine should be the most reliable science, but it is not the case at all. And there are two explanations for this: the already existing self-repairing in humans facilitates intrusion of careerists into this respectable occupation or economy does not serve to humans. Allegedly huge amount of some products are routinely destroyed to preserve price on market, but the locations of the places where this destruction is going on remain undetectable and this is pretty huge task because in case of some product it reaches almost 40%. It is pertinent place to recall bloodletting highly detrimental procedure that had been performed for centuries even on wounded solders with copious bleeding. This obviously highly noxious procedure was so persistent in routine medical practice really challenging ability of science to make conclusions over experiences and there must be some clandestine reason for that diabolic distortion of science.

    This hidden religious problem is not embodied only in the twisting, bending and distorting of current science to remain harmonized with some clandestine religious concepts, but also they are violating social law of positive selection. In an ideal world every single individual should progress till the limit of their own incompetence, but in real world they progresses till the limit of power of their group of interest which is usually ethnically, esoterically, religious or politically oriented group of economical influence. This is pretty good explanation for the numerous incompetent "Yes" men ruling our world, usually on not so exposed positions though very important ones. They always prosecute all proficient people simply because such people may endanger their followers making them funny in comparison even by the eyes of a layman.

    Let us pass trough solid scientific facts favoring God's existence:


    1. Biological proof: Luis Pasteur biogenesis rule claims that living thing appears only from another alive thing while dead thing can appear from both alive and dead thing and with the aid of Logical Induction we may conclude that there must be some primordial super alive being that started to spread life in our universe or at least on our planet. My own conclusion is that first started non biogenic, i.e. non material life that initially appeared in plasma of stars. In plasma photons may mutually interact giving them ability to create complex structures, possibly primordial life in light, although CERN claims that its researchers discovered mutual scattering of photons despite the Pauli Exclusion Principle and extremely accurate Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein distributions in its ATLAS machinery. For plasma photon-photon interaction is fact, but for vacuum I am not that sure simply because it implies strong non-linearity of vacuum that is purest form of space-time fabric expected to be duly linear subject which is the fact used for derivation of both Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac distributions, almost perfectly accurate ones.

    2. Medical genetic proof: genetic code is non-evolutional and identical to all leaving creature, all genetic letters are identical and all genetic rules are identical. This implies according logical recursion that somebody defined the rule of life's game before the game started quite similar to chess game: the rules are already defined before the chess game starts. The statement is further supported with existence of Error Correction Code almost identical to MNP one applied in Fax communication or similar to ones of CD and DVD media. There are some extra genetic data used for error correction information. There is no explanation of gradual improvement of sequential algorithm like Error Correction Code one. This algorithm is also identical to all leaving creatures possessing it. There are also a genetic decision and genetic search algorithms whose seems they are not subjected to evolutionary changes at all, and the explanation is very simple: it is either functional or not functional and in case of malfunction the cells die. Genetic algorithms can be extremely parallelized, but they are still sequential ones distributed into multiple threads.  Probably there is also a recombination genetic algorithm too, explaining viruses recombination.

    3. Logical proof: Gödel God's Theorem states that any set of theorems must be based on at least one initial axiom that cannot be proven by the current set of theorems requiring external explanations. Applied to life it consequently states that there must be some initial factor we use to call God. The theorem is also known as Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems

    4. Mathematical proof: uniqueness of Banach algebraic point states that there is only one unique Banach algebraic point claiming that in reverse every convergence started from single point. This further implies that eventual evolution must started from initial point containing the same evolutionary property necessary for the start of the convergence and to rule it further.

    5. Philosophical proof: Thomas Aquinas philosophically derived necessity of the existence of Absolute Observer that gives the persistence of existence to all matter in universe even in the absence of local observers. This means that our room does exist even if we do not watch it because absolute observer watches on all us permanently. His explanation was so well derived and he also predicted avitaminosis diseases including claiming that premature aging in respect to antediluvian times is caused by the absence of a vitamin primarily available in the gigantic Trees of Life that did not survive global deluge. He stated that this physical explanation is rather correct than the metaphysical theological one. This proof assume existence of vitamins too some 600 hundred years before discovery any vitamin at all.

    6. Physical proof: if there are physical laws then there must be somebody watching on these laws to assure they are obeying to them in this universe. If there is somebody that are watching on them than they must have its limitation and interestingly there is such limitation below the size where fluctuation of vacuum started, which is embodied in Casimir effect, and this is space-time volume of h3, where h is Heisenberg constant. Holly trinity is usually explained by natural philosophers as 0, 1 and a rule, which should be enough to define game of life in our universe, the four major magic elements air, water, earth and fire is usually explained as four states of matter, i.e. gaseous, liquid, solid and plasma respectively. In the computer array game of life some rules are indeed assumed, but the final proof remains inconclusive.


    According all six major proofs we may assume that God does exist, but lingering question is whether He pays attention to us as units or not. As Christian I personally do belie that there is a living God that cares about us.

    Therefore there is no reason for those secret fraternities to continue twisting science to maintain its harmonization with their own religious doctrines. True religion does not require intervention to be truthful and harmonized with nature because eventually it will be shown that science was wrong and not religion if it really comes from God because God as architect of everything visible and invisible must know the truth without viable motif to lie his disciples.

    So, there is a God as an initial point, and yes there is an ongoing evolution, rather Lamarck than Darwin one, simply because Lamarck evolution should be next step of evolutional improvement of initial Darwin's one. The major question is whether this evolution is limited or it is unlimited. If there is Lamarck evolution roaming on the stage then there must be human plasmids and potential whole new gamut of medicaments for treatment of infective diseases.





    According all aforementioned it should be relatively simple task to create both vaccine and animal humanized serum for Covid-19 virus. Let us recall the following facts about smallpox contagion in Yugoslavia during 1972: in those times there were available serological tests, both vaccine and serum obtained from the horses exposed to inactivated smallpox viruses, and it was half century ago. The harvested animal antibodies were subjected to process of humanization in which molecular ends of animal Y globulins were replaced with human ones to reduce anaphylactic and allergic reactions to the serum. And, what we have today, except the quarantine!? Is quarantine the best medication we can figure today!? What does block current science to act properly and to find vaccine, serum or medicament!?

    It seems that Covid-19 contagion is shrouded in many conspiracies. Statistical filtration of affirmed Covid-19 patients showed no distinctive signature in blood leukocyte formulas. Statistical filtration is routinely used in annual estimation of number of seasonal flue patients to distinguish other influences from current annual flue contagion. This is based on statistical patterns or sometimes on attractor's trajectories. This does not imply that there is no Covid-19 contagion. The contagion is real and the dying people are real too, and also the germ itself is real too. The initial assumption that anti-malaria drugs might be useful came from the similarities in clinical symptoms of Covid-19 and Malaria followed by similar statistical irregularities in blood picture and similar hemolysis that occurs in some Covid-19 patients. What we know till now is that in some patients occur sever damage of lung tissue too. Official explanation is that this extensive and often lethal damage of lungs in those patients is caused by cytokine storm, but somehow in those cases is presented leucopenia too which excludes appearance of cytokine storm.

    It is pertinent place here to cite Sherlock Holmes: Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. Leucopenia is syndrome of reduced number of leukocytes and as eosinophils are major source of cytokines it is not quite clear how reduced number of eosinophils can excrete so many cytokines to make such devastation. Viral infections usually do not create state of leucopenia in early stage, they all react on interferon, and usually one viral infection suppress outer ones, but it is not case with Covid-19 at all: patients experienced eruption of herpes and appearance of other chronic viral diseases.

    Therefore according Holmes only remaining possible tissue destructor can be the germ itself. What we could see there is no known viral infection in existence able to produce such variety in symptoms exposed on such scale from a single day mild fever to the next day lethal and massive lung tissue necrosis. There are two possible culprits with good fitting: a bacterium and a parasite. A parasite can be either some single cell blood parasite akin to malaria either yeast, fungi or amoeba. Actually there are two amoebas' infections that yield quite similar symptoms including reduction of smell sense. Malaria has the same fluctuation in body temperature in patients and attacks in similar intervals. Officially there is no cure for those amoebas' infections except to wait for immune system to solve this problem naturally. Most of those single cell parasites are anaerobic one fully relied on ineffective Cori cycle which can be severely crippled by blockers of proton pump, or H+ blocker medicaments. Those drugs with most prominent generic Omeprazole can prevent creation of any acid in the body and as the main by-product of the Cori cycle based cellular metabolism is either acid or alcohol, but only yeasts create alcohol while all others have more efficient Cory cycle based on acid synthesis, and thereby H+ blockers severely reduce Cori based metabolism of those parasites. This campaign against wearing masks is unerringly similar to campaign of negating of AIDS existence once upon a time with only one objective – to increase number of infected! It may imply that this is an artificial contagion with major role to damage global economy and cause poverty. The goal of anti-personal mines is not to kill, but to cripple because one dead solder is buried on for two hours with only two engaged solders, while wounded solder requires at least six extra ones to transport him and 20 more solders to donate blood later. If this is really a biological warfare then it is raised on higher more refined level: occasional casualties filled with fear in between and then the conquered economy can be instantly resuscitated and reused. The goal is clear to me, but this question is out of the scope of this article because we do not know whether there is some natural or unnatural extra source of infection occasionally activated or the entire transmission is from human to human only.

    Let us gather facts about Covi-19 together:


    1. The disease is transmitting from person to person via air from main sources mouth and nose. Pro: masks do help. Contra: Elephants in Botswana were infected by water from nearby river. The families possessing dishwashing machine has much lower chance to transmit Covid-19 disease between family members. Smokers have better prognosis, small children are sometimes negative on PCR test although exposing all symptoms.

    2. The disease is caused by viral germ: if this is true then interferon should be effective and antibiotics ineffective, which is opposite to gathered facts approved in hospitals. The viral diseases in their early stages always cause leukocytosis instead of leucopenia.  The immunity should sustain enough to prevent waves of infections with short intervals, but this is also untrue - the level of supposed antibodies drop too fast for a virus with possible reinfection. In many children sick of Covid-19 PCR test remains negative. Available images obtained from electronic microscope are rear and unconvincing - just small balls. And what if it is parasite like Malaria because in elder patients we have hemolysis followed by decrease of hemoglobin in blood in almost 50% of cases, which completely matches the Malaria's clinical picture in some aspects and even more anti-malaria medicaments are quite effective too. These symptoms resemble very much to Altitude Sickness and in that case generic medicament Sildenafil should help because Viagra reduces altitude sickness to the level that alpinists can reach the tallest mountains without oxygen support at all.

    3. There are also two funguses that can cause similar symptoms: Histoplasmosis and Geomyces Destructans. It is interesting that smoking is beneficial factor in Covid-19 infection giving much better prognosis to smokers than non-smokers implying that antifungal properties of tobacco may play significant role in prognosis of this allegedly viral infection.

    4. There is chance that this might be also result of microwave injury. Some patients have swelling limbs full of lymph that should be punctured out to prevent necrosis of skin. All the symptoms including drop of iron and hemoglobin in blood are also symptoms of exposure to microwave radiation. The birds dropping dead from sky in daylight preceding wave of Covid-19 infection is an event uncannily similar to microwave poisoning caused by microwave burst coming from above. This must involve little green people into the plot, which is currently beyond the scope of this text.


      If we apply Sherlock Holmes deduction to the Covid-19 and we assume that there is no massive conspiracy among doctors then we have a binary disease here, i.e. two pathogens conquering the body combined in symbiosis. We know that symbiosis does exist in nature and in this particular case they may stretch the human immune system on two fronts, conveniently our immune system works badly in multitasking copping with two sorts of germs simultaneously. The primary and necessary component is obviously a Covid-19 virus that without second component yields only mild influenca lasting for couple days only. But, the second infective component is able to inflict severe damage to the lung tissue altogether with leucopenia and drop in sedimentation implying that second component is most likely either bacterium or parasite. This perfectly explains all symptoms combined. The second component is not some opportunistic infection, this is second player genetically adjusted to fight combined with the virus. First component is spreading by air and second one by water, and both of them from person to person. So, the vaccine must cover both pathogens. This also explains such easiness in passing from specie to specie.

      My best candidate for bacterium as cause of Covid-19 is anaerobic Clostridium bacterium that has been found almost in every specimen of lung tissues without any single exception, circumstantially proving that these pneumonias are not caused by some random opportune infections as a result of leucopenia.





      Only what we have really effective in our fight against Covid-19 contagions are masks. The wearing of masks is an altruistic endeavor with major goal to protect others from us and this works only if we all wear masks covering both mouth and nose simultaneously. I am not pretty much amazed by the effectiveness of masks available on the market, but they really reduce chance of infection about 100 times, or about 40dB. Available scientific studies pay more attention to the size of the pathogen which is really irrelevant. The only important fact is size of the initiating droplets that may or may not contain pathogens. This droplet is best stopped by hydrophilic fabric like cotton. This initial droplet is subverted to law of gravitation and after about 2 meters of trajectory it is dried and transformed into infective nanoparticle. Nanoparticle is moving erratically in accordance with Brown motion.

      The filtration of such dry nanoparticles is complicate task requiring expensive mask. Let us analyze the content of droplets and nanoparticles first: micro-droplets are consisted mainly from water and residuum, and the residuum is consisted from mucus eventually containing pathogen. Mucus is consisted from proteins, polysaccharides or gelatin (i.e. collagen) in respects of bacteria, viruses and parasites. The filtration of emitting droplets is simple and easily achievable by reduction of their water via hydroscopic fiber. Then their solid residuum remains glued to the fibers of the masks. The filtration of the incoming nanoparticles is more complicate, but fairly attainable too - we just need some oily substance able to bind those droplets at the exterior layer of the mask, some oily detergent, even small concentration of one for manual dishwashing may help a lot. We should bear in mind here that oily substances are also drying only slower and that such musk has limited time of safe usage, but in case of detergent the humidity from breath may keep outer layer susceptible to such nanoparticles because detergent may dissolve both water and lipids. By these simple alterations we may increase filtration for at least three more order of magnitudes, from 10000 to 100000 times, i.e. to achieve attenuation of 80dB to 100dB.

      There is also no necessity to use antibacterial soaps for hands washing simply because the goal is to deactivate virus via damaging of its lipid envelope which will be done by most of decent soaps.

      One more time, the hygiene is only what we have really effective including quarantine which one aspect is wearing mask, washing hands and face: we all must wear masks and this is not some severe violation of our personal rights because initial condition to have violated those rights is to be alive: live and let live. Not wearing masks or improperly wearing them is extremely rude and savage behavior and not an expression of the freedom at all. Wearing masks are effective indeed. The Covid-19 damages lungs and kidneys and best protection is not to be infected because Covid-19 reinfection is possible and more frequently than we may assume. It seems that every subsequent reinfection is more severe than previous one occurring in two months intervals when herd immunity is weakened.

      The fact that antibodies against Covid-19 have limited retention in our blood limits the protective period of any incoming vaccine and severely ruins our expectation that some neat task will cease Covid-19 contagion instantly. We even do not know whether the only source is transmission between humans or there is some extra source either natural or artificial one. Natural one can be some animal species or artificial one implying we are dealing with terrorism on grand scale.

      The very good circumstantial evidence that there is some sort of conspiracy related to Covid-19 contagion is this correlated and synchronized action to assure people not to wear masks as useless and allegedly duly enslaving act with only goal to spread Covid-19 infection. There is also total neglecting the fact that pets like dogs and cats can spread Covid-19 too despite the fact that Covid-19 is confirmed in pets by PCR tests. There is no some specific warning about pets and even more there is missing trial whether the pets can transmit the disease asymptomatically.





      This text contains major directives how to make vaccine either by more sophisticate method or by less sophisticate method and also how to make much better masks. Sophisticate method is based on the synthetic protein mimic the virus in counter sideband or by viruses selected according their infrared signature, while less sophisticate is based on aforementioned reciprocal theorem claiming that simple checking if the Covid-19 antibodies affects akin viruses then those viruses can be used for polyvalent vaccine.

      But, prior to the creation of vaccine we must be doubtless whether we are dealing with virus, bacterium and parasite or something combined...

      There is also guidance how to make much better masks, but this is not completely helpful if there is some extra channel of infection beside our mouths and noses, like pets, birds, potable water, foot, etc...

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